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I had a laugh this morning…. I had just gotten up and hubby tells me he has some really bad news to tell me and proceeds to say that all “those” sites are back up online. I just look at him, no reaction, and he asks if I heard him, says I must not be awake yet. I start to laugh!! A big belly laugh too, not a little one! I found it all just so funny! After I settle down, I tell him I was aware yesterday that they had returned on the 19th, but it honestly don’t bother me. He told me, after I asked, that it is on the Internet Archive, not new content. I am good. Why not? More traffic being driven for people to read their garbage online and see for themselves what its about… 🙂 Hey if they want to keep pointing people to read their narratives, go for it! More the merrier!

What else can they do? They aren’t in my life, have no way of knowing anything, other than what I share on here, which isn’t much. Kory Read has no way of even knowing anything I have typed on this site, is even true, does he? How could he? They have no way of knowing anything going on in my life now! They can try and use their imagination to IMPLY like they have been, but that action only makes it obvious what they are up too! As I have learned, going word for word in a post against them and what they write, trying to show how they lie, only makes it worse.

When I saw the new words on last month, that they claim their “goal is to make the community aware of her immoral behaviour and beliefs. And Stella Reddy is not working because of retirement. It is because people researched her name, and found the truth and ran as far away as they could from her.” That is the most outlandish statement I have ever read! It woke me up even more! So thank you for that! I wonder, how do Kory Read know what he claims here, is the truth? This is why this crap is now gone, they know how hilarious it is for them to even make such a claim when they have no idea of its validity! 

It is the arrogance in these words that make them come across as so outlandish. Kory Read is not the authority on me and my life and everyone knows that, I now know that! This is why I use to get so frustrated, as I knew they were lying and wanted to prove it. How could they even know what they write is even occurring? They don’t! Since then, I realized it wasn’t my job to prove myself. Kory Read can have as many opinions about me and my life all he wants, that is all they are, OPINIONS. I am okay with them having OUTLANDISH stories about me online and have no problem with leaving people wondering!

If Kory Read wants to believe that his words written anonymously have the power and influence to do those things to my life, he is welcome to it. It is such an absurd statement for him to make, as I now know this one person’s anonymous claims mean shit. It took time for me to wake up and see that in the end, total strangers don’t have any influence to make anything happen to anyone else, especially anonymous strangers who hide away. Even sharing his name at this point won’t make a difference!

I am free to live my life however I choose to do so and the anonymous words of a stranger online speculating about what I do, will never again bother me. Their arrogance in their thinking they are ” all that” and have the authority to make such claims, gives them away every time!

The simple fact of it is that Kory Read is nothing to me, other than the malicious Narcissistic Adult Tenant Bully I have shown him to be, out for revenge. He is picking on me, bullying me, and taking items from my life and manipulating them to look how he wants, implying I am a racist, as he wants me to look like one. Anyone can take the words and actions of another, and by manipulations of words, can make this person look a certain way. It is everywhere!

As for people thinking I am a F*king lunatic who should be medicated, yep, I was at one point and I have no problem admitting that. Why should I? It was true. I AM NOT ASHAMED OF MY MENTAL HEALTH STRUGGLES! I refuse to deny something that is obvious. Trying to SHAME me over my mental health, and over my rights to be upset over their actions against me, is not going to work anymore. I have a right to my feelings.

Maybe they should look at WHY I became a bit of a lunatic! It’s obvious that their actions had something to do with it. Of course, Kory Read don’t see any of that. Bullies would never accept that some people would understand why I went a little loonie after what they did to me. People can think I am crazy all they want, I don’t mind. Once they see their words online, they come to understand why!

I have reached a type of mental freedom I never thought I would ever get too! I am calm, driven, and focused these days. My life FEELS right, and I have peace of mind. I am at peace of where I was and know I am no longer there. I am at peace now with my future. I now have the peace I was looking for, as time has shown me the light and shown me the truth and how convoluted a smear can be. I can go on now and live my life in peace, knowing these domains will never do anything to it, nor to me. Their time is done, as I am making it that way!

I have been working on organizing my papers for my book and came across something I wrote a long time ago that shows you just how far I have come!

I wrote this on ‎‎December ‎29, ‎2017, ‏‎12:45:56 PM. It was in the early days, not long after I found the domain online with its nasty contents filled with lies where they claim they did nothing wrong and totally ignore that they refused entry, lied to City Inspectors about how the management totally refused to do any work in the apt and it shows the info I was given about this alleged prior meeting at some restaurant.

This shows how their stories change over time, as in the early days, they claimed I went up to them while they were sitting down at a table, eating their food, and said things to them. It was only at the hearing that it became they were standing outside, waiting for a table. I forgot about that first scenario they told people! Reading this “rant” as it is called, reminded me about this first story about this prior meeting at some restaurant. I am sure I will come across a lot more I forgot about. Memories are hard ones’ hey? Trauma and your memories, that is also soemthing I have learned affects you. It seems I have forgotten quite a bit! 

