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I found this poster and it says what I feel better than I could have. The past few days, I have come to reaffirm by personal beliefs over this Adult Bullies Smear Campaign in my name.

Kory Read can complain all he wants about my sites, re-post all his own personal written sites, it no longer makes no difference to me as in my mind, they have been exposed and I am confident the traits I share, they do against me within I am no longer confused over what they do against me and my name. I have released all the shame for bringing this mess into anyone’s lives, even theirs, as they clearly were the instigators. I have no doubts anymore.

This Adult Tenant Bully, Kory Read, likes to imply that I am the abuser for having this website online exposing their actions in my name, but let’s look at the reality here for a second.

There would be no need for me to do this site, if they hadn’t posted 6 domains online filled with my name and personal information, since November 2, 2017! We really need to look at what actually came first in this situation, their actions, or mine?

What also came first I wonder in their tenancy? Their refusals of access, or my filing with the Landlord and Tenant Board? Would there really be a need for any building staff to file for a hearing, if there wasn’t a reason to do so? 

The timeline of this situation is very clearly set out and no amount of gaslighting and word salad by these Bullies will change it. There is way too much evidence showing the escalation of this Bullying by the Adult Tenant Bullies in their own written words, online in their domains, and in the documents I have from them during HRTO. No denying it anymore.

I am tired of seeing the same old shit all the time online about me and I have finally reached the point here I am just fed up with it all. I now know, they will never get anywhere and all their “goals” of having me labelled and ostracized from society will never work. This past year and half since I left Ontario has shown me that.

All the experiences I have had, the people I have met, the job even I was offered, are all evidence that these Narcissistic Adult Tenant Bullies opinions about me are not being taken seriously.

Why would they be, anyway? Is Kory Read an important person? Is this person’s opinions about me really valid and acceptable to anyone in society? I have learned they are not.

With the way this person writes about me, is this a person you would actually go to for advice about me and what I do? All that negativity, name-calling, and gaslighting, don’t exactly show these people can be trusted with their opinions on anything I do or say. They will always find fault.

I have every right to make and post my own website, no matter the topic, and I can have it online for as long as I see fit. I can even make and post a website in my personal name, where I expose all the psychological abuse I put up with from Adult Bullies and show the actions and tactics they do. Yes, I have become a bit controlling over what goes in my name!

I even have the right to share this website anywhere I wish, talk to anyone I wish about it too! I can follow any other Bloggers’ posts that I want to follow. So many people have suffered the same fate and I find we learn from each others experiences. That is support that everyone needs when going thru this situation. I will never be isolated and alone, ever again. 

If anyone out there wants to believe these lies online put there by these Bullies, so be it, I don’t need to associate with them. I control who I have in my life and I am very content with the amount of people I do associate with. My relationships have value to me, as they earned my trust, and my respect. Due to this situation, that is all I look for. Words don’t mean much, it is actions I look at!

Actually, Kory Read can thank himself for my contentment in keeping my circle of friends small. I learned to value what was important in life and as a result, I don’t have any time anymore for fake friends and I don’t need too! The lessons I learned from this, about people and toxic traits, will stay with me for life. I am now very educated on everything they did to me, it will never happen again. 

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