Leaving a Person with Narcissism: Here Comes the Smear Campaign

Sep 20, 2017 The smear campaign of a person with narcissism can be so convincing. Since … The smear campaign may even work with your children. … Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified mental health provider with any …

I deleted the old Facebook that I had since 2007 but I did save it all first. I went through and copied some info I wrote over the past few years about the Smear Campaign instigated against me online and how I felt at the time below. My emotions were up and down so much!

You can tell by my writing how my mental health was… Good thing I am not that bad anymore!

It was funny to look at those posts now and in all honesty, I don’t remember writing a lot of them…

Disassociation was my thing back then. I was fluctuating all the time from being pissed and angry and making angry websites to not caring and not having any energy to do anything about anything at all!

This is Mental Health. One day you are up and the next you are down. I still tend to disassociate, but not as much!

I do not doubt that Toxic Adult Bullies also have issues with Mental Health, how could they not? I don’t deny any of that but I can see that they just don’t seem to care. They play the victim too well, as you can see from their new DJNOTNICE.com website and all the others…

They like to blame me for their problems rather than be an adult and take responsibility for their actions. Never any accountability from them, not even ownership of their domain in my name. That is a coward to me, too afraid of being honest with what he is doing. I am not surprised.

I have never denied any of my actions, good or bad.  A part of my recovery is to accept everything I did, and I have done that within this site. I do not need to hide anymore, nor to be defensive either. It’s past and can’t be changed. All we can do is learn from it and move on.

That is what this site is about for me, to write it out, share my side and then move on and leave it. It is my plan. When I no longer have anything to write about, I will move on…

It has taken me a couple of days to process the results of the teleconference Friday held by Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario over the applications that were filed against me June 4, 2018 by the tenants whom became my bullies for over 3 yrs here in Toronto. The past 19 months of this process has been a nightmare for me but I have come out of it intact and I learned a great lesson from it all. I am stronger now than I was and every day it gets better.

I feel as if a weight is gone and every day that passes and I accept it is ALL OVER, the more free I feel!!

The oral decision given was “dismissed as abandoned” which means that my bullies have given up their right to accuse me and others of anything. Paper copy will come soon by email and mail.

My bullies have walked away from their chance to try and prove their lies against me and others in any judicial system by this action and as a result they have no more rights to say anything against anyone. They walked away from all legal judicial systems as it wasn’t going their way and instead turned to the internet and posting websites filled with their lies. All that will catch up with them eventually, it always does.

Its okay, their credibility is gone as a result of them walking away. I am sorry, if my bullies were so sure of what they were saying against me and others, nothing would have stopped me from trying and I would have done everything possible to prove myself and what I was saying. like I did my defense. By giving in and walking away from all possibility of proving myself, my bullies have shown to the world that everything they have said is all lies and cannot be proven. Just as I have been saying, nothing happened for them to prove. It is all just words now of a spiteful, malicious, narcissistic bully trying to cover up his own actions and blame me and others for their eviction.

So, on to the next step… I am slowly ridding myself of everything to do with HRTO and my bullies, as I am done. I will allow time once again to show my bullies the errors of their ways, as I believe karma will come for them eventually. As for me, I am finished with them and will have nothing else to do with them or anything they do. Anyone says anything to me, I will just remind them that my bullies walked away so what does that say about them? I am now retired and will not be going back to work and will find something to keep me occupied. Maybe write a book about my experience? Maybe… 🙂

I am determined to have a more peaceful year!

Jan 19, 2020, 11:41 AM

Jan 19, 2020, 9:40 AM

I have some news to share today so I will give the good news first!!

Human Rights Tribunal hearing by teleconference was held yesterday afternoon and as the applicants didn’t show up, they made a oral decision of dismissing them as abandoned. Paper copy will come soon…

The applications made against me by my bullies are dismissed and will be no more!!

Time to move on and put it all behind me.

Jan 18, 2020, 9:48 AM

[**Are narcissists afraid to be exposed?**](https://www.quora.com/Are-narcissists-afraid-to-be-exposed)

Everything they do in life, every action, manipulation, lie, insane decisions, has one motive. To remain concealed.

