Stella Reddy: Recovery From Narcissistic Adult Tenant Bullies


For the past year, I have been living a life of tests… I test myself, and my emotional limits, every day. Yesterday, was my final big test, as I went to a Market set up in a stadium where they had over 150 tables set up for various venders selling their wares. I went with some people and when we got there mid-afternoon, it was crowded! I’d say there was about 250 people there!

It was really nice to feel relaxed and take my time walking around, my ankle is great but still healing, and talk to people about their products they made. I bought a few things and even had some bought for me! I saw some peoples I knew and met some new ones!

I was looking for a huge space that would be filled with people for me to test my anxieties for large crowds and my fears of being recognized, due to the nasty implications in the contents on a domain in my name. This day was it. I passed my own tests with flying colors!

Kory Read wants me to believe that his anonymous words online have reached the eyes and minds of every one in my community here, and that he is being believed, but Kory Read has no voice here, not even as a anonymous administrator, no matter what he writes about, nor who. Why would he? This belief by Kory Read shows his narcissism. 

I went out yesterday and never had any concern about any words on a domain in my name written by an anonymous administrator. I was relaxed and had fun! My recovery is now where I want it to be, know I no longer need to concern myself about any repercussions from the words in that site, nor any other they might dream up in the future. Kory & Allison Read will never get what they want, I am free of them and anything they try now to claim. They have shown themselves over time and I am content with that. I am very safe from their antics online in various contents on multiple websites!

I had a FANTASTIC DAY! It was really nice to be out without a care in the world once again! The weather was beautiful and the company I was in, was wonderful too. It is nice to live a normal life once again, to come and go as I please and not worry about anything. My self-confidence is where I need it to be to live my life now without any fear and anxiety and know I have no more worries over lies online by a Bully.

Recovery from Narcissistic Adult TENANT Bullies for me is a lot easier, as they are not in any way connected to my life, other than these sites. We were not friends, had no social connections for them to know anything about me, other than what they got from me during legal proceedings they instigated. It was their responsibility to prove their allegations and have me proven as a racist and they never have and never will, as there is nothing there. They are lying and it is easy to see it all clearer now.

I have done what I set out to do, recover from their smear campaign and get my confidence back. I will built on that every day and have reached the point of no return! I am free! Time for me to move on and enjoy what my life now offers me! Freedom from nasty malicious smearing websites online that haven’t changed in 5 yrs and never will. I made sure of that!

Over the past 5 1/2 years, their stories have changed. In the beginning, they constantly harped on this alleged prior meeting they claim we had at some restaurant where they say I went up to them and said inappropriate things about them and their children. They claim I called their children mulatto that day, and asked where Allison Read was from. They claim this meeting occurred before I even moved in there in June 2016 yet, they never mention this occurrence until 2 1/2 months later? Don’t you think that if this terrible meeting had actually happened they would keep it to themselves that long? I know I wouldn’t! Not one word of this alleged meeting was ever mentioned during any interaction from July 1, 2016 till the letter sent August 31, 2016. Weird, isn’t it?

They harped on this alleged meeting as the basis of their allegations against me in the beginning but it has changed over time. Kory & Allison Read know this meeting never occurred and they knew there was nothing they could say to convince people it did happen. Instead, they totally ignore this alleged prior meeting as evidence I am racist, to focus and harp on my reactions to their lies at the LTB hearing held Sept 2017. They don’t write anymore about some prior meeting they know never happened, to focus on something they did have evidence of me doing and try to make this as proof of their claims. My, how stories have changed!

Kory Read is using my reaction to their lies, as proof to what he says I am doing. Once again, baiting me to show a reaction that he could then use to say, “see, she is a racist”. These tactics are easy for me to see now, what about you?

I have come to accept that I don’t need to react to their words. I have no need to even care what they write online in that domain in my personal name anymore, it is garbage and not worth my time. They haven’t proven their lies against me in almost 6 yrs now, come August, and they never will. It is old news and not worth my time anymore. Try as they might, I will suffer no more than I already have done. There is nothing they can do to affect any aspect of my life, not even my psyche! I know there won’t be any more fraud in my name online, they have been exposed for that and won’t get away with it anymore.

Remember, all the shit someone puts you through, sooner or later, finds it way back to them. 

Smear Campaigns do backfire on the instigators. without fail! Once readers acknowledge that this writer is trying to pass off his personal opinions on my every word and action, as the truth, they back off from it. Every person who used to support them, has deserted them. They have never proven anything and never will. The truth has been exposed.

These Bullies managed to keep these sites online for a long time but like all things, they couldn’t keep up the pretense. They had nothing in all this time, to validate their lies about me or anyone. I have spoken up for myself and always will, against false allegations! I have never acted in such a manne, not in almost 6 yrs of trying to find something!

I can speak for myself, I don’t need a stranger making and posting websites in my personal name filled with their opinions over my personal life.

I have decided to walk away for awhile and live my life I have been rebuilding for myself. I want a summer of total freedom from writing about this, thinking about this, and need some space to finish my final act: Forgetting about them! I need new routines and to get away from anything and everything to do with the Smear Campaign in my name online, so I can finish my mental health recovery.

Time to switch up my life a bit and focus on fun things!





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