Stella Reddy Got Her Groove Back and Will Never Give UP


I recently noticed something while I was going through my site fixing the links. (They will now link to Wayback Machine! I will copy and paste as much as I can where I can.)

Around October 21, 2021 the page below showed up on where Kory Read gloats over renewing a couple of domains, as noted below, till April 2023. Now, a month later, the hosting are gone. I take it Kory Read gave up! I am taking it as a big WIN for me!

On this page, Opps I did it again, Kory Read claims we have many, many more years together in this journey to expose your racist behavior to as many individuals as we can.

And as Stella Reddy was so concerned yesterday about our other domains before hers got taken offline.

We have again renewed them for another year. Hmm, Stela Reddy has to wonder how we can afford to pay for this when we aren’t working? Or are we working?

And to help Stella Reddy put her mind at ease, we also renewed this domain for another year, so now it will not expire until April 20, 2023.

So with that said, Happy Anniversary, Stella Reddy; we have many, many more years together in this journey to expose your racist behavior to as many individuals