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The version of me you created in your mind is not my responsibility

There was quite a lot of talk about me by some Adult Tenant Bullies over the past 7 years. Their words were filled with resentment and hate toward me and now they have directed all that hate towards others. It was clear that their accusations were rooted in negativity, and they blamed me for everything, now they are blaming someone else!

But why should anyone pay any attention to the opinions of people who are so filled with hate and negativity? They don’t offer fairness in anything they do.

These Adult Tenant Bullies refuse to acknowledge anything positive about their targets. They are unwilling to see anything good and will put down anyone who tries to show them otherwise. All of their writings exhibit this hate and resentment. It’s important to remember that their perceptions are skewed by their own negative feelings towards these specific people.

Their opinions about me and my actions were distorted by the beliefs they held about me and now they use the same strategy with others. In their minds, they have convinced themselves that I am a racist and a liar who is out to harm interracial couples and now it is someone else’s fault. They don’t care about what anyone says because they have already made up their minds!

Please do not respond to my email. I do not need for you to try and deny or even try and justify to me that you are not an undercover racist.

I do not need to know that you have black friends, or that you eat and love “Caribbean food” and that you have a “Black Person” in your family that you love or that there is Black in your bloodline. Because I really don’t care!

First letter received August 31, 2016

Their adamant statements always reveal their true thoughts, don’t they? Just like their statement during the LTB hearing exposed their mindset!

When someone talks about another person in a mean and resentful way, it’s clear that they harbour hatred and will never say anything positive about them. As a result, it’s natural to question the validity of their claims.

When people write and speak about others in such a terrible manner, as these Tenant Bullies do, it becomes challenging to believe everything they say. Their resentment is evident, and it shapes their opinions, causing their words to lack credibility.

I must confess that I sometimes found myself writing posts that show resentment towards their actions on this site. I am aware of it, though, as I refuse to deny it and have done my best to correct my mistakes. I feel angry and resentful towards the continuous online attacks carried out in my name for the past 7 years and I see it is understandable to have those feelings still.

Who wouldn’t be? Isn’t it a long time to be the target of smear campaigns? Honestly, I find solace in my anger, as it helps me focus on taking the necessary steps to extricate myself from this situation. It motivates me to move forward and find a way out.

I have come to accept that the only way to put an end to all of this is for and the other domains that contain my information to be permanently deregistered. Once they are no longer registered by them, I will take control of myself and ensure they can never be used by them again. That is my goal and I have no doubts I will reach it.

Toxic Tenant Bullies believe that their words about me will influence others against me, but they fail to realize that their personal views are skewed and apparent to everyone. That’s why I know that nothing they want will ever come to pass…

I know my memories and perceptions of their actions are accurate because the truth is plain to see. When this individual becomes defensive and tries to alter reality, it only confirms the truth. They can’t deceive me any more.

Regardless of why they targeted me, they have no right to do what they did to me and my online reputation. Their hate-filled, resentful, and dishonest words demonstrate that they will stop at nothing to ruin me and my life, or anyone who gets in their way.

Their numerous posts across various domains were created with the purpose of smearing names and ruining reputations, careers, and personal lives through lies, hoping to incite others to attack us.

They hoped that by expressing their extreme hatred towards all they name, they would ignite the same hatred in someone who is willing to harm us, as is evident in their posts! Although at one point, I thought Toxic Tenant Bullies would physically attack me, they turned to instead, filled with their hate, hoping to incite someone else to do what they were too cowardly to do.

I now accept that these Tenant Bullies will continue their smear campaign and online bullying because they refuse to quit, even without any evidence to support their claims. They don’t care as long as they feel in control and think their actions are causing harm in some way. They don’t mind looking like bullies, as long as they believe their words and actions are affecting their targets. That is their intention: to make us feel bad and hurt by their behaviour.

These days, I have become much calmer. This calmness not only helps me deal with this situation but also positively impacts every aspect of my life. Now, I simply take each day as it comes.

I wake up early every morning and spend some time on the internet, tending to my blog, emails, and other interests. After that, I have the entire day to focus on myself and my mental health. I read articles, sometimes re-reading ones I’ve already read. I explore Pinterest, finding new posters that resonate with me. I even go out with no issues and explore! Weekends are spent with my hubby.

I have also rediscovered the joy of colouring. It’s incredibly relaxing and peaceful to sit and colour while listening to music. During this time, I let my mind wander and allow thoughts to flow freely. I connect with myself, focusing on my own feelings and thoughts, while disregarding those of others.

My own thoughts have taken precedence over the rollercoaster of negativity that used to consume my mind. I now prioritize myself and my own needs, which has significantly improved my overall well-being.

These days, I view things as temporary, as nothing remains the same forever. People and circumstances change over time, and I have changed too. I am not the same person I was, not even a year ago, let alone 7 years ago.

The person these Adult Tenant Bullies write about doesn’t even exist. That “Stella Reddy” is a product of their imaginations, based on their perspectives filtered through their own personal biases and hatred towards me.

Toxic Tenant Bullies initiated their smear campaign to expose what they believed to be racism and discrimination directed towards them. However, in the end, they exposed their own racism and discrimination towards me and others.

Their bias towards me and everyone mentioned in their domains manifests in claims that we don’t do our jobs properly, misinterpret rules, lie, cheat, alter documents, and illegally evict individuals based on personal biases rather than rule violations.

My eyes have been opened, and I have learned from this experience. I am now content to move on and focus on my mental health recovery. It’s a daily process, but I am determined to get there, and that determination is half the battle.

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