It’s as serious as life and death to them. To be exposed is certain death. They know deep down that if the real truth were to come out, life as they know it would be over. Truths so unbelievably disgusting that they can not even face it themselves. About themselves.

The constant turmoil that these people live in, I’ve come to realize, is not necessarily to harm anyone. It’s to distract attention away from them by any means necessary. And if you happen to be handy, then they will use you to do it. Makes absolutely no difference to them who it is. But it is intentional and they know what they’re doing.

It’s a demonic game of “hey lookie there! What’s that over there?!” When people turn to look at what’s over there, you, they run away and hide. When you turn back to look at them there a nothing left but the settling dust. They are more than willing to sacrifice whoever they need to to remain concealed.

All their nonsense fights, accusations, blatant blame shifting, finger pointing, words strung together that don’t match, are meant to do one thing. Put your focus anything but them. If you refuse to follow them down that rabbit hole and stand firm in holding them accountable for their own actions, you will see behind the mask. They will throw a hissy fit of epic proportions. They will use every weapon in their Arsenal against you. If you can make through to the end of all that b.s without letting them get to you, you will see them. Really see them. They will be exposed.

Beware that they will resort to physical violence if they have to. But what you will come to realize is this. What seemed so powerful and confusing and in control is just a scared little kid that just pissed their pants in front of everybody.

Jan 12, 2020, 1:13 PM

I always find such informative info on the internet and the question below is another that spoke to me, as I have reached some of this level.

I have reached acceptance that no matter what I do and say, my bullies will never give up so why bother trying to get them to do so? I have learned over the past few years that in the end, no one really cares about their narrative, especially when it is shown in such a manner as it is online. All my bullies show is my reaction, not the action that got it, so there really is no context to these sites. How do they expect people to believe that I did and said all this for no reason and out of the blue?

I have noticed that the more agencies my bullies contact and don’t get the results they wish, these people also then become subject to the same smear campaign online as I have from them. It becomes a never-ending cycle…

I do find something very ironic in all this: my bullies state on these cyber bullying websites they made that everyone else is trying to “*verbally insult, humiliate, disrespect, embarrass, degrade, and harass our family*” This is ironic as by posting websites like these, they are doing it to themselves, as it is easy to trace it all back to them online as I have. Not only that, just the existence of these websites online is proof positive of their own bullying behavior towards others.

My bullies are hiding. They hide behind the internet as they can’t face the truth and prefer to live in their delusion where they can do no wrong, but it will all end soon. That I know, as the truth is out.

[**What does it look like when someone with a narcissistic personality disorder finally realizes that their mind-games have not worked, they are not as clever as they assumed, the whole thing has blown up in their face, and they have been defeated?**](https://www.quora.com/What-does-it-look-like-when-someone-with-a-narcissistic-personality-disorder-finally-realizes-that-their-mind-games-have-not-worked-they-are-not-as-clever-as-they-assumed-the-whole-thing-has-blown-up-in-their-face)

Under these circumstances, the narcissist disappears and avoids you like the plague. Once he knows that you understand him and his con job fully, and you’d be unafraid to participate in a public debate with him in front of all of his flying monkeys, you will never see him again. He knows that he’d look like a total a** in any confrontation with you, so he will hide himself so well that you would need the CIA to help you locate him.

Lies run sprints but the truth runs marathons. The truth slowly leaks out when the narcissistic abuse victim is secure enough in herself to remain unaffected by the bullying of the narcissist’s monkeys. The narcissist’s whole campaign against her is a truly pathetic show: the narcissist, his five friends, and their sad belief that the victim is desperate to be liked by such people. No, monkeys, the victim of the cruelty you went along with is pleased to have irrefutable evidence that you, too, are imperfect; you, too, make mistakes. You have done the exact same things you condemned the victim for without a trial.

This is the time for victims to realize you must forgive your persecutors their mistakes, just as you wish you had been forgiven, and wish the best for even those who hurt you. ***Feel pity for the defeated narcissist cowering in his foxhole. ***Maybe someday he will crawl out, suddenly mature enough to speak to you and resolve your conflict like two healthy adults. After all, you never wanted to hurt him. ***You just couldn’t let him hurt you without consequences.***

Jan 11, 2020, 12:53 PM

I found this article this morning online and it explains things that I could not, as I really didn’t know what words to use. It is really hard to explain how it feels to be a victim of bullying and smear campaigns without coming across as the delusional and crazy person the bully is trying to make you be. I accepted long ago that no matter what, I will always come across as crazy, as I have become that person. This situation has turned me into that person. The bullying I have experienced, the effect this situation has had on me, has been life-changing and I know I will never get back to the person I was before. I have become too cynical and untrusting to be that person anymore.

