Stella Reddy’s Choice: Good Bye Kory Read

Having the right to choose what, and who,  we have in our lives is one of the most important decisions we ever make.  The past few years I made the choice to expose Kory Read & Allison Read as the owners and narrators of, and the other domains they own, where they tear down my character. I want people to see the extremes a total stranger will resort to, to target other people out of revenge.

I felt the need to do that for my own piece of mind as I truly do not want people thinking it was written by me just because the title is in my name. I also needed to minimize the fear they generated within me but nothing works for that part.

 I accept now that none of it matters. The opinions of Kory Read & Allison Read is not important, as they are not important. It has taken me writing out the contents of this site to get it.

Nothing Kory Read & Allison Read does or writes online in various domains, will ever change the fact that it is my life, not theirs. I am free to do what I want.

They can try to be judge, jury, and executioner of me all they wish, it will never stop the truth: it isn’t their lives to talk about in the first place.

Everything within these domains is all hearsay!

I am Stella Reddy, not the anonymous administrator of Kory Read can write out all the extreme opinions about Stella Reddy online in that he wants, it will never be accepted as the truth. I see that now, it is GOSSIP!

I submitted the application yesterday to legally change my name so Stella will be no more…. Reddy is my married name but we are changing that as well. Once I am done, Stella Reddy will no longer exist any where, it will all become history like Kory Read & Allison Read’s domains….

Changing my name so I don’t feel afraid of it anymore is the final act of moving on with my life. Time to let it all go and become a part of history, like Kory Read.


I sit here these days and find I have lost the incentive to continue with this site. I did what I set out to do, and I have moved past all the angst these sites being online use to give me. I don’t want to keep living in anger and resentment. I have too much going on that is good these days and want to focus on that, not negativity. I have a life to live, I am way too young to give up yet!

I moved back to NL to heal my soul and it is working.  I got rid of the debilitating fear I had of being attacked due to the nature of the posts on and the other domains.

I have been shown that no one cares what some anonymous person writes about me online like that and I accept that even if they did, I don’t need to concern myself over it. 

I accept that what people think about me is not my concern, as they are not in my life. 

I am choosing to let my anger go! 

Kory Read’s admissions within the last page has also helped to release a lot of my anger. I didn’t know I needed that but since I got it, it has helped a lot.

I don’t care anymore if people find as Stella is getting her groove back!

Other people can try and speak for me, tell you what I am doing with my life and interpret my life any way they wish, it don’t make what they say, the truth.

Simple fact is that they are not me, therefore have no clue about me. Interpretation is one thing, not the facts.


There is a lot in my life I am very grateful for and I have so many things to appreciate. Least of which is the healing Nature outside my window. The wind, the birds, smell of flowers and salty ocean air gives me incentive to get up every day and get out to immerse my soul within it.

It is all I need. People come and go, as long as I have my own life where my needs are being met, I am content.

I will leave this site here for awhile until I no longer need it anymore… One day, it will disappear just like me… lol