Stella Reddy’s Story of Smear Campaigns and Bullying by Kory Read!

Stella Reddy

My Story!



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I lived, and worked, for 18 yrs in various residential apartment buildings in Ontario with my husband as Building Superintendents, looking after the property in administration, cleaning, and maintenance. I retired permanently in July 2018 and can not work anymore due to mental, and physical, health issues. The actions done by Kory & Allison Read got to my psyche so badly, my mental health suffered.

I had a mental breakdown in July 4, 2018 from all the bullying I endured from Kory Read & Allison Read and was diagnosed with C-PTSD in November 2018. I have been trying to recover ever since!

I am angry, I have the right to be.

Kory Read has invaded my personal life, vilified me online in his nasty domains, taken personal information he gained in confidence during Human Rights process and shared it online, with pictures, emails, addresses, even a map to find me.

Kory Read has publicized my life, peppered with his personal assumptions over why he thinks I did, or said, what I have. Kory Read is Gaslighting!

You will see on their own domains, if you say anything against them, it has be because you are racist. It is their go-to complaint if you don’t agree with them and what they want. You don’t give Kory Read want he wants, it has to be because you don’t like interracial couples. It is the most used reason for Bullying, I have found! People join this bandwagon when they want to get revenge on someone, as it is a hot topic in society these days.

Kory Read implies that everything is about them yet it is so easy to see it is about what they do, all in MY NAME! Do you see Kory Read or Allison Read in the title of these sites, even in the contents? Nope, it is Stella Reddy.

His habit of making it seem like this situation revolves around him and his family is atrocious! Such grandiose thinking is beyond me.

“can not stand the idea that a Black female is more successful than they are, or ever will be.” This sentence implies extreme pettiness and immaturity, trying to get you to believe that a woman of 50, who worked with many tenants before this,  would get so out of shape over a tenant getting ahead and improving their lives that she would deliberately go out of her way to target these tenants and evict them. Wow!! What does these sentences mean to you?

That premise is what Kory Read & Allison Read wants you to believe of me. That I am a jealous, petty, immature individual who is jealous of others. Hmm…Gaslight much? Once again, Kory Read spins his wheels, trying to get you to believe his narratives, when it is so obvious he really has no idea!

As Kory Read wrote this thought, I can only assume Kory Read feels this way himself! Of course he wants to feel superior to everyone, especially me. If Kory Read wants to think his possessions are made of gold and that everyone else is envious of them and what they have, he is welcome to it. I have no time for petty people as I know that material possessions do not make the man. If I truly cared about money and having the best of everything, I wouldn’t have had the career I had!   You will never get rich working as a Building Superintendent!

I have come to see that Kory Read is so insecure over being a lazy assed parent, who don’t do anything to support his family, that he has to try and blame everyone else for where he is in his life. Look at what he did with  He implies it is my fault that he took it down. Kory Read will blame me for every bad thing they experience in his life. It’s all over his domains!

The legal actions below show the truth and are all you need to read. They are online with and will remain there. You can’t hide the truth that comes out in legal documents and hearings, no matter how hard you try.

You can also find all the other applications they did with Human Rights, trying to go after the individual people working with Social Justice Network of Ontario. As each person they applied to didn’t do what they wanted, they too were added to the list. It is revenge.

Legal Actions

My Bullies got mad they were evicted, legally, for their consistent refusal of access to the apartment. Order released October 3, 2017 and this Smear Campaign is revenge for this eviction.

My Bullies tried to Appeal with Divisional Court in October 2017 and the hearing held February 2019 they LOST! and

My Bullies even filed with Human Rights of Ontario in June 2018 and decided after 19 months not to bother to show up for the hearing finally scheduled January 2020!

They didn’t show up for the HRTO hearing as they knew they were losing!

Why would they do that if they had evidence that proved what they claimed I was doing? As a result of all this loss, my Bullies decides to smear everyone involved online instead within these websites below! They hide their names, refuse to give even any way to contact them, yet think people will just accept what they write about others online.