I am doing better, I have reached the point where I don’t care what my bullies do, as I have accepted that no matter what, they won’t stop with their attempts to destroy my personal and professional reputation. The ever-changing stellareddy.com website is proof of that. They can do their worst, the people who know me know the difference and if not, who cares? I won’t be dealing with any of them anymore.

A New Year is coming and with it many changes will be coming to my life once again, this time good ones that I need to make for my mental health. Once Jan 17 202 comes I am done with all this HRTO crap and will no longer have to have any contact with my bullies and I hope they make them accountable for what they have done to me and others, but I doubt it. I don’t even think they will do anything about the vexatious litigant issue either, tho they should for the safety of others in the future from these bullies. Either way, I am done with it come this date and I am moving on with my life and get better, mentally. 2020 is going to be a great year for me!! I am determined…

How do you get others to understand what it’s like to be a victim of a narcissist?

One of the most difficult things about experiencing narcissistic abuse is the fact that no one else understands it. Many people think that victims should be able to “just let go,” which is re-traumatizing and unrealistic. Those few who have experienced intentional life destruction at the hands of a narcissist—gaslighting, smear campaigns, attacks by willfully ignorant flying monkeys, projection, DARVO—know that it is nearly impossible to “move on.” It is crazy-making for the perpetrator of such immoral, antisocial, intentional sadism to be accepted everywhere, wearing a white hat, getting a “good guy” pass, when we know he is the most despicable person imaginable. A person who hurts others at whim to save himself.

You CAN get others to understand, however, if you spend some quality time with them. Explain how you felt while you were gaslit, believing the narcissist’s fraudulent version of reality. Explain how his projections and gaslighting made you question yourself, made you doubt your worth, made you into a sad, crazy, pathetic person. Did you feel like you needed to warn others that you were a dangerous predator? That you were insane, that you did totally obnoxious, offensive things to others, unprompted? I felt like that for awhile. That’s an effect of psychological abuse. People who know me can’t wrap their minds around the fact that I could ever believe those things, but when a narcissist is able to recruit the people who know you best to treat you like you ARE an awful monster, isn’t it understandable that you too would start to accept that image of yourself?

Talk about how it felt to have your best friends weaponized against you. Talk about how it felt to be bullied and ostracized. Talk about how it felt to be a person not even worthy of a conversation before a “friend” blacklisted you forever. Talk about how it felt to have people who know you driving and walking by, pointedly snubbing you, letting you know how worthless they view you. And although now you realize that all of it was based on the lies of an entitled abuser, at the time, you thought you were scum; you thought you were worth less than garbage. The narcissist’s ABUSE made you believe that.

Use your creativity to get your listeners there, on the road with you while former friends drive past and demonstrably look away from you; seat them at the computer with you while you take the sucker-punch in the gut of the narcissist’s targeted social media bullying. Any human being capable of empathy will understand what it took for you to withstand this inhumane treatment: nerves of steel, iron willpower, and unending compassion for yourself.

Overall, be proud that you got to the point where you are explaining narcissistic abuse to others. You made it! Now you’re in the army of good, expanding human knowledge that will better our world and protect other human beings.

Dec 31, 2019, 12:12 PM

Update: I have RSS feeds for HRTO and I have been watching the released decisions for applications that were submitted by my bullies to their office come in over the past few days. There are 6 of them right now. They all say SJTO as the respondents so I can imagine they are for individual people at the SJTO whom my bully has talked too and was not happy with what they said or wrote to him. There are 6 online on Canlii.org in their name that state they are dismissed as abandoned as the applicants didn’t respond by the date given with the answers the HRTO was looking for. If you are going to file applications with an agency the least you can do is follow through on it, whether you agree with what they asked or not. At least then it isn’t a total waste of everyone’s time that it ended up being! These decisions, in their names, will be on Canlii.org for the world to see for all time! I am happy with that too….

