Divisional Court Decision & Tenants Lost!

I was reading the Divisional Court decision yesterday and I felt like I was reading it for the first time. I guess my mind was not in a place to absorb it the first time! It is interesting to read. These 3 judges knew what this was about, didn’t they?

Do you know what I got from this?

It didn’t matter what Toxic Adult Bullies were indignant over, they still had no justification to refuse entry when requested by Notice of Entry given. 

Toxic Adult Bullies testified that he objected to the landlord entering to examine the bathroom ceiling because the landlord already knew about the ceiling and had made a previous attempt to fix it. The tenant testified that she was of the view that enough people had looked at it, she decided that enough was enough, and that the superintendent should just have brought someone to do the work. Toxic Adult Bullies testified that when the superintendent showed up at the apartment, he asked her where the contractor was. He was annoyed that she wanted him to clean out his bathroom so that she could take pictures, and agreed that he didn’t give the superintendent access and told her to come back with her contractors.

While Toxic Adult Bullies may have been genuinely indignant about apparently racially insensitive comments made by the superintendent in the past, nevertheless his refusal to permit entry was unreasonable.

I could have been the biggest bitch around, but they still had no right to refuse entry. Apartment 303 could have had a revolving door with people and contractors going in and out, all hours between 8:00 am – 8:00 pm for a month and as long as a Notice of Entry is given and it’s legit, there is nothing they can do.

The very act of refusing, which they admit to doing, in the Landlord and Tenant Board and at Divisional Court, is what got them evicted. Such a simple thing… Not the mess they create.

This is the point of the rules. People like Toxic Adult Bullies can’t just decide one day that “enough is enough ” and just choose to not cooperate anymore because it isn’t going as they want it to…That is all this boil down to, doesn’t it?

They decide that enough is enough for them to enter so they decide to come up with some convoluted story of racism, that no judicial system has ever said occurred. While Toxic Adult Bullies might say it does, it is just his imagination! “

There was no direct evidence that the application for eviction was motivated by racism.”

You can’t get any clearer than that! 

I made a comment at the hearing held on September 26, 2017, out of intense emotions of hearing lies against me for the first time that I have acknowledged and apologized for, I have no need to go over it and over it all the time. It’s obvious, even in their own content what they are doing with that.

I am just very glad that everyone else saw this for what it was… a reaction. In the end, I could care less anymore what Toxic Adult Bullies think it means.

I will finish this site, I want my side all online for people to find if they search for my name, though there really is no need to do so, I just want it there. Peace of mind for myself!

I am happy and content in where I am these days and have no need to worry anymore. I have been shown the truth of the Smear Campaign against me online by Toxic Adult Bullies and I am happy with that.





Dambrot, Wilton-Siegel and Emery J.J.






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