See how nasty one human being can be to another, all just for doing their jobs!

If you bother to read any of their content online you will notice that My Bullies dehumanizes each individual he names with labels and put downs yet never admits to their own actions that got them evicted in the first place.

My Bully doesn’t even bring up that they always refused access that got them before the LTB!

The first website showed up November 2, 2017 of and it has expanded ever since. I have saved all versions of each domain on the web archive of if you want to see how each have changed over the years!

Kory Read claims I am obsessed, yet he is the one with 6 domains online since 2017, that contain information about me. What does that act tell you about the writers of these domains? 

If Kory Read & Allison Read didn’t want me looking at these domains, they shouldn’t have had my info there! Come on, it isn’t in their names there, is it?

I just want the domain in my name taken down and all the personal info they gained through Human Rights process that they share, removed from the internet. On ALL Domains!

(As of November 16, 2021 all domains I share belonging to Kory Read, are all offline and I am fixing up my site links as a result)

I want Kory Read & Allison Read to leave me alone. Simple, isn’t it?

Kory Read can claim that “This website drives her crazy because it exposes just that, her act.” all he wants, the simple fact is that I want these domains removed due to the severe mental distress it causes within me and in my life.

Come on, where is the logic? The COMMON SENSE?

Who, really, would appreciate having domains online in their own name, containing info and pictures about them, but put there by SOMEONE ELSE?  Such idiotic thinking I ever saw!

I tried the legal route and emailed hosting companies and domains providers, which has helped over the years as Kory Read moved 3 times on one year due to my complaints, but he just happened to find one off shore that offers free speech. As I couldn’t get it down, I decided to join him on the same server and expose his many actions online by using my personal name.

I want the general public on the internet see what entails a smear campaign that is personal against other people and show that people who do these things, cannot be trusted to have in your life. They do it to me, they will do this to anyone. The Gaslighting, defamation, slander, triangulation, manipulation that they do, is very obvious and detrimental to mental health.

Kory Read & Allison Read want to feel important and this is how they do it, by tearing down other people, showing his readers what a victim he is because he is part of a interracial couple. BY blaming everyone else.

Kory Read is newsjacking with current news on anti-black racism, looking for support and status for doing so. I have learned it is Narcissism.

As he is so obvious these days with his content, it will be even harder now for people to trust anything Kory Read writes. He gives away his intentions and yet thinks he will be accepted for doing so? That is pure arrogance.

The Smear Campaigners hope to incite the general public against me and ostracize my husband and I from society with no support, no job, no home, and no friends.

“the point here is that Stella Reddy is in a continuous losing battle because, in the end, everyone who searches her name from friends, family, or future or current employers and co-workers, will all see the truth about her and will deal with her accordingly.” 

“will all see the truth about her” I wonder, who’s “truth”? Is Kory Read the arbitrator of anyone else’s TRUTH?

Do Kory Read truly think people will believe what he has written online about other people? I have come to see that they do not, as they see the Gaslighting for what it is. Kory Read is no one and has no influence, no matter how hard he tries. In time, people see the anonymous administrator of these domains for what he is, a Adult Bully with a malicious Smear Campaign online.

Kory Read’s “truth” is that I am a racist and a bigot and his “deal with her accordingly” is his assumptions that his truths will be believed and I will be ostracized. He just don’t have that kind of power or influence. He never did and never will!

These Bullies can write all they want, give detailed perspectives on other people’s actions, but it don’t make what they say, true. They just don’t have that influence on people.

I have come to learn that while people can write whatever they want, it don’t mean it is being believed by anyone either. The very fact that this content has been online for almost 4 yrs in some form or another and nothing has changed, shows me it is not being believed. Time exposes everything….

I haven’t had a bad word said to me either over the content since 2018. What does that say about this content and its validity? I have received more support than anything these days.