I also forgot about the claims they made to the City Of Toronto Inspectors as well during this time. They told the Inspectors that the owners outright REFUSED to do any repairs needed in the apartment and that they have tried to get them done for 2 1/2 yrs. It was only when I spoke to the Inspector myself and sent her copies of all Notices of Entries given to these tenants, including the email from the glass place stating that due to refusals of entry, they no longer were willing to come and from Pest Control over the mix-up, did the Inspector see that they lied to her. Notices of Entry are clear evidence that the owners were trying to get the repairs fixed!

In the end, the City put it on hold till they moved out. It took less that a day to get all repairs done in there for new tenants, I was told! Imagine, all that fuss for stuff that was so easy to fix! The glass company came and took measurements and installed it the same day and the bathroom ceiling was also fixed by my hubby in a couple of hours. There was nothing wrong with the stove, even had a technician come and look at it! New tenants moved in while hubby still worked there and I met them before we moved and they were very happy with the place! Why not? It was a nice unit.

Tenants in Ontario back then were getting arrogant, filled with demands, usually over wanting everything brand new, but wanting to pay less for all this new stuff. So many tenants like Kory Read who think their rent entitles them to free things, like parking. They still never proved they were entitled to get that for free either, as they know they can’t. The application Allison Read did is very clear on that and they even shared it on the internet, so can’t change that either after the fact!

I have read articles on how it is there now, especially with a pandemic. I am very thankful I am NOT working there now! I know of so many small private landlords who have sold their investments and gotten out of the industry, due to the lack of ability to evict tenants for non-payment of rent since this pandemic all started. The Landlord and Tenant Board is way behind on holding hearings, it is taking people sometimes a YEAR to get anywhere.

Can you imagine if this pandemic had started when all this was going on? What a nightmare that would have been and I am very thankful it did not. No more going back, I ain’t going that way! Onwards and upwards, always!

Sometimes I wonder why I bother to work in the property management industry as it is getting very weird with all the tenant issues and the lack of supply. There are tenants who think that just because they pay their rent they own the property and think they can dictate to you how you do your job.

Over the years I have had to deal with some stupid shit but this recent case is over the top. I have a tenant, a couple, who are bullies. They lived here when I started working here and it all started with me not accepting their cash payment. Sorry, I was attacked too many times for cash in the office at rent time and I am not willing to put myself thru that anymore and I can say no. So I did. They went ballistic over that, even tried to video me not accepting the cash, even after I asked her not too. Then it was the BBQ. They refused to remove it even though the smoke goes into the neighbor’s windows.

Then it started with the apartment access for repairs. I tried, 3 times, to arrange for a contractor to enter to complete a repair and each time the tenant refused access, stating it wasn’t a good time for them for us to enter. After refusal, twice, the contractor refused to try again, which was their right. I then called another and they were also refused so I gave up.

Then I had to get pest control done and they were part of the block. The first appt the pest control company screwed up and even though I personally called, texted, and emailed these tenants about the screwup to get verbal permission to enter for the next day, as per the RTA, and they said it was okay but the next morning they refused entry.  it took the 3rd appt to get done. Sure I could enter but I have no keys for this apartment and even if I did they have a dog that they use to prevent entry as they do not contain this dog. Due to the refusal of entry and I ended up issuing a form n5 for interfering with the landlords, and neighboring tenants, interest in getting rid of the pests. That got us in the 3rd time.

Then the letters started… they were filled with accusations of racism against me, said I was out to get them and accusing me of wanting to gain entry to their apartment for some reason. They made it sound like their lives and their living arrangements are so interesting to me that I had to see. I have no personal interest in tenants like that.  Accused me of calling their children some name and asking where they are from. Now to this point, I had no idea what the name meant. I had to ask someone. Goes to show how naive I am when it comes to that stuff.  To me, people are people. After all these years working in this industry, I don’t see the people, I just see the apartment number they live in. I can tell you if there are issues in the apartment and what the rent is, but if you ask me names, how many family members are there, even if they have kids, I have no idea.  I am terrible with names. There was no mention in these letters of where this conversation supposedly took place, it was only a year later I found out that this alleged conversation took place in late June, when I first started working here, at some restaurant, that I went up to them while they were eating dinner at this place and asked them all kinds of personal questions. I went up to complete strangers and started asking personal questions. Who would do that?  So, my question is why was this restaurant, and the dates it happened, not mentioned in any letters with the accusation? Also, why did it take 2 months for them to say anything, as it only came out in Aug yet it allegedly happened in June? Not only that, I had no car at the time and was broke as I just moved for a new job. How could I afford a restaurant after just moving? I was not working for 15 months before I got here as I was adjusting to new physical limitations from a medical condition I was diagnosed with. Not only that I have never been at this place. When I asked, of course, they have no proof that this even took place and they even picked a restaurant that is now long closed, so I can’t even follow up with them. How convenient….

