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There are quite a few stories being told about me by Adult Tenant Bullies, Kory & Allison Read. It is easy to see from their words, they have a lot of resentment and hate towards me. Their accusations are all hate based, everything is negative, and of course, everything is my fault.

Why would anyone accept the opinions of me being made by people filled with so much hate and negativity? Even if I was a nice person in reality, they wouldn’t see it nor would they even acknowledge it. Every opinion voiced by someone with such hate against another, would never see, let alone give, any positive feedback about them. 

Adult Tenant Bullies would never acknowledge anything positive about their targets. They refuse to even see any and will put down anyone who tries. 


How Narcissist Interpret


Almost all of the writing by these Adult Tenant Bullies show this trait of hate and resentment. I shared some links below….

With all the various accusations being made within their writings, I have come to accept that their perceptions are skewed with hate and resentment and as a result, they will never be able to acknowledge any positivity I may have. Their opinions about me and my actions are skewed with these beliefs they have about me. They have convinced themselves that I am a racist and a liar and out to get them for because I don’t like interracial couples. As they said, they don’t care what I say, their own state as much!

Please do not respond to my email. I do not need for you to try and deny or even try and justify to me that you are not an undercover racist.

I do not need to know that you have black friends, or that you eat and love “Caribbean food” and that you have a “Black Person” in your family that you love or that there is Black in your bloodline. Because I really don’t care!

Very First Letter Filled with LIES Written by Kory Read & Allison Read To Bully Stella Reddy

Their adamant statements always give their thoughts away, don’t they? Just like their statement they made in the LTB hearing gave their thinking away!

If someone talks about another in a mean and resentful way, know they hate this person and will never say anything positive about them. As a result, you will question what they say about this person.

When people talk, and write, in this terrible manner about other people like these Tenant Bullies do, you don’t tend to believe everything they say, as you can sense the resentment they have towards them and know their opinions about this person is based on their negative feelings.

I too, find myself sometimes writing posts that show my resentment towards their actions in my name with I see it and I acknowledge it, as I am not in denial. I am angry and resentful over their continual actions online in my name for the past 5 1/2 years. Who wouldn’t be? Don’t you think that is a awful long time to be a target of nasty smear campaigners? To be honest, I like my anger better than the hopelessness I felt! Anger helps me focus on what I need to do to get myself out of this situation.

I accept the only way to get rid of all this is for, and the other domains that had my info in the content, be deleted and I can take over that domain in my name for myself. Once they delete it, I will take it so it will never be used by them ever again. That is my goal.

Kory Read thinks his words about me will influence others against me but he don’t realize that his personal views are skewed and people see it. This is how I know nothing they want will ever come to pass….

I won’t defend myself against their words and actions in my name anymore, as I don’t need to. I know my memories and perceptions of their actions are correct, as it is plain to see. When this man gets defensive and tries to gaslight reality into something else, you know the truth. People get defensive over things they know to be true.

No more focus on these Adult Tenant Bullies, as I now know the truth and no longer need to show it to anyone. They can’t gaslight me anymore.

My exposure of their actions are done and in the process, I have shown the truth. No matter the reason they came after me, they do not have the right to do what they did to me and my name online. Their words against me, full of hate, resentment, and outright lies, show they will do anything to ruin me and my life. Their many posts online within various domains were made with the intent purpose to smear all named in the titles and in the contents and try to ruin reputations, careers, and personal lives with their lies and incite others into attacking us.

They hoped their expressions of extreme hate towards me would also create hate in someone willing to attack me, as I can see it in their posts! Kory Read was too much of a coward to physically attack me, tho there was a time I actually thought he would. I thought such a thing after Divisional Court Hearing, but the showed up instead filed with their hate, hoping to incite someone to do to me what he was too afraid to do.

I now accept that these Tenant Bullies will continue in their Smear Campaign and Bullying online, as they refuse to quit, even when their continuing without any proof of their claims, just show their lies for what they are. They don’t care, as long as they feel in control and think their actions are harming me in some way. They can even look like a Bully, it don’t seem to matter as long as they feel their words and actions are affecting me in some way. That is their intention, make me feel bad and hurt over their words and actions.

Time for me to work on that, and reach the point where nothing they do has any affect on me at all! I am almost there!!! 

I have become so much clamer these days and it not only helps with this, but also helps every aspect of my life. I am amazed over my patience over having a broken ankle! Other times, I would be impatient and antsy to recover and get active again. I would have felt sorry for myself and what I have to do to manage this time of healing. These days, I just go day to day.

I am up early every morning, around 530 am. I spend some time on the internet, with this blog, emails, and other interests, till about 10 am. Then I have the rest of my day to focus on me and my mental health. I read articles, even re-read some I already read. I go thru Pinterest and find new posters that speak to me. I have about 6000 now! Once a week, I do a video call with my counsellor and we focus on me and how I am doing.

I have also got into coloring again. I find it very relaxing and peaceful to sit there coloring while listening to music. I spent the time just letting my mind drift, letting thoughts flow in and out. I sit with myself and I find it very helpful for me to focus on MY feelings and MY thoughts, not anyone else’s. My personal thoughts have taken over the roller-coaster of their words in my head. All their negativity is gone from my mind, it no longer remains stuck in my head. I focus on me and my own thoughts and needs these days and I am way better off for it!

I look at things these days as temporary, as nothing stays the same. Things and people change over time, and I know I have. I am not the same person I was, not even a year ago let alone almost 6 years ago.

The person these Adult Tenant Bullies are writing about don’t even exist, never did. That Stella Reddy was a figment of their imagination based on their own personally skewed views of me. Everything is filtered by their personal bias and hate towards me.

Kory & Allison Read started their Smear Campaign to highlight the racism and discrimination they perceive myself, and others, did to them. In the end, they show their own racism and discrimination towards me and others.

They clearly show their Bias towards me and all named within their domains, claiming we don’t do our jobs right, that we misinterpret the rules, that we lie, cheat, and alter documents, and illegally evict people based on personal views, not them breaking the rules. 


My eyes have opened, I have learned, and I am content now to move on and focus on my mental health recovery! It is a daily process but I will get there. I am determined and that’s half the battle!


Verbal Abuser



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