Kory Read & Allison Read are speculating over my actions and words- Gaslighting, giving words salad, not any actual evidence, no matter how confident they come across. They just don’t know, as they can’t. Their speculations are wrong and so off base all because they just do not know me nor anyone else they write about!

It is clear by the content within these sites they own and manage, that they hope to influence people with their narratives against me, but it isn’t working and hasn’t for a long time. People are onto the tactic of Gaslighting!

The only person this content gets too, is me, and that is even going away! Once you gain knowledge over narcissit and smearing, the effects of it isn’t as bad. I still get angry and frustrated over some things, but I have a right to be. Kory Read has taken my life and twisted it, all in the public on the internet. He put all his nasty personal opinions online hoping someone would help him destroy my life in any way possible. In the end, it is he that is being ostracized!

Every word and action of my Bullies is geared towards invalidating Stella Reddy. As Stella Reddy that they write about online, I have a right to get upset. Wouldn’t you?

This continual abuse is what caused C-PTSD for me. I spent over 2 yrs living like a hermit in my home, afraid to leave for extreme fear of being attacked, physically or verbally. I was living in a nightmare of fear, anxiety, and constant stress. I didn’t deserve that, no matter what they claim, no one does.

Not anymore though. Once I learned their tactics and could see them within their content online, I woke up and became determined to expose their actions against me. No more sitting back and allowing them to continue unabated, like they did the first couple of years. No more taking down sites I do either out of emotional dissonance, this one is here to stay.

I couldn’t take it anymore so my husband quit his job September 2020 and we packed up and moved over 3000 km away to get away from the target I felt was on us from these sites.

I left Ontario but Kory Read & Allison Read still continue, even renewing their domains to continue their onslaught. is registered with GoDaddy til April 2023.

When I got back on the Rock, I cried so hard in relief and I still do now at times! The safety I feel here is indescribable!

These actions have caused untold hardship on my Mental Health since they started their smears in August 2016, in person, within the property. What else did they think would happen? I am human after all!

They invaded my personal life on such a level that I felt invaded and exposed, with so much personal information they gained from the Human Rights process online for the world to see. Who does things like that to another person?

That is the intention of a Smear Campaign after all, to humiliate, disgrace, ostracize, the subject of the smear so they are seen as crazy and bad and no one wants to associate with them.

They invalidate my every action, even now, implying a personal relationship when it was not.

No one realizes the extent of the damage a smear campaign can do on the lives of the target, and her family.

My Bullies have shared very personal information on these domains that they gained in private under Human Rights and posted it online that talk about other family in my life. Can you imagine how they felt, seeing all this online for the world to see?

Both my parents are still alive and my mother has serious heart conditions, so you can imagine what it was like for her to see this garbage online about one of her children. Of course, no one thinks about the effects these smear campaigns can have on other people around the targets. No one thinks about the mental damage done to people affected by these actions done by another.

It is so bad, that even anyone who shows me support is also smeared in such a nasty manner online within these pages! No one associated with me is safe from being attacked online, as evidenced by the content within these sites.

My Bullies have proven they have no problem attacking an tearing down anyone who shows me any support, even my own family members are not safe.

These pages will highlight my struggle to get through. We all know there are always 2 sides to everything and it is time to write mine.

My identity has been stolen, my name used by strangers intent on ruining my life, in any way they can.

They don’t care about the Mental Health of their targets, they believe they deserve this treatment.

“allowing his wife Stella Reddy to continue to burden and overwhelm herself with emotions and guilt, the whole time trying to justify in her head her inexcusable racist behavior since 2017.”

I was shocked when I read this sentence on this page, as Kory Read once again is telling you what I am doing, no ifs, ands, or buts, when in reality he has no idea. How could he? Gaslighting is so insidious!

Kory Read don’t know me, has no idea what emotions I have felt, now and in the past. This sentence is Kory Read’s own thoughts of what he HOPES I am doing.

