Stopping a Smear Campaign


I have come to see that you can stop a Smear Campaign against you, in various ways. This is how I am stopping mine!

No one can maintain a Smear Campaign with the same old news they always told, people lose interest when they see there are no changes and its the same on repeat. People expect to see some kind of legal action or accountability for the allegations they see, yet with this situation, all they see is the Bullies complaining over how he is such a victim, over and over on 6 domains at the height of their Smearing, and complaining over how they believe they lost their legal actions, as everyone was in cahoots against them.

All I see these days is the attempts to Gaslight everything I said and all the evidence I gave, away. That is all I see there now, is how they are the victim of so many random people who all took took part in their eviction and that the legal system was against them too. Don’t give them the chance to change any of their narratives!

You have to ensure that they can’t make up anything new and dramatize the info they already had there, by ensuring that they can’t change their original documents

I started saving their pages on their websites, like, as they showed up, on the Internet Archive. I am sure we all heard about that, as it is the place where you can save anything from the internet, as it was that day. I saved every page they ever did on these servers! I read that you need to document every little detail of how you are being Bullied by others and I went a little extreme and saved every little detail.

As their sites were on the internet, it was easy to save it on a daily basis. I signed up with the Internet Archive, got my own account, and installed their app on my browser so I could just click it to save page. Easy. Most times, I got into the sites to see if anything was new, and I didn’t even read it, I just saved it all. I even saved the links they had on there!

When site first showed in April 26, 2020, just 3 months after they ignored the teleconference hearing that was scheduled for January 17, 2020, I noticed the pages looked a lot like the 107 pages of their “Statement of Facts” they submitted as part of their Human Rights complaints against me. BUT THEY WERE CHANGING IT!! 

As I said, each domain showed up in the name of the person, or as in this case agency, after each legal loss he experienced. In this situation, he didn’t even bother to finish the legal actions, just walked away and did this site instead, to add to his other ones that he did after each loss they had.

I noticed that they were adding to it, enough that you can see the difference! I noticed it, right on the first page, which is why I have their original documents on here. I wanted to ensure that people could see the original writings they did and see they are changing it for more dramatic effects and adding things they later learned during the HRTO process. I didn’t want them to get away with that and I now know they are not.

It’s nice to be able to compare their antics and see where they change, with knowledge they gain. Their Statement of Facts as submitted on June 4, 2018 is much different than what you see on this site. That was when I doubledowned on saving every last things they posted online, so that I can have something they did to compare with what they newly wrote.

All their sites were saved in its entirety so they could not go back later and change the allegations.

As their contents contain various alligations against the people, and agency, in the title, I wanted to document all that so that they couldn’t make it worse. I refused to give them a chance to change it, like they were changing their Statement of Facts. They even call it their Statement of Timeline and Facts on their site, but if you read what I have, you will see the changes they made to make it seem worse and see how he added things they learned.

You cut your Adult Tenant Bullies Smear Campaign off at the knees and document, document, document! Keep every little thing they write, so that if you notice changes on their posts online, you can point them out so people can see and make up their own minds over what this person is doing. I have so much of it, I get sick of looking at it. They kept trying to change things, depending on what info they got at the time. It was sickening to see!

I was blown away actually by the depravity I saw from this Adult Tenant. It was maddening to see this Adult go about all this, but I was determined too to document every last word and action online they did against my name and so many others.

I also emailed, a lot. I sent emails to Icann and all the various hosts they had for these sites. Last time I checked, had 23 servers in less that 3 yrs. That’s quite a bit to move a website, all due to my complaints! ! I emailed almost every day with complaints of how a stranger could take my personal name and make and post a domain online, where the contents were about me, the person in the title. All the domains contents were geared to try and ruin personal and professional reputations of the person in the title and I wanted people aware of that. It is CyberBullying and a Smear Campaign. I copied and pasted even sometimes their own rules to get the site suspended! It worked, quite a bit and yes, I taught Kory Read how to complain over sites, but he also taught me how to keep one online!

