“Stella Reddy is Going Crazy”


Projection : Narcissists are the types who label their victims “crazy” when they are the ones who are stalking and harassing others, emotionally bullying them, and rewriting reality to cast themselves as the victims. In a narcissist’s disordered perspective, “crazy” applies to anyone who is discerning and difficult to manipulate.

I wrote this post yesterday but decided to change it after reading it over, so I removed it till I had the time to make the changes I wanted. So, here goes…

I got up to quite a change to the domains owned by Toxic Tenants, as they are now all direct to the below. They continue to show me everything I have learned over the past few years, to be true about Toxic Traits! Thank you for that!

Toxic Tenants have changed their content to reflect their thoughts on how they believe I am “going crazy“, which I take as a compliment by the way, and say it will be “back online soon“.

I seriously wonder

Hey, if these Toxic Tenants want to keep sharing how they think, go ahead. I won’t stop them, they are welcome to keep “exposing” their own thoughts they have about me and others.

All they show is their own self-righteous, arrogant speculations on the behaviour of someone else. Claiming to know me as intimately as they imply they do, when we all know it isn’t possible. They lie with impunity.

They share their opinions, not facts they could ever prove. They don’t have the right to judge me, to judge anyone, yet they continue to do so. They are very arrogant people, thinking they can continue their actions with personally tilted websites and it won’t cause harm to their own lives and personal reputations. They are causing their own downfall.

They have no training in mental health, if they did, they would know the science behind their actions shows they have very Toxic Traits.

No one will ever accept they know me well enough to “expose her for who she is”. I am confident in knowing that I am safe from their antics. They are nobodies trying really hard to become somebodies, at my expense.

So yes, I take their words these days as a compliment. I am not bothered by it anymore, I know what they do and that is enough for me. If they want to still keep going on about how terrible I was as a Building Superintendent 7 years ago, showing their obsessions with me and how I live my life, go ahead.

They want to keep trying to get a different result after all this time of trying to have me ostracized from society, go for it. If they haven’t been believed by now, they never will be. I am content these days with my beliefs about their actions in my name.

I have had way too many positive experiences over the past 3 years! I have talked to so many people, including professionals, enough now to know I did nothing wrong and showed no racism and discrimination towards these Toxic Tenants, no matter what they say. I accept the opinions of a Professional, trained in Human Rights over the opinions of Toxic Tenants any day!

I got sick of living in fear, so I faced it and sent everything I had to so many people asking them for their professional opinions on the matter, to ease my mind. It worked.

I spent this past couple of years sharing all the documents I have from this mess with anyone and everyone I could find, from Government Agencies, Lawyers, even someone who specialize in Human Rights, Police Officers in various jurisdictions, to Mental Health professionals, to get their feedback and to see if their gaslighting of my actions could be true, that I was “out to get them” as they claimed.

I shared all their website contents, and all the documents ever written during this situation with professionally trained people and have received a lot of positive feedback, enough to know Toxic Tenant’s websites won’t get them anywhere. I even share it all on here, my own domain in my name, to anyone interested in reading my Story.

I am not afraid of what they could write anymore, as I have gone out of my way to “expose” myself! I know my content about myself will be accepted over anything they could ever write about me, which is why I created this site in my own name.

These Toxic Tenants are on their own in their beliefs. No one else has come out claiming I behaved in this manner towards them out of all my 18 years working in the industry and I am getting too old to worry about who “likes” me or not these days.

So no, I have no concerns anymore about being attacked for their content online about me, as I now know it won’t do anything to my life. It is just signalling words, with no substance and no power.

They can no longer manipulate, control, disrespect, or mistreat me nor deem me the “problem” the one who “needs help” the “troublemaker” and the “crazy” one.

I will keep enforcing my boundaries despite the blame the controlling, abusive, Toxic Tenants throw at me.

I know they are lying and that is all I need to know.

Toxic or abusive person


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