In reality, I have no guilt. I have done nothing wrong that I need to justify anything to myself. I worked through my comments I made after hearing the details of their lies over some prior meeting they claim we had, “black as black” and accept it was shock, as the words don’t even make sense. I know who I am. I am very confident in my abilities in my job and always was, which is why I still went ahead with their eviction, even with all the bullying they were doing in the building at the time.

What “inexcusable racist behaviour”? I haven’t seen any to be honest, and even had other people look for me, with nothing found. Kory Read is entitled to his opinions, it’s not my responsibility to make him happy, is it? It is ONLY Kory Read who has made these allegations and I haven’t been able to find anyone else who agrees with him! What does that tell you?

In reality, I was overwhelmed with mental distress. I was stuck on a rollercoaster, with their many nasty words going round and round in my head on a daily basis, trying to make sense of them. I couldn’t. The pages of, with the many vile words within, has caused undue mental health issues for me to the point where I developed C-PTDS.  Kory Read is delusional to think his actions wouldn’t affect me the way they did.

As with the PTSD I was diagnosed with in 1991 after the house fire I had, this diagnoses will always stay with me, for life. I will always need help dealing with these emotions of severe fear and anxieties, all caused by a man who felt he had a right to abuse me online, in contents on for the past 4 yrs, first in and then in the others with

Complex post-traumatic stress disorder (complex PTSD, sometimes abbreviated to c-PTSD or CPTSD) is a condition where you experience some symptoms of PTSD along with some additional symptoms, such as: difficulty controlling your emotions. feeling very angry or distrustful towards the world.

CPTSD is a serious mental health condition that can take some time to treat, and for many people, it’s a lifelong condition. However, a combination of therapy and medication can help you manage your symptoms and significantly improve your quality of life.

C-PTSD CAUSED BY TRAUMA OF SMEAR CAMPAIGN CREATED BY KORY & ALLISON READStella Reddy Experience Psychological Trauma Caused by Kory Read & Allison Read ActionsRuminating Effect on Stella Reddy- Narcissitic Abuse, C-PTSD, PTSD, and Anxiety

For a long time I equated Kory Read’s personal opinions to everyone I met, thinking that what he thinks everyone else did too. I have learned my mistake, as I have been shown over time this is not true.

ONLY Kory Read & Allison Read have ever made these accusations against me. No one else in my whole life, even in the 18 yrs I worked in apartment buildings, no one ever made such allegations against me. This thought is what saves me.

I have been subject to severe psychological torture, shamed and embarrassed so severely online by people who have no idea who I am. I have had my identity stripped away from me and my life has been under the microscope for everything I say and do, even now, 5 yrs later!

I have had my name used by total strangers, online.

I have come to accept that my Bullies do have a right to their opinions, even have a right to voice them, but they do not have the right to share so much personal information online about others. It wasn’t their info to share, was it?

Eventually, they will fade into the past with all the other nasty tenants I had to deal with over the years! I can’t wait for this day!

This situation has been so traumatic on my personal and professional life that I had to get it out.

In my job over the years, I have had suicide jumpers, had my car stolen, been physically abused and even shot at once. Nothing has compared to the mental damage these websites have caused, all put there by Kory Read, a total stranger to me.

Having this content online, put there by someone else, is what has caused complex post traumatic stress disorder with the associated fears and depression.

Besides, my Bullies are not important anymore and is not involved in my life at all anymore! I AM FREE! There are no legal actions left for them, no agency they can go crying too with their lies. They burned their bridges, as they say.

My Bullies are hoping that you will be influenced by these Bullies personal opinions only and be swayed not to associate with me. If you do, be prepared to be torn down and terrorized as well!

It is all there, laid out online and so clear to see. The threat is also there, showing that if anyone dares to support me online, your name also will be taken and you too will be smeared within their content online.


Kory Read & Allison Read Domain of Contents

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