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I am accepting more and more that I was bullied, not because of anything to do with me, but because My Tenant Bullies felt insecure and were humiliated for being held to account for breaking the rules and got evicted. They felt they were humiliated, so in turn wanted to humiliate me. Such childish behaviour, that speaks volumes to me now.

I am feeling pity for them these days. They must really hate themselves and their lives to spend so much time focusing on other people and how they live. All the effort that go into his writings he had online, when did he have time to spend with his family? To work? To better himself? How can he focus on his children becoming doctors, when he concerns himself thinking and writing about other people, not just me?

What is so bad about his own life that he prefers to focus on how other people are living? 

Adult Bullying is inherently toxic and insidious in all environments and any forms. Be it in school or work, anyone can be a Adult Bully. The narcissistic adult bully, who choose to bully other adults do so because they lack empathy or fear of adverse repercussions. They generally struggle with self-esteem issues, hence their compulsion to constantly degrade other people.

People who truly love themselves don’t have to tear others down to feel superior. Narcissists will try to prove how secure and powerful they are with statements of how well they are doing, talk about all the possessions they have, or the careers they have, even gloating how their children are going to be doctors and be more productive in society than me and my family ever could. Their mistreatment of others speaks volumes every time.

Adult bullies tend to use their words to belittle people. It’s important not to minimize the impacts of verbal bullying simply because these impacts are not tangible. The damage persistent bullying can do to a person’s mental health has been extensively studied and proven. I am one such case. My psyche was damaged by their gaslighting of my very existence.

I have come to see that bullies are not “strong” individuals. They may appear to be in a position of power, but they have a significant weakness inside that is causing them to bully. The weakness I see in these Tenant Bullies is that he is ashamed of himself for causing his family to be evicted and put thru all these legal applications, for no reason. He wasted so much time and caused his children so many hardships, all for nothing. Why go through 19 months of HRTO, only to walk away? Why do that to your children, let alone anyone else?

Kory Read had no interest in anyone’s else’s feelings over all that time wasted and all the damage he did during the process. When the Summary Hearing came that January 2020, Kory Read walked because he was a COWARD! He knew he had no case and that he would lose, and he was afraid of being held to account for his own actions. He already lost his Divisional Court case and even though he knew the Sherriff could now come and evict them, he tried to say they decided to move out cause he found out I was watching them on the camera system, not that they now had too do so.

Kory Read started this process so full of confidence that with the climate in Ontario, any accusation of racism would be accepted and believed, just based on his word it occured. He was so cocky that his allegations of Bias against the adjudicator, and myself, would be accepted, just because they were a interracial couple. He thought that his stance in Landlord and Tenant Board, that I was picking on them because I didn’t like interracial couples, not because they refused entry, would be believed. He didn’t know his own words would be his downfall. Kory Read’s First Domain:

You see, the LTB don’t care of you like the person requesting entry to the apartment you live in and call home. They also don’t care if you think the people gaining entry would steal your possessions. They only care that the work required for the apartment to be done in a timely manner. If that timely manner requires entry every day for a month to get work done, it will be done, tenant acceptance is not required. This is why they have rules in place over entry to an rental apartment! Personal feelings don’t belong in a professional setting and that includes apartment buildings!

All I see is a wasted life spent sitting at his computer trying to come up with a accusations that would stick against other people. Words are very powerful, and they can ruin reputations, careers, inner self-worth, and other things. A notable amount of adult bullies spread rumors, gossip about others behind their backs, and otherwise use words to be mean and hurtful.

Like any adult, with teenagers who require so much money these days, I feel that he is ashamed that he isn’t able to provide them with what they need, as he hasn’t been able to keep a job. Yes, I watched this man over the 4 years I lived there, saw online picture of him in a guard uniform that I have, but he wasn’t working in that when I met him, he wasn’t working at all. Actually, she was getting welfare and going to school, while he stayed home and did nothing, tho I did see a website design he had online at one point. Then, I saw he was doing the refueling course at the Airport, which I saw he finished and it stated they gave you a job afterwards, but he was home again in a few months, didn’t even last the 3 months probation in that job. There was the Uber and Lyft driving services, that only lasted a couple of weeks. I watched this man go through so many different job choices in the 4 yrs I lived there and yes, I can see how that would make him insecure, it would anyone. I even saw a video on his Facebook where he is sitting at a coffee shop playing with his phone and his wife messages him, telling him to go to work. Why did she feel the need to do that? What does these actions say to you about this individual?

The way we are treated often says more about the other person than ourselves, and bullies generally have personal issues that they need to work through. These Tenant Bullies have a lot of personal issues to work through and they should be focusing on themselves, not anyone else. Why Kory Read feels the need to make himself feel better by making other people feel bad, is what he needs to worry about, not what I am doing in my own website in my own name, filled with my own personal information.

They should be questioning themselves about why they did what they did. Why come up with a lie of some prior meeting, 2 1/2 months later, after they got a Form N5 for refusing access for pest control her text said OKAY too? Why do you think I took a picture of those texts? I knew she would complain, it was what she did by this point.  She agreed, said okay to the change for the next morning, then proceeded to not be home for entry with their dog. Yes, they got a Form N5 for that, as per procedure. They weren’t the only ones either.

Too bad they didn’t like it, it had to be done but because of the stink they kicked up and how aggressive they were with the owners, they let it go rather than confront the accusations. Just like everything else nasty, the property owners buried their head in the sand, hoping it would go away. I lived with their decision and it affected me way more than it did them.

Never allow a tenant bully to make you question who you are or what you know about yourself. This may be the bully’s ultimate endgame, but they can only win if you allow them to do so. Don’t make the mistake I did, don’t ever allow pressure from others to make you give up protecting yourself. Remain strong, know who you are, and taking the right steps against bullying is imperative. Keep a journal of every single thing someone does against you too, you might need it. Keep pictures and avail of every resources you have access too to protect yourself, always.

These steps can also help boost your self-esteem and improve your confidence. Stopping a Adult bully from hurting you and others is a fantastic achievement and can be life-changing. In turn, the Adult bully will hopefully learn a lesson from experience but it will be harder with someone with narcissism.

I don’t expect these Adult Bullies, Kory & Allison Read, to learn from this experience. Just as of Friday past, they put and, back online for awhile. I assume they are working on them to be posted once again, as they are all still registered. But I know I have.

I have become less trusting of people but the past year and half being home is helping with that. I have let go of the shame this experience has placed on me, as I come to see I didn’t do this to myself nor to anyone else, it is their blame to carry.

Kory & Allison Read made the decision to BULLY me, but I accept the responsibility of my own personal healing, in however that may be.


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