Internet Search Of My Name To Find Other Posts About Me

I search my name once in a while to see if Toxic Adult Bullies made another site, or posted other info about me. I usually find stuff once in a while and this is how I found everything else. It is a good thing I do!!

It’s a habit I got into when all these sites showed up in the beginning. When you know already there are things online about you, it becomes a habit of looking for more…

I wasn’t all that surprised this morning to find this here. This is just more evidence that these Bullies are determined to get my name all over the internet for malicious reasons. Toxic Adult Bullies gaslight people once again to believe that Stella Reddy is the problem, but they don’t explain why it came about. Of course not. Toxic Adult Bullies refuse to take responsibility for anything he does! You can see it so clearly in his own content!

Awe well, what can ya do but laugh at it all?

This is DJ NOT NICE, a website owned and managed by Toxic Adult Bullies for his personal business as a Music DJ. I showed how this person requested access to my social media, mainly to try and find some “dirt” he could use against me, and that is where he got the pic he shares, here and on the other sites. Maybe I should give him an updated one! lol 

I have no idea if he has another DJ website, I no longer look as if it has nothing to do with me and my name.

Due to my sharing that action on my sites, Toxic Adult Bullies decides to change and of course, has to make the dig that it’s my fault.

Why can’t he ever take any responsibility for what he does? 

It would have been more honest of him to tell the internet readers that “due to the overwhelming, obsessed stalking and desperate behaviour of an unstable person named Stella Reddy, that I caused by posting nasty content about her in a domain I made in her name, I have decided to create a new DJ website with a new name. 

I have learned that people who blame others for their lot in life won’t get far anyway. Toxic Adult Bullies comment, in blue below, no one will believe I am a fan, nor that Toxic Adult Bullies has had any success either.

If he was successful with this site, nothing and no one would cause him to start all over again… Toxic Adult Bullies has been shamed into changing his domain that’s all.  Toxic Adult Bullies realizes I have it on here so wants to remove it, so he isn’t associated with the person I name as my abuser.

Just more evidence that Toxic Adult Bullies are out to try and ruin me and ensure that I am seen as crazy, but in time people will catch on that it was their actions and words online that caused my emotional instability in the first place. Gaslighting is not easy to get through, as you can see from what is written here. It causes so many issues within me and I have no problem admitting that either.

I have no problem letting it be known I would not have had a mental breakdown and quit my job if it wasn’t for the actions of Toxic Adult Bullies, online and in person. It is because of them and their big mouths that this got as far as it did, as their big mouths caused fear within people and caused them to cower and hide from any more of their loud threats and accusations. Who wants websites online containing info about themselves written by someone else?

Toxic Adult Bullies intimidate people and make it so uncomfortable that either they give in and give him what they wanted, or suffer being smeared and lied about. I have shared enough of his written documents and emails to me that show this mentality. Even his own content online shows this mentality! Look at what he tried to manipulate the tenants into doing!!.

I am thankful that Toxic Adult Bullies couldn’t manipulate anyone else into lying for him against me! These other tenants thankfully had a conscious and couldn’t be forced to do his bidding, just like anyone else I am sure they tried to manipulate and gaslight him into helping him go after me!

After all this time, Toxic Adult Bullies have no support from anyone else against me, as there is nothing there! They found no evidence, and they proved they looked with the comments they made about going to my previous workplace!

Toxic Adult Bullies loves to gaslight you into believing that Stella Reddy is the problem but one has to wonder why Stella Reddy got to this point in the first place. What came first I wonder? Are toxic Adult Bullies smearing, bullying, and gaslighting of Stella Reddy or her unstable behaviour? Think about that…

Yes, seeing this crap online does bother me, I wouldn’t be human if it didn’t, but I have come to terms with it. It pisses me off but I accept I can’t control their behaviour, just point out all the Toxic things they do to me. It’s kind of like the question of what came first, the chicken or the egg.

I wouldn’t be so unstable if Toxic Adult Bullies didn’t make so many websites filled with such nasty bullying content filled with lies about me. It’s the reality here. 

With every action, there is always a reaction, no matter how hard you try not to let it affect you, it always does in some way.

It is his actions that caused so many reactions within me and tho I am learning to control them, it is still there. People need to accept and see that the actions that Toxic Adult Bullies do, like what is written here, affect the psyche of the person they target, which is me. It’s human nature. 


New Site / New Name / New Music

Hello Everyone

Due to the overwhelming, obsessed stalking and desperate behaviour of an unstable extreme fan named Stella Reddy, I have decided to create a new DJ Website with a New DJ Name and New Sounds in the interest of my own personal safety. This is the price of success I guess.

I will email and reach out to all my followers with the new site and social media addresses.

The airline tickets are booked, paid for, and printed. I’m vaccinated, so that means I will be arriving with my equipment on May 15, 2021.

The Saturday Jams will start every Saturday on May 22, 2021 at Vibz.

All this information will be on the new site. is no longer maintained, see you on the new site!


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