Journaling Changes Perspectives For Stella Reddy

Writing your way to happiness… such a apt statement. For the past year, I have been writing my way to my own personal happiness. With every post, I release so much from my mind and spirit, over all this mess. I am so much calmer over it all…. I came to terms with my fears […]

Stella Reddy: Proposed Changes to the CHRA in Canada

I am sharing with you this morning something I am very excited about! The proposed changes that are coming for the Canadian Human Rights Act is something that is very much needed here in Canada with the age of the internet. These changes I copied below, are the coming changes I have talked about for […]

Acceptance of What Is!

One of the last things I have to do for myself and my own mental health, is acceptance.  Acceptance means fully acknowledging the facts of a situation and not fixating on how it shouldn’t be that way. This mindset moves us away from often harsh judgement of ourselves and allows us to break away from thoughts […]

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