Stella Reddy’s Character VS Reputation


I am not worried about my reputation and I know my character, they do not.

You see, these Adult Tenant Bullies are attacking both, my character and my reputation. 

Character is the distinctive qualities of an individual whereas reputation is the general opinion of others of a person. Character takes years to build whereas reputation is built in a very short period. Character is who you are (internal), but reputation is how the society sees you (external)

My Reputation as a Building Superintendent in Ontario is well established over 18 yrs. I am RETIRED, so my REPUTATION is very well set in stone at this point. I did some real good work in rental buildings there and nothing will ever ruin that.  I have various letters of reference of my work there, from employers and tenants alike, and I have always been confident in my skills in my work. I gained them over 18 years!  There was never any issues, not with any tenant, nor manager, like it was with these Tenants. My Reputation was very established by the time I got to this building, and it was meant to be my last place of employment in the industry. My Reputation as a person was also well established.

Which is why they are the only lone voice within this content and no one else has ever come out of the woodwork to support them in their allegations, not in the 5 1/2 years since they started. That speaks volumes to me! 

They had websites online containing my info and got no one to support them against me. It has always been just Kory Read and Allison Read. Instead,  I had people coming out of the woodwork willing to SUPPORT ME! In the end, I didn’t need them as these applicants walked away from it all!

I am sure that if I had the CHARACTER to act in the manner they claim I did, it would have shown long before I met these Tenants! My Character is who I AM inside, and it takes years to develop. It is my morals, integrity, and how I am as a person, not an employee. I am a good person, I know it and from all the emails I have since all this started, I guess other people thought the same.

I have reached the point now where I no longer worry about my reputation. Actually, it was my reputation in the industry, and my skills including my people skills, that got me that job I was offered Sept past. Nothing these people say or write will ever tarnish what I built over 18 years working there. As for my character, I know who I am, not Kory Read & Allison Read. Its obvious by their many false allegations in their written content, they have no idea of what my true character is like, as they were not involved at all in my personal life for them to get to know me as a person. They can imply by the bits of info they gained from the HRTO process, but they will never get the full picture, as they were never around me to know me personally to write what they do.

All their writings are pure speculations based on their really skewed views filtered by their hate and resentment towards me. It can’t be missed when you read their documents and they make it very obvious they have no clue what my character is really like! 

I have done a lot of things deliberately since I moved here in September 2020 to rebuild my self-esteem in myself and who I am. I even applied for, and was offered, a job with a property management company September past who saw, read, and knew about the domain in my name online of and its nasty contents, and didn’t care about it. They laughed it off as they know how tenants can be after they get evicted. I didn’t take it as it was full time and I don’t want to lose my CPP Disability. I can work, just not make too much! It was also around this time, we won some money, so I really don’t need to work if I don’t want too. We are very comfortable financially now!

I joined a Dart League and played all season, my team even got 3rd place in the Standings just before Christmas and I walked out with $180.00 in rewards for it. I am a pretty good player, got a good average, and won a few games for my team. I’d be back there now, it reopened a couple of weeks ago, but with the broken ankle, it will have to wait, but I will go back for the next season. I met a lot of new people, saw some I knew years go too! It is a very social thing for me to do and I loved it! It was hard in the beginning, but once I started feeling comfortable, it became great fun! Being around about 30 people one day a week is hard for someone with social anxieties, but the more I went, the easier it got and the more fun it became!

I am rebuilding my self-esteem with the things I do and it is a deliberate choice. I am going out of my way to prove to myself that these Bullies are wrong and they have no power to influence anyone in my life, now and in the future. Nothing these Adult Tenant Bullies can say will ever influence anyone. I have proven that to myself, with this site and in my own life!

This is my freedom from Adult Tenant Bullies. Freedom I have taken for myself and I will never go back. 

I don’t talk about this situation anymore with my friends, nor even my family. I don’t need too anymore, as they all know the truth about this situation and I have no more insecurities over the written words made by these Bullies. I work on myself now and my own symptoms. This situation is over a long time ago and about time it was ignored, that they were ignored, and I focus on recovering my mental health. I am doing really good these days and feeling really good, in mind and spirit. Everything I do, including this website, has helped me get to this point of freedom, not just physically in distance I created, but also mentally in my mind. Their power is gone. 

Why I moved home to Newfoundland is very simple. Newfoundland is a Island on the far East side of Canada, and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. The Adult Tenant Bullies I have, live on the mainland, in Ontario, which is just over 3000 km away and requires either a 3 day trip, which includes a 6 hr to 14 hr Ferry ride to get too. Either way, whether thru Labrador or North Sidney, you have to take a Ferry to get to this place, or a 4 hour plane ride… lol It isn’t cheap to get here, not even by plane. It is cheaper to go to BC from Ontario than it is to come here!

I know that these Adult Tenant Bullies will NEVER come to Newfoundland. I can live free of fear here and just enjoy my retirement! 

It is not easy for these Adult Tenant Bullies, or anyone incited by them, to get to me. I feel very safe here in NL, as I know no one here would even think of attacking me over their lies online, as no one cares what some stranger to them has to say about someone they know, or either just met. You see, Newfies are a down to earth bunch and don’t just accept gossip. I spent the past year proving all this to myself.

None of the people I spoke with since I moved back here, cares what some random person writes about me. and yes, I talked a lot about this situation, whenever I could. Everyone I have spoken too in the past 1 1/2 years don’t care what is written on those sites. That speaks volumes to me. I am very confident in knowing that no one of the 550 000 people living here would ever treat me the way these Adult Tenant Bullies want them too and no one will turn on me like these Bullies want either. I have a lot of family still ling here too!

I spoke of it deliberately, every chance I got, as I was looking for proof that no one cares what these people have to say about me. At this point, I don’t care about anyone else, they can look after themselves….  In order for me to know if anyone would be incited into hating me and avoiding me due to their written words, is to ask, right? I have been shown, over and over, since I moved back here, that I am very safe here. I feel very safe now and it will never go away anymore. I have found my own power.

Yes, my insecurities were very high and my fear of being attacked was still there when I moved here. It took a long time to get rid of it. I had to make myself talk to people, once I got comfortable with them, about this in order for me to know and build up my confidence over it to the point where I now KNOW I am safe.

I have also had this site online now for almost a year, and I have yet to get any negative feedback from anyone. No one has had a bad word to say about my site or my story of being so badly Bullied by these people. These things also speaks volumes to me. If Mr. Read wants to send those people to me who he says are negative about me, he is welcome! I allow people to contact me! 

I have become very confident in myself these days and I know I will never again get to that point of hopelessness anymore. I always had hope this situation would end and my life would get better, I even named my new cat Hope, as I believe in it so much. I made choices that helped me get to this place of freedom from Bullies, maybe not physically but in my mind I have, I just didn’t like the suffering I went thru in the process but I have come out once again a stronger person. Yes, I have had various issues, health and with life, but I always got back up and move on. I always find the strength to keep going, because I love living too much to give up just yet.

My family says I am too stubborn! Either way, I am still here and I will always be here to defend myself from Adult Tenant Bullies and their gossip! 



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