Now, it don’t bother me anymore. They can write all they want, I know that they won’t get anywhere, as there is too many discrepancies now that can be seen. Earlier this month they had some of these sites back online, in a parked domain with Hostinger that were suspended April 11. 2022. I haven’t looked to see if they are back or not, all they had was the parked domains going to the Internet Archive. was looking like it would have new content, as I managed to save the page there on my phone before it disappeared again. I have no doubt they removed all that due to the wording they had there. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see these sites show back up, but the most they can do now, is point it to their old sites on the Archive. They can’t change anything anymore, it would look bad on them! That is why I did what I did! 

I saved so much of their original documents, there was no way I was going to allow them to change it at a later date to make it more extreme! I wanted something people could compare with, and I did that. I am very confident now that even if they do try to change anything, there is enough history of it online to find and see what they have done. They won’t get away with posting anymore lies about me, I don’t care if they take every post on this page, it no longer matters as I know the truth now and it will never bother me ever again. You can’t go back and change what has already occured. Not possible.

They can’t now after all this time, try and change history to add new allegations or even to change any of their words! It is written in stone now!

Even some of my old sites are on the Archive, as I saved them there myself. I made sure the names Kory Read & Allison Read, are just as familiar with this smear campaign, as my own. I made sure that people knew who the instigators were of all this, and why. I made sure that their original documents remained as they were, without embellishments and additions, as I got them. I will share it all if I have too but I don’t feel the need anymore. I share enough.

I also came to see that in general, people on the internet are smart and know that a domain in a personal name, especially written by an anonymous administrator, on the internet like that, is up to no good. When they see “Administrator”, they know the contents is something the writer don’t want his name associated with, as they know what they post, is wrong. Anonymity is only used when you want to hide your association to the words in the content. 

I see there is a great benefit to having my own site online as well. People can see that I am not hiding, I am refuting their claims, showing their smear campaign for what it is. A guilty person wouldn’t do what I am doing online in my own name, to be found with their sites. This is why I refused to stay quiet, I had to speak up for myself. I will never stop speaking up for myself against this site, As long as it exist, so will mine.

There is a whole world out there where there are so many people like me, struggling with a smear campaign against them, which was started by a Narcissist or plain toxic person. There are varying views on how to deal with a smear campaign, but they all have one simple thing in common: Document, Document, Document! Take all emails, letters, texts, pictures, audio, videos, anything you have that shows you are being a target of Bullying and save it. Keep it for all time, make note of it all and when it showed up and where you were, even what you were doing. Make note of everything! If you are lucky like me and get everything in writing, so much the better! Once it is in black and white they can’t come back later and say they didn’t!

I haven’t come across many websites bashing people but I know they exist. I have 538 emails in one folder, that don’t include the documents I scanned and got from the internet over all this! Why do you think I am writing a book? It just organizing it all in a timeline, it is time consuming, but I have time.

I know there are people out there who believe you should walk away from a smear campaign and ignore their antics. I couldn’t do that, as it was mostly all online and my name would be everywhere by this point!! I share here some of the sites my name showed up on! Not possible for me to do, I had to put protections in place, even hired a lawyer last year to help me with some of the wording to these Internet Service providers like LinkedIN, Jetpack, all the SEO’s, and even Google. Any place that someone could sign up their site for more exposure, I emailed. It was quite a bit!!  I had no choice, as my name was showing up associated with, on various services and I couldn’t have that. When I saw the LinkedIn site in my name with that domain a few months ago, that was the last straw for me and I had to do something. So I did. I WILL ALWAYS do what I need to do, as it is my life they are screwing with. 

I was always stubborn, but not to this extent. I was driven to these extremes by the antics of my Adult Tenant Bullies with my name online, so they have themselves now to thank for my site, even my recovery. If they didn’t behave the way they did, I wouldn’t have to go looking for info about it and find out what I have about narcissism and bullies. I wouldn’t have found Cherie White’s Blog that taught me so much this past few yrs, with others I found. I thank these people for most of my education!

Kory Read sent me that email just over a year ago, March 1, 2021, and I went with it ever since, and I an glad now I did. Stella got her Groove back and will never stop protecting myself and speaking up against this bullying online they do in my name. As I know don’t expire till April 19, 2023, I will check then and in the meantime, I will continue my healing and exposing their actions against me.

I have every confidence that in time, with exposure, Bullies will eventually get what they deserve. I know my Adult Tenant Bullies are done, their time in my life is over. They are now the ones who hide, not me!! Why is that I wonder?

I will never hide away ever again, I have no reason to do so!





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