Stella Reddy is Finally FREE!

Time to Move On

Ever since I started researching smear campaigns and adult bullies with narcissism, most of the info I find covers people in a relationship with their Narcissistic Bullies. That was NOT the same here. I am finally free!

I had no relationship with these people. We were not friends, not family, not even co-workers, not social acquaintances. They had the lowest most impersonal of relationship, that of tenant. It took time, but it finally sunk in that I have a unique situation here. The reality of it all is finally clear to me and I can finally let it go and move on.

Then, came common sense, and looking at the facts of all this from a different angles, to open my eyes. 

One of the most emotional dysregulations that I have had with this whole smear campaign, is the beliefs of these Adult Tenant Bullies that they know me.  The reality here is that they don’t.  They are pretending. This has bugged me no end, for a long time, but I am glad to say it is finally going away. My daily affirmations I do every morning has helped with that too.

  • They have no property owners to go complaining to, not even co-workers, to try and influence with their nasty lies. I have no bosses to triangulate with their gossip either and never will. 
  • There are no other tenants around me to get riled up, and my current neighbours are great people who told me they refuse to believe gossip told by strangers online.
  • I have been home 1 year and 6 months and have had no negative interactions with anyone. No stranger came up to me and asked about those websites. 
  • I live in a beautiful province, where I was raised, and am surrounded by other Newfie’s who don’t know these Tenant Bullies and have no interest in knowing them and what they have to say about me. 
  • No tenants association to create, no standing in Lobby’s spreading gossip either. No more situations to Gaslight over. 
  • No Human Rights of Ontario to complain too, not even the Toronto Police has jurisdiction here. No agencies they can file with against me. No civil court for them either, they know they will lose, just like the rest they did. 
  • They have no control over my website. They can’t complain to hosting companies not even domain companies. They taught me how to have a free speech site where I can post what I want and not get it removed by them, by their own actions with and the rest of them. 
  • Kory Read has absolutely no power, no influence, in Newfoundland and there is no one he can get riled up against me, no matter how hard he tries. 
  • This situation is HISTORY and belongs in the past. They lost. 

No one believes the ramblings of a anonymous administrator in a domain in someone else’s name, filled with nasty allegations. Time has convinced me of this. Being out of any influence and being away from their toxic environment, has convinced me of this. Being around other people, talking about this situation and showing them them sites as they were in the past, has convinced me of this.

They had it online for 3 yrs and I don’t see it changing with a new site, especially where they show their arrogance in thinking they have any control of me and what I do. They are jealous, envious, and resentful that I got away from them. They hate that they have no control anymore and this is their attempts to get it back. I know it will do nothing to me and my life, as they are nothing. I am finally convince of this!

All the facts clearly show that these Adult Tenant Bullies are lying about me. Every word they type within the contents online in, is a lie. They were not given any opportunity to spend any time with me to get to know me. They are nothing to me, except for Adult Tenant Bullies! They can take all the words I say and twist them into a mess all they want, no one believes a word they write anymore. 

Kory Read has become like the boy who cried “wolf” too many times. We all know that story, about the boy looking for attention who cried “wolf” so often that when the time came that there was a real wolf, no one believed him. Kory Read has spewed his exaggerated lies about me for so long now, with no evidence of it, that no one believes anything he says anymore about anyone. He makes a claim against me and implies he knows it for a fact, yet don’t provide the evidence proving it. After all this time, I know he never will either. Kory Read is full of hot air, just like all Bullies. Making things up as they go along and having the arrogance to think it will be accepted.

For some reason, their words on the new these days are making me sad.Now the site was offline as a test to Stella Reddy. Which of coarse she failed as always” . This is a trick statement here, isn’t it? Of course I failed a test given that I wasn’t aware of and by some stranger. This is a weird statement to make, as it implies he has the power and authority to “test” me in the first place.

The arrogance makes me very sad, as it shows me they just will never quit. All the hate they hold must drive them crazy! What a sad existence he must have! No job, sitting around his apartment, thinking up new ways to try and attack me. It is a wasted life he lives and I feel sorry for him what he still does. He just can’t let it go. Being filled with so much hate towards someone else for the gall I had to file to evict them must be so draining for their whole family. 

This is the thing I finally accepted. No matter what these Tenant Bullies say, it has absolutely no value. They don’t know me to be able to write what they do online. The effects of gaslighting is terrible and takes a long time to process and convince yourself of the truth, but I have finally reached it.

I have my clarity that I needed. I know what I need to do. Thank you, to all the bloggers out there who has helped me get to this point too! I have learned so much and will keep learning, every day.


Time to focus on me now. 





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