Stella Reddy’s Recovery from Toxic Adult Bullies Psychological Abuse

As Maya Angelou says, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”  

I am healing, slowly but surely. I am having better and better days! Toxic Adult Bullies has truly shown who he really is. His actions speak louder than his words ever could!

I have changed. I don’t take any crap from anyone anymore and I have my boundaries set in stone at the moment. I have learned that I don’t need to pay this garbage any attention, as it is now history that cannot be changed, and as with history, you just need to accept it, learn from it, and move on. Being stuck in the past doesn’t get you anywhere and it won’t change anything.

I use to feel such shame for allowing the situation to become what it has, but I have since learned that I didn’t do anything. I am not embarrassed anymore, as I learned I have no reason to be. I did my job. I accept I can’t do anything about what other people think, only what I think.

I have also since learned that no matter what any judicial system decided, Toxic Adult Bullies won’t give up. Which is why I made this site. It is time for them to be exposed to the narcissistic smear campaigners they are who have no problem lying and gaslighting their way within various domains online, all containing basically the same info about different people. They were trying to get ahead, but it is backfiring against them. They have exposed themselves for who they really are and what they are attempting to do.

I came to realize that Toxic Adult Bullies’ many assumptions and accusations don’t count for much. You can see on their domains, all the innuendos. So much word salad, nonsensical words strung together that don’t make any sense. Anyway to put the focus on someone else, rather than themselves. Read between the lines of their narratives and you see the truth.

The domains online of


won’t go away until Toxic Adult Bullies wants it too. He will continue as long as he feels he is getting under my skin. That is all he is after, not any support or to find someone willing to help him, but just to get to me emotionally. They will ruin themselves and their own standing in society in the process, not anyone else. I have moved on from them and no longer base any decisions on their words and actions anymore.

Toxic Adult Bullies are attempting to keep me in fear of people finding this site and ostracizing me but he doesn’t see that it is backfiring on him, as he doesn’t want to see it.

Toxic Adult Bullies don’t seem to understand that their Smear Campaign also shows a lot about themselves. As the narrators of these domains, they show their true characters with their words online.

Toxic Adult Bullies is an Event Coordinator, hoping to start her own business with which deals with the general public as such, her clients need to be able to trust her with their special events and various personal information. Why trust someone who writes such garbage online anonymously?

Toxic Adult Bullies hopes to get his own business of and Music DJ through all of which deal with trying to gain other people’s trust to give you their business.

Who in their right mind would believe that Toxic Adult Bullies is a good influence to have around children when he has such nasty content online about other people in his own domains and changes the registration to his young son’s name to try and remain anonymous?

How do Toxic Adult Bullies think their many domains and their contents build trust in others to give them their business?

People are catching on that these sites were written by Toxic Adult Bullies and it is creating a lack of trust in them as individuals, just what he tries to do with me, he is also doing to his own family. Smear Campaigns do tend to backfire in time…

Time for Toxic Adult Bullies’ names to be exposed to the administrators of these domains. This is how I am recovering! By exposing Toxic Adult Bullies for who they are and what they have done online against me.

Time for my site to change and reflect on my recovery and how I am healing from this psychological abuse instigated against me online within the content of various domains. Time to show Toxic Adult Bullies that I have no more fear!

Signs of Healing

Recovery and healing look different for everyone. It may take several weeks of no-contact for you to start to feel relief. The level of communication with the narcissist and your ability to hold boundaries will impact your ability to move on with your life. Further, it’s important to look for other narcissists in your life, as there is/was likely one around before you met your narcissistic partner. Similar boundaries may apply to them. However, you will know you are healing when you start to feel safer and more at ease. Here are some signs that you may be healing from narcissistic abuse:

  1. You feel “lighter” literally and figuratively. For some this means their heart feels unburdened, and/or they may literally lose weight—usually a goal they were unable to achieve while in a relationship with the narcissist, sometimes due to high stress levels, emotional eating or other coping mechanisms. (Note: it is also common to lose weight after any break up due to the traumatic nature of loss. It is important to check in with yourself to assure that any weight loss is occurring at healthy levels.)
  2. You smile, genuinely, sometimes for no reason.
  3. You feel a sense of relief.
  4. Some chronic physical symptoms may begin to alleviate (joint pain, stomach aches, headaches, autoimmune disease flare-ups may reduce in frequency and severity)
  5. You are better able to concentrate and be present.
  6. Healthy habits you’ve forgotten about or put on hold come back or seem more appealing (mindfulness practices, exercise, the motivation to cook healthy meals, etc.)
  7. You feel more connected to your inner world, and less like you need to escape or distract yourself from problems.
  8. You do not spend your waking hours obsessing and worrying about your partner.

A Take Home Message

Being in a relationship with a narcissist essentially keeps your sympathetic nervous system activated. You may feel like you are constantly in “flight, flight, or freeze” mode. When you create some distance from the narcissist, you allow your parasympathetic nervous system to kick in to generate a calmer, “rest and digest” response. Many gastrointestinal issues resolve once the body feels like it is safe.

Whatever you do, try not to fall into the trap of attempting to change narcissists or hoping they will get better. That is not your job. Instead, commit to and accept reality.

As Maya Angelou says, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”