I have 24 days to the end of my journey with HRTO and my bullies. Come Jan 17 2020 I am finished and will no longer need to do anything else for HRTO and the complaint filed on myself from my bullies. Its okay, this will be dismissed as well as I know my bullies won’t show up on Jan 17 2020. They prefer to try and stir up the general public but they don’t seem to get that after 3 yrs of their websites, which began in Nov 2017, with their personal opinions and accusations with no proof and sentences shown out of context, the general public don’t care either. Nothing they have said or done has had the affect they wanted, on anyone, and I see no reason why their new websites will be any different. If it makes my bullies feel better to waste time, money, and energy on it, go ahead, as it won’t make any difference to me nor my life anymore.

I will am free of my bullies, and come Jan 2020 I will be totally free of them!!

It has been hard and I still have some work for it ahead of me, but the worst is over and I have begun my healing journey a couple of months ago. By the end of the summer of 2020, I presume I will be well on my way to new experiences!

Dec 24, 2019, 11:29 AM

Very Interesting article… Also everything I have experienced since Aug 2016. It is finally winding down now tho… The website in my name is gone since Dec 5, 2019 and the others have changed and I don’t think they will be any different in the future. The hearing is still set for Jan 17, 2020, as I haven’t heard any different yet. It will all be over soon.

I am so glad I learned about narcissism as it has helped me greatly to understand what was happening to me and to know I wasn’t alone and not all in my head. I was being told by so many that my paranoia and anxiety was in my head and that I should just let it all go.You can’t let this treatment of yourself go, otherwise you are giving in to the bullying, and I could not do that. When you read all the crap I have been given that was written by my bullies, you can see the traits they write of in this article.The truth always wins out in the end, and I have been saying this from the beginning.

In the end tho, I have come to accept that I don’t need a bunch of strangers sitting in an office at HRTO to decide my fate and say I did nothing wrong.

Updated Dec 15, 2019, 11:47 AM
Dec 15, 2019, 11:47 AM

Update: I understand that my bullies haven’t paid the costs as of yet and their 30 days are almost up. Looks like enforcement will be needed to get it. That will be fun, I’d say! Either they lose their car to pay for it, or her wages will be garnished to pay for it. Either way, the courts will get it.

I was looking at the websites made by my bullies this morning, 859kennedyroad.com and how it claims how the company paid a lot of money for their defence against their lies yet it seems the courts thought it good for these people to help pay these costs… Besides, the company wouldn’t have had to pay anything if my bullies followed the rules and didn’t think they were above them.

Sometimes, it takes time for the truth to be revealed but eventually it does come out!

Nov 16, 2019, 11:23 AM

Nov 2, 2019, 12:57 PM

Oct 31, 2019, 8:59 PM

Went to the Doctor yesterday. The first time I went out in about 2 weeks as it has been very hard with my anxiety. I have been so sick with anxiety the past few weeks to the point where I actually get physically sick! I think of it as a merry-go-round, my thoughts go round in my mind it causes my stomach to go round and I get queasy and throw up. I was doing so well with the self-management and tricks I learned over the yrs but none of them work for me anymore. The doctor says I will need them for the rest of my life now…Too much stress going on he says, I need to alleviate my stress he says, how can I do that with all this going on? I keep having nightmares of being confronted by my bullies outside somewhere, as they are getting desperate now with their smear campaign and the documents they sent to HRTO with the various threats in them the past few weeks. “We will no longer sit back quietly HOPING the SJTO/HRTO is going to do their jobs. You will do your jobs and that is the bottom line. No more quiet and polite family who will put their trust in a system that refuses to hold one of their own accountable. Well now the Rooster has come home to roost and I am now going to take care of business and get things done that need to get done” As they know where I live, and they have a car, it is very easy for him to come and wait for me to leave as I have already seen their car in the area quite a few times recently. I have reason to be fearful of them, they lost and are blaming me for it all and I can see KR doing something, as I do not trust him at all. There are too many horror stories of bullies attacking their victim when things get desperate for them. I don’t want that. I prefer never to see them ever again! Will this never end?
Oct 30, 2019, 11:08 AM

