3 Year Anniversary


I am 3 days behind, but Happy Anniversary to the domain in my name,! 3 years of knowing this domain is online, in my personal name, where the contents are about me, but written by a narcissistic bully out for revenge!

I celebrate this anniversary, as it is also the start of a new chapter for me, one of my mental health recovery! I have achieved my goal!

In the beginning, I would look at this site multiple times a day, looking for changes to “react” too, which I did on almost a daily basis. The Internet Archive has some of my earlier angry rants about their words online, even some of my earlier writings on here that I share, also show this habit. I would take their words and write my truth underneath it, as I did with this page I wrote long ago. Stella Reddy’s Story of Smear Campaigns and Bullying by Kory Read!

It has been a journey, but I am happy to say it is finally coming to an end! My mind is eased in knowing I am safe in all ways from Adult Tenant Bullies and their intentions with this domain. Finally, after 5 1/2 years of being bullied by tenants, the truth has been exposed and as a result, the smear campaign has backfired and it is they who is being ignored and avoided! History cannot be changed!

This domain in my name was number 2 that showed up out of 6. Each domain was made and posted online, AFTER a legal loss they had. was 1 of 2 that came in April 2019 after their loss with Divisional Court and the came that December 2019. came in June 2020, after they ignored the scheduled hearing in January 2020. The timeline of these domains showing up online cannot be disputed and is a dead giveaway for their intentions, hey?

I see from the info below, this site has returned on a parked domain, but it no longer matters to me what it contains. They can’t change history and any attempt to add, or remove, info they already wrote, would only expose them even more as liars and narcissistic abusers, so they have to stay with what they already did.

As for taking anything from my site now? Go for it. No one will ever accept they have a right to question anything I do, let alone what I did the past 4 months! Kory Read knows very well that this site was not “gone”, it is still registered! Losing hosting for a domain don’t mean a thing when it is still registered for use and could come back online at any moment! Kory Read has no authority over me nor anything I do and trying to claim he does, is the height of arrogance and shows his narcissism so clearly.

This site can go to the Internet Archive all it wants, as I am sure that’s where it goes, like the rest did, the more these sites are exposed for what they are, the better! All it takes is to start reading the contents to know this website is there to tear down and degrade the person in the title, Stella Reddy. It is Bullying! I want people to read this garbage, as they will see it for what it is! The more people who see what a smear campaign entails, especially online in a domain in your own personal name, the more you know how to protect yourself and to avoid people like Kory & Allison Read, who do them!

All the things I have had to do the past few years to protect myself and my personal name from fraud online, is ridiculous but I did it all gladly. It is my personal name, given to me from my grandmother, and I will defend it as much as I have too. I will tell anyone willing to listen, that it isn’t me who is associated with that domain in my name, nor did I write any of the contents, an anonymous administrator is doing all this out of revenge. All it takes is to read their sites contents. It will never change, if anything does, you will know they lie! You can’t change what has already occured, can you? You can’t all of a sudden think of something new after all this time, or find some evidence you forgot you had, as you already shared it all before.

Kory Read is backed into a corner now with his contents, can’t move ahead and change something, nor can they deny anything that is already in black and white. They are done, their smearing is done. They have exposed themselves with the time that has passed and will only continue to do so with every action online that they do. 

 In the end, it no longer matters what anyone else thinks, it only matters what I think. This journey has taught me that! I deserve to be free from bullies! 

The Complete Record

Domain Name:

Just the Facts

DatesCreated on 2019-Apr-21
Updated on 2022-Apr-19
Expires on 2023-Apr-21
RegistrantPrivacyDotLink Customer 4608924
RegistrarGoDaddy Online Services Cayman Islands Ltd.
Name Servers

I think it is really funny how they set up their domains to go to the Internet Archive, as they are only exposing their words to more people! Their actions are beneficial to me these days and I thank them for it. The more their sites are exposed for what they are, the better! I have no issues anymore with people seeing them, nor reading them, I prefer it so I can save time! Once they do, they know what it is all about. Not my problem these Bullies don’t see that!

I have finally seen the light and know the end is here! I see it all now for what it is, the desperate actions of a scared little man who didn’t want to feel shame for causing his family to be evicted. Instead of accepting responsibility, they made up some convoluted narrative that it was all my fault instead, that I CAUSED him to act that way.

No one will accept that they were afraid of little ol me! They show they are not with all their actions, don’t they? In face of Kory Reads constant aggression with me and others, how could he claim he was AFRAID of me? I use to think what was he hiding that they HAD to be home for anyone to enter? That is always the question I have when someone gets so up in arms about entry, so they can be there to guide what you see and can hide what they don’t want you to see.

It is about a Adult not being mature enough to stand accountable for what he does. Kory Read prefers to place blame on me, for HIS actions. Sorry, that is an excuse and time for Kory Read to grow up and face the music! 

In the past 5 1/2 yrs I have been bullied online within various domains and now everyone knows that Kory & Allison Read are lying pieces of shit who don’t deserve any respect, nor consideration.  They ATTACKED me for doing my job, attacked so many out of revenge, and tried to make it about something it wasn’t, and the truth of it is all now out in the open for all the world to see. They can’t hide anymore, they gave their identities away long ago in this domain!

As Kory Read says, they need to be exposed for what they did, even long after death, so people know what to look for in a Tenant who Bullies others! I have done everything possible to ensure their words will remain, long after their death, to warn others of just what a Narcissistic Tenant Bullies will do to you and your life!  My story will remain as a warning to others, avoid Kory & Allison Read and others like them! This is the traits they show, these are the words they use. Read the contents within their domains I share and see for yourself how nasty a narcissist can be!



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