Then this year came and I got a work order from them for maintenance in the bathroom ceiling. Just the one item, tho they say there were 3 issues afterward. Why were all not on the maintenance request if they were so important to get done?  I gave notice the same day to enter the next, for that issue and the other one I knew about, and again I was met with refusal of entry and accusations at the door of racism and that I was “out to get all the black people evicted from the building”. I was told at the door that I should have been there at 9 am that morning with a contractor to do the repairs, that I deliberately made them wait around all day for me to show up. After this refusal, I was fed up so I issued another form n5 to them and they still refused entry so we took them to the LTB and got an eviction based on the refusal of entry. Now before the tribunal hearing, we get an order from the City. Seems these tenants called the city and told them about various repairs in their apartment that management refused to repair. Once I informed the City that we were taking them for an eviction based on the refusal of entry to get these repairs done, they put the order on hold. Seems they didn’t inform the City inspector that we tried to get these repairs done but the tenants refused and wanted to dictate when we can enter and for how long, to get the repairs done. We all know that under the RTA, as long as notice of entry is given, for a specific reason, 24 hours in advance we can enter any apt. , no matter if the tenant agrees or not, but these tenants didn’t care. As they said at the hearing, it’s his home so he should have the right to who enters and when. It doesn’t work that way. Just because we won’t accommodate them at all times for times of entry for repairs, they say we are refusing to get them done. Where is the sense in that?

So now I am waiting on an appeal that they filed with the Divisional Court. In the meantime, they are still living here. They leave me alone but they still are trying to pull their shit. They posted a website with all the tribunal hearing paperwork, even the one for the hearing they canceled and this website is still full of accusations of racism against me and accusations that we refused to do their repairs. They are harassing me and its defamation of character. The thinking just does not make sense. All it states are that he tried to get repairs done for 2 and 1/2 yrs but there is no mention that each time we tried he refused entry. He doesn’t even admit that even before I got here he refused entry to a contractor who notified him they were coming, but because they showed up while he was in the shower, he told them to come back in an hour. You really think an independent contractor will do that? They don’t need too. He left and didn’t return either. Tenants can’t dictate to a contractor like that, its the other way around or the contractor can leave. They don’t work for us, they work for themselves and we can’t tell them when and where to do the work. In all the comments they have in writing, of course, there is no mention that they are responsible for the repairs not being done. They don’t even say that they tried to work with us to get them done. It was all either at their convenience or it didn’t get done. As I can’t tell a contractor to be here at a certain time to do specific work that he hasn’t even seen, it didn’t get done. The times convenient for the contractor were not convenient for them and there was no leeway on their end. IT was their way or no way and as we couldn’t work their way, they say we are being difficult and refusing to get the work done?

Now the tribunal paperwork he has on this website also states why they were evicted, for the refusal of entry for repairs. That was the issue but they decided to bring false accusations in to detract away from their responsibility. They turn it around and make it all about this alleged racism on our end of why they were evicted. Even their appeal is based on the alleged racism, not the fact that was proven, that they consistently refused entry for repairs. At no time do they accept responsibility for the refusal of entries to their apartments for specific reasons. No time do they admit that the repairs are not done because they are being difficult and wanting them done at their convenience.

I filed a human rights complaint back in Aug as well due to the accusations as it is considered harassment. The website they put up with so many comments against me, the company I work for, even the hearing adjudicator we had, is considered harassment. The comments they made to other tenants here, trying to convince them that I am “a racist and bigot and out to get all the black people in the building”, is also harassment. The fact they tried to get a tenants association going in the building for the sole purpose to have the staff fired, is considered harassment. I have their harassment in writing. I have other tenants willing to speak up for what they were told as well. I have some of it in writing already for my human rights complaint. I have found comments they have made on group pages on Facebook about me, calling me a white woman, and this is also harassment, tho my name isn’t mentioned.

This case has become about them trying to save face, to try and convince others that they are the victim here and did nothing wrong and continue to do no wrong. They are bullies, out to try and prove something else to deflect everyone away from what they did and continue to do. They are using racism to get their own way.  I won’t work with them so therefore I am a racist. Won’t I accommodate their schedule for entry? I am a racist. We are doing annual fire safety inspection and I was told I don’t need to enter their apartment cause they don’t feel it was required, as their smoke detector was replaced a couple of months before. As it’s not us but the Fire Safety company, all units are required to be checked so because I enforce it I am being racist and want to get into their apartment so badly that this is an excuse? They turn things around to fit their own scenario. 

Ya wonder why I sometimes think I should get away from this job? I am so strict over paperwork so there is no opportunity for he said/she said scene, yet this happens all the time and my nerves can’t handle it like I use too. But, I don’t give in to bullies! I refuse to give in! I will be here the day the sheriff comes to evict them with a big smile on my face. The appeal they filed is BS and not about the reason they were evicted, the refusal of entry, but trying to make it all about racism and bigotry and will be dismissed, of that, I have no doubt. The rules of divisional court are very strict. Only the issue at the hearing will be heard, nothing else. They think they will be allowed to bring up stuff that wasn’t mentioned at the original hearing? Good luck with that.

The cut off for my Human Rights complaint is on January 8. That’s the day they have to file a response to my complaint. It will be interesting to see what it is if they even bothered to do one. Once the dismissal goes thru at divisional court the stay is lifted and we will be calling the sheriff to come and evict them.



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