This is not an easy thing to live with! I have had this since 1992! I was doing really well till bout a year ago and now it is back in full force, even worse than before. You need to learn how to deal with this disease if you have it or it can take over your life.
Updated Oct 28, 2019, 11:59 AM
Oct 28, 2019, 11:59 AM

My nerves are so stressed out these days…Losing Jack over the weekend was just another hard thing I have had to add to my mental health to work thru. I miss Jack, especially in the mornings, as he was so loud and demanding when we first got up and his favorite spot was laying at my feet. I still look for him in the morning when I get up when I am half asleep… I am even thinking of moving my desk, as I keep looking at my feet to see if Jack is there before I move. I got into that habit as I didn’t want to run over him with the chair he would be that close. I was vacuuming yesterday and I was crying as I saw all the orange fur in the vacuum. Even the cat brush still had bits of orange fur in it. I took it and put it in a bag so I could keep it. It’s here on my desk now with some of my stuffies. I won’t be seeing no more fine orange fur around and it made me sad… Weird hey?

So many stressful things going on in my life these days. I need some relief from it all! It helped last week to see the Divisional Court Order for Costs and see what my bullies have 30 days to pay to the property owners, but that has nothing to do with me and don’t help with HRTO. I have contacted everyone I could think of and find online to get at HRTO over letting time limits pass without consequences for the applicants. They should be following their own guidelines right?

I am hoping this week will be the one I find out what they plan to do about the 50 emails submitted recently! Abuse of Process should be coming from all that this week!

Oct 28, 2019, 11:25 AM

Thinking about writing a book on being bullied by these tenants… They gave me enough to work with!! I have over 5000 documents to work with from my bullies filled with various BS of their narrative since 2016. They have me doing things that I am just not capable of, not just morally but physically!
Oct 25, 2019, 1:28 PM

These past 16 months have been really difficult for me and I have been staying home a lot due to the constant pain on my left side and depression with this severe anxiety. Most mornings I throw up due to the anxiety over what could come that day. It is very debilitating for me and I get stuck, not able to move forward. My thoughts get jumbled and go round and round, usually with the words I have read that my bullies have written. I know they lie but that doesn’t seem to matter to my anxiety. I am irritated, angry, sad, and anxious all at the same time. My nerves are so stressed out, I don’t know which way is up most of the time and I am ready to snap. I feel the pressure building but I have better control now than I did a year ago. I just need a break, for something to go my way and to find some kind of relief. I need HRTO or SJTO Complaints to DO SOMETHING!! Time to end the lies and the mess my bullies have created in my life so I can find some mental relief!!
Oct 22, 2019, 11:12 AM

Smear Campaigns of a Bully

Your non-reaction stops a smear campaign. A narcissist carries out a smear campaign because they want your attention and reaction. They need to know that they are affecting you and making your life hell. This is what they want, to know that they are the ones pulling the strings, it makes them feel powerful and omnipotent.

So, instead of reacting, you remain calm, cool, and collected. And the most important, crucial thing to maintain is your detached independence. Do NOT depend on them for anything and do NOT depend on anyone involved for anything, either. For example, if this is happening at work and people are turning against you, simply stop caring. Force yourself not to care and to let these people go. Don’t get upset, just look at it as the trash taking itself out.

Why? Because a narcissist will use ANYTHING that they think is important to you, to destroy you. If they see that you’re a people-person who enjoys having good relationships with others, they’ll try to destroy those relationships. If they see that your work product is very important to you, they’ll start trying to find fault in what you do. Anything to show that they are superior to you and in control of what happens to you in your life. They HAVE to feel that they are above you and they want to feel that they own you, essentially. So if you give them NOTHING to affect you with, and give them NO importance to your life or mood, they have nothing. They fade back into the pathetic, desperate nobodies that they actually are.

A narcissist wants to affect you, for good or for bad. Showing them that you aren’t affected by anything that they do renders them insignificant. And they HATE that.

Bullies and Narchisstic people have a lot in common, as they pick on people they feel they can dominate.

