Stella Reddy’s Recovery From Kory Read & Allison Read’s Psychological Abuse


I refuse to remain living in the past and have reached the point I can move on with my life. This last page by Kory Read, with his admissions within, has finally given me what I needed.  Peace.  He has given himself away on this page…. it has given me the validation I didn’t know I needed.

When I started posting on Wix, back in March 2021, after getting the email from Kory Read,  I was determined to write my story and leave it online to be found with my name. I was sick of seeing and its contents online as it was, and Kory Read goading with that email, didn’t help. Kory Read did that email to get a reaction out of me and he got one, this site!

Just like keeping a journal to write out your thoughts, this website ended up being very therapeutic for me and has helped me in ways I am just starting to see. My eyes are opened and my heart is free….As with all things, time helps… Kory Read’s antics of getting my site removed, just delayed it a bit!

I was tired of using free sites, with their limitations, so signed up with Awardspace and got my own domain,

I was determined to write out my frustrations and anger over this situation, expose them for who they are, and in the end, it helped to resolve a lot for me and is helping me recover. I have found a lot of benefits!

A lot of what you see here, is content I built up over the past couple of years on various free sites, and paid ones, I had. I kept copies of everything I do, it becomes a habit to protect yourself. Copy and paste is great!

  • I don’t care if I come across as a little crazy, as I was and still am, to some degree. PTSD will do that to you!
  • I don’t care of I come across as some crazy stalker, constantly looking for reference to my name, Stella Reddy and, 859,,, and, as I am. It is my personal name after all, so I have a right to know what is online in it.
  • I don’t want to hide my insecurities, my fears, my anxieties, I have no problem showing my vulnerability, as it is a fact of my life that can’t be ignored.
  • I don’t want to hide my mental health, and associated physical, issues caused by the actions of Kory Read & Allison Read of posting their content on, and the other domains.
  • I don’t want to hide the work I have had to do to get better!

All of this above was brought out by the domain of and the others and their contents about me online. Why deny the obvious?

All you need to do is read some of the content on the list of these domains to see why I ended up with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, with the many fears and depression that goes with it. They did the sites and it caused a severe reaction in my life. You can see why once you read any of it, here, or on It is a fact that can’t be denied.

The actions of Kory Read & Allison Read of making and posting this content online, in my name, is what caused me to end up with these severe emotional issues. You can’t spend years tearing down a person’s character, online for the world to see, without having some effect on them! Not possible!

While Kory Read continues to blame, criticize, harass, slander, and lie, about me online within, for the past 4 years, he is showing the words and actions that caused all these mental health issues for me. It is his fault and he can deny it all he wants, the evidence is online in

If I want to spend hours on my computer, posting my own content on my own domain in my personal name, I have a right to do that. I have no issue with it, it is a choice I made to expose Kory Read & Allison Read as the owners and narrators of this content on and the other domains I listed that they own. Why would I deny the obvious?

Having my personal narratives online in a domain, in my own personal name, is me taking back control of my name and what is done with it. I have control over this site and its contents, Kory Read does not, and that was also important to me. I am taking back my name, and my story. I am taking back my VOICE!

There was never any prior meeting at some restaurant, Kory Read & Allison Read made it up. At the Landlord and Tenant Board hearing, in 2017,  I made inappropriate comments, “black as you can get” out of shock in hearing details of this alleged restaurant meeting for the first time. That has been accepted by all, except for Kory Read & Allison Read. That is their choice. Not my responsibility. I am not responsible for Kory Read & Allison Read  personal opinions and refuse to be.

If Kory Read wants to hold me to account, for the rest of my life, to my comments I made after hearing their lies of some prior meeting we all know never happened, he can do that. I don’t care anymore what he thinks, it isn’t my concern. I will no longer stress over things I can not control.

They are welcome to live their lives, believing their own lies about me, it has nothing to do with me nor my life, as they are not a part of it, in any way, except for their actions in the past that I write about on this site.

It has come to the point where Kory Read & Allison Read can say what they want, no one is listening to them anymore. No one cares that they are still mad over being evicted, 5 yrs ago. No one cares to know why they think they were evicted, 5 yrs ago.

And NO ONE CARES what Kory Read & Allison Read has to say about me, and so many other people and our actions, from 5 years ago! It is history and as with all things, it become irrelevant.

I was driven out of Ontario by the extreme fear generated within me of being attacked, physically and verbally, for the contents within it showing my pictures and everything making me easy to find. Kory Read & Allison Read’s actions with, and the other domains, caused poison in my environment and in my life so much that I no longer felt safe living there. We need to feel safe where we live!

Kory Read & Allison Read, by their continued onslaught, have destroyed my life in Ontario and are now trying to destroy my life in Newfoundland. As soon as they heard I was moving, they added pages to on Newfoundland and racism. Yes, it is everywhere but I am not responsible for that nor for any actions done by other people. Kory Read is attempting to lay at my feet all the issues with racism in Newfoundland, how does that work?

I gave into my fear in Ontario, I had to get away from any possibility of them attacking me, as I was terrified Kory Read would do it himself, he knew where I lived. Even though hubby was offered another job in Toronto, I just wanted to come home.

I wasn’t worried about my husband getting a job, as his work history is more valid than some obscure website online posted by a anonymous administrator making accusations against him of racism. He worked in the property management industry for 20 years when he quit and Kory Read can’t ruin that, no matter how hard he tried. would never be a factor in being hired, as employers are too smart to take any of that garbage online into consideration. I have been shown this to be a fact.

I have come to accept that, and the other domains they own, will never influence my present nor my future. People don’t hold past mistakes that I acknowledged and worked through, against me for the rest of my life, like Kory Read & Allison Read have done within If Kory Read wants to be judge, jury, and executioner of everyone and their past actions, I can’t stop him but it don’t mean people are paying attention and accepting it either.

That is the point isn’t it? People can say and do what they want, it takes someone else paying attention for it to become something.

I will always monitor, and the others sites, for changes and will respond if needed. It is my name after all, isn’t it? If he didn’t want me looking at it, he shouldn’t have them online in my name and containing my info, for me to see!  I will also still watch for my name, Stella Reddy with, showing up on other sites and get it removed.

My plan is to keep this site online with its content, as long as I can now, as I no longer need to worry about any lies Kory Read & Allison Read may tell to get it removed and taken down, like he gloats about in his own content on over wix and awardspace.  I have tried to get their sites removed and couldn’t, so I know he won’t get my taken down either.

The relief I felt the other day reading Kory Read new content on, where he admits to owning this domain, and the others with all it’s nasty content, has helped me no end. I woke up with a smile on my face this morning, the peace I have gained since reading this page is indescribable for me!

It took the weekend thinking about these words, and what they represent, for me to realize it was what I needed all along, validation. It was the validation I needed to release all this from my system, as I now have evidence 100% of their ownership of these domains and its contents that they can no longer take back and try to minimize it away. 

Kory Read shows with his own words, how his actions were the catalyst that caused my mental health issues, as I was fine when the eviction started.  It was their response to that eviction, that caused all the issues for me. They started a smear campaign, in person and online against me!

Kory Read shows with his own words here, that he it was his actions, in my name, that caused my mental health issues to get as bad as they did.

Kory Read shows here that it was his actions with websites and human rights, that caused my mental health to deteriorate to the point where I could no longer maintain control. It was my breaking point, the 107 pages Statement of Facts I had to read through in June 2018 and the email they sent where they triangulate me with the property owners on July 4, 2018.  I don’t remember much of that time, but we all know that people can handle only so much before they break, mentally. Kory Read, with every loss with legal systems, would post a new domain, in someone’s personal name, filled with the info they gained about me, online for the world to see.

What does he think would happen after a while with all this personal content online about me filled with his nasty opinions, would do to my psyche? I am human after all and could take only so much.

It was so devastating to my mental health, I went into psychosis for 2 days. The extreme fear was debilitating for me. Then in April of 2019, after the released Divisional Court Order showing they lost and there was no racism, that showed up that is personal about me, that made it so much worse. I spent 2019 waiting for websites to show up, which they did, all basically containing the same content, bashing Stella Reddy. I was the common theme within the contents of all domains….

I have ended up with severe fear and anxiety from having such personal content online that they got through a legal process, for the world internet readers to see, filled with their personal opinions bashing my character to shreds. I was attacked, verbally, in the beginning by total strangers over their content on the first website, what did he think would happen with

Stella Reddy claims that she is currently mentally sick, but she was not mentally sick when getting our family evicted. Nope, Stella Reddy was of sound mind and strong will.

Only after filing with the Human Rights and creating this website did Stella Reddy start playing the pity boo-hoo card of I was not mentally in the right place. Very convenient it was.

I will stalk and my name, Stella Reddy, online, as long as I need to do so. No matter what Kory Read implies, the content of is about me, not them. I expose Kory Read & Allison Read as the narrators, as they refuse to put their names there, as it definitely isn’t written by me.

I don’t see their name, except by mistake when they missed it. It is obvious it is about me, pictures and everything. If he don’t want me looking, he can remove it. Simple.

The content they have, the way it is written, is obviously what caused such mental health issues for me, and as the target of the contents there, I have every right to “stalk” these domains online.

It is my name after all, not theirs!

Kory Read & Allison Read are done. They have been exposed, by their own words!



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