As shown by the recent actions of my bullies, they instigate a reaction by submitting documents filled with various allegations of illegal activity they claim I am doing, yet provide no proof of this, and when I respond, they use my response as more evidence against me, claiming I am harassing them. Talk about ass-backward!! They instigate a reaction out of me with more of their lies and then use my reaction against me? This has been my life with these bullies for over 3 years!! Time for it to end and time for them to finally face the consequences of all these lies and accusations!!

Oct 18, 2019, 10:31 AM

Very Interesting article here… As I was reading it, some of the actions of my bullies came to mind. I hope the Tribunal takes my recent Form 10’s into consideration to show abuse of process by my bullies. Imagine, sending in 6 Forms filled with various frivolous requests for things that have nothing to do with their complaints against me. Even one to delay the hearing set for Jan 2020! The last one they sent had 21 pages of typed text that I still refuse to read, as I know it is filled with more accusations against me. I think it’s time that the HRTO came to a decision. I need this over.
Oct 11, 2019, 10:33 AM

Update October 10, 2019.

I tried, I really did, to ignore all the HRTO stuff but as I am sure they knew, there was no way I could let all that stuff go and the HRTO process makes it very difficult to go “no contact” that I need for my sanity. Per Tribunal rules, you have to respond to a Form 10 with a Form 11 and I did so this morning. I did stick to the rules tho and showed how the recent flurry of Form 10’s sent, which were 6 of them, is an abuse of process. Frivolous requests like asking HRTO to give them proof of me asking to redact my info in the application I did in 2018 that got dismissed? Why is that important to this application? They are also asking for HRTO to delay the hearing set for January 2020, as they claim they need more time to prove their case. They already had a year and 4 months, how much more do they need? Either they can prove it the first time, or they are lying about it all. Facts cannot be changed and will never disappear so where are your facts? No assumption needed, just facts, please.

They trying to drag this out so they can continue to smear my personal and professional reputations. Once a final decision is put on paper, and my bullies are shown for what they really are, they don’t want that as it will be public. Anyway for the truth to stay out of the spotlight they will do.

They come back at you even harder with more accusations if you try to force them for an answer, which is why HRTO is getting all these forms now to tie up their time with. As HRTO is requesting their documentation for the summary hearing, they are coming back with more crap to delay things. It is what they do and I am on to their tactics. I just hope the forms I sent in recently, yesterday and today, will finally force the issue and get them to enforce their mandate as noted in the decisions I already got. Time will tell. Hopefully, it won’t take long!

Oct 10, 2019, 12:48 PM

***”If you have unmasked a narcissist, take warning and get away from them. They will stalk and manipulate and possibly try to frame you for a crime you didn’t commit. Go no contact and regain control over your life!”***

The quote above is something I got in my email this morning and I had to share it here as this is what I have done, unmasked a narcissist in my bullies and I have been framed for something I didn’t do in retribution for their eviction.

My Bullies got really nasty but I couldn’t go “no contact” due to the process of HRTO. As there are delays in receiving a decision, and my bullies have been sending frivolous forms to them recently to delay things even more, I have decided to walk away from it all and have nothing else to do with it. I have reached out to everyone I could think of to speed it up so I am now going to ignore it all and let them figure it out. The process has become too prejudicial for me to keep going and it seems now to be going off on a tangent once again with my bullies now making accusations against the staff of the HRTO!

It has become a total mess and I am no longer willing to take part in it.

Oct 7, 2019, 10:06 AM

Good Morning!! Some thoughts to get you going this morning!

The saying below is where I am at the moment, as I know I can get through this fight once again. Fortunately, I have had many more stubborn challenges that I have managed to get thru before so I am sure I can make it thru this one! No Bully is going to bring me down, no matter how much they may try! My bullies are not worth it actually. I am too angry to let them win and will fight back any way I can.

The behavior this past week from my bullies, with the submissions of the 5 form 10’s they did in a 7 day period, show me they are now getting desperate, as they know they are losing.

In the last Form 10, they say that “*It is clear that the burden at this stage is on our family to prove the Respondents have acted racist and in a discriminatory manner against our family” . *I don’t know why they are confused over that, it has always been their burden to prove their case. I don’t understand why now, after 7 months, they are questioning the Interim Decision and what they have to do. They shouldn’t have filed any applications if they didn’t have anything to prove it now should they?

*”Is not 99% of all filed SJTO/HRTO Applications based on an Applicants ALLEGATIONS AND ACTIONS by the Respondents towards them, without any SOLID proof or a confession?”* My bullies seem to think that all they have to do is say I did something, without any kind of link or show a history of discrimination, and they will win.

It doesn’t work that way. My bullies expect that all of a sudden I gained this view, but only of them, and they have to show that I went out of my way to get them evicted. No, I didn’t evict them for their persistent refusal of access to the apartment, nope I did it cause I didn’t like them. It doesn’t work that way and I hope they wake up soon.

There is a clear cut reason they were evicted and the decision came from the Landlord and Tenant Board, which was also upheld by Divisional Court. I was just the employee who started the process by issuing and filing Form 5 to them! Unlucky me as now I am being bullied for doing that and being smeared online!

It’s okay, bad people never win remember? Liars and cheaters never win! Bullies, well they get their just desserts eventually when Karma comes calling. I can wait, as I am sure it will all be over soon!

Oct 5, 2019, 11:43 AM

Please be advised that website djnotnice is back up and running again and watch for any requests from this person on here. It is my bully, KR and I assume he may try to get added to my friends list so they can see mine.
Sep 16, 2019, 2:30 PM

Well nice surprise today in email!! HRTO hearing by teleconference is scheduled for January 17, 2020 in the afternoon! Its still 5 months away but at least now I know. I will get my chance to tell MY TRUTH! My Bullies, KR & AR, will be dealt with on this day, I have no doubt about that. They now have 14 days to submit their documents for this hearing or it will be dismissed. Time will tell!! I already have my documentation in order and will submit when I return next week.

Now I can enjoy my vacation and relax a lot more knowing this date is set!

Aug 22, 2019, 12:40 PM

Lorrie Reddy updated her status.
I really don’t know what to think this morning, my mind don’t seem to want to focus on the info I got last evening. Even my dreams last night didn’t help. I don’t know if my brain can focus on this one, it feels too big and too emotional for me to handle right now with everything else I am going thru. .I try to think about it and i get so very hurt and overwhelmed with it all and then my mind shuts off and refuses to think about it and goes to something else. My emotional state is overwhelmed it can’t handle any more trauma. and this will be a big one… When I am able is all I can say…
Aug 15, 2019, 9:31 AM

Memory is a Funny thing… Doing laundry today and just came back from laundry room and apt. door was locked so as I had my keys I unlocked it, then as I walked in the door I panicked a bit in that moment, looking at my hand and not seeing my keys, thinking I forgot my keys in the laundry room. They were still in the apt. door… 🙂 Goes to show how stress can screw with ya over time hey? Meds that also affect your head don’t help either … LOL
Aug 2, 2019, 1:16 PM

Very interesting article and something I have experienced too many times in my life unfortunately, most recently since Oct 2016 to this day by the tenants I had living here.

It has been the worst case of bullying and continual cyber bullying online with their websites, that I have ever experienced. To top it all off, after awhile with the continual emails and allegations made against me by these tenants, I also had the owners start to come down on me with demands and complaints, so I felt stuck.

The tenants wanted to bring me down and the owners wanted to keep the peace, which was not possible with these people, they didn’t care about the truth and the rules. I eventually broke from the strain last year and have been spending the past year trying to get back to myself once again. It has been a year of basic hell, the worst I have ever been, since my experience in 1991, so that is saying something.

As a result of all this, I will never go back to work. My nerves can’t handle the constant demands from tenants anymore, especially in this rental climate where the rent is so high that people expect to get a palace for the price and make demands over what they do get.

For some reason there are more arrogant demanding people out there than there ever was. People whom feel entitled to get the very best that they deem worthy, which is not usually what you offer, so they make demands that you can’t meet, and feel its okay then to harass you for not getting their way. It has to end some how.

Building Staff are still people, but don’t get treated as such by quite a few. Its not worth it to me anymore and I have become very cynical over it all. Where is all the basic respect for people gone too?

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Aug 2, 2019, 10:21 AM


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So nice to get up this morning to find this online… I have complained so much about these sites over the past 3 months, this one and the 859kennedyroad.com, and finally I find what I wanted this morning, they have been shut down by the hosting site for privacy and copyright issues!
Seems you can’t make a website with someone else’s name without permission, such as mine of Stella Reddy, and you can’t make a website in a company or address name without permission, such as 859kennedyroad, which represents an business of an apt. building. These are the reasons I managed to get them shut down but I don’t really care how, as long as they are gone and won’t be back!!
Updated Jul 21, 2019, 8:59 AM
Jul 21, 2019, 8:59 AM

I am being bullied… Check this out… www.stellareddy.com.

I am sorry to post this here but I am fed up. I had the Police here again this morning over this and once again I was told there is nothing they can do. Apparently the internet and social media is basically untouchable and people can say and have what they what on here and no one can do anything about it. Yes, that is my picture they snitched! God knows what others ones they may have…

Added to this website, they also gave out to all other residents here a letter I will copy and paste here:

“Hello everyone,
It has come to our attention ( unit #303 ) that the owners Luigi Liscio, his son Anthony Liscio and employee Stella Reddy have placed some very misleading information on the community board and in your personal mailboxes about our family.
For almost 3 years since Stella Reddy started working here, we have not expressed or discussed our personal issue with tenants about the above named and their racist treatment towards us .
Unfortunately since they have now chosen to exposed our personal life for all of the building to see and know about on the Community Board as some kind of a trophy win, or to try and embarrass us, or even worse. They posted it in an attempt to intimidate other tenants into not standing up for their rights with in the building under the RTA.
With that said, we have no other option but to now address their behaviour.
Please go to www.stellareddy.com to read more information from Stella Reddy.

VVe are sorry that it has came to this.
The Read’s # 303″

These people, Toxic Adult Bullies, http://facebook.com/koryread2019 and Toxic Adult Bullies , http://facebook.com/allisonread2018 whom have blocked me on Facebook which is why the names don’t show up, have made ANOTHER website where they once again twist and highlight only what they want the reader to see, not the whole story.

The TRUTH can be read here : Divisional Court for Eviction: http://canlii.ca/t/hzs47 ; Human Rights: http://canlii.ca/t/hz14r . The Human Rights is not yet over, they missed the cutoff for the Interim Decision posted that you will read. They have ignored this application now that it isn’t going as they wish and have blocked all emails pertaining to it, but a final decision still needs to be issued.

They are mean, vindictive people who are out to cause as much trouble and mental heath issues for me as they can in retaliation for doing my job and having them evicted for their consistent refusal of access for repairs they asked for! They try to incite others by their very public websites and sharing of them everywhere online. All they are doing now is showing just how spiteful and immature they really are for persisting in picking on me and making accusations that they know are total lies and which have been disproved in the legal system. Anyone whom knows me know I am not as they try to portray me. The sheriff has been contacted but it will still take some time but they will be evicted. I for one will be very happy to see them kicked out! I am fed up with their lies and very public and personal vendetta.

Apr 27, 2019, 4:37 PM

Had another fun weekend here. Ended up calling parking enforcement yesterday and got an earful from someone again about it. It got so bad I ended up calling the Police, as I actually thought this guy was going to attack me and he had me trapped in the office at the time as he was blocking the doorway. Parking enforcement didn’t even show up after! I know it shouldn’t still surprise me but the language coming out of this young man was nuts and he is only a year younger than my own son! There was no need of that yesterday but the Police wouldn’t even charge him, just advised him to stay away from me and told him we had a right to have vehicles tagged on the property if they are where they shouldn’t be. I am getting too worn out for this business and losing my nerve as that wouldn’t have usually bothered me like it did. Its just been building up the past few months with all the issues I have been having here with a couple of them. I was told yesterday I was a *itch and that I should just quit already and make everyone happy as some are taking me to court and I will be proven wrong and fired anyway. First, they try to be nice and cajole you letting them have their way and when that doesn’t work they get nasty and try and make you miserable enough to leave so they still get what they want. The funny thing is that it is getting to me as I am getting too old for this and too worn out. There needs to be more protection for building staff and more that we can do with nasty people like that. Either that or I start wearing a body camera and record everything I put up with and use it as a deterrent. Wouldn’t that be sweet? I wonder if I can do that? I’ll have to check it out as I have access to one. 🙂
Feb 26, 2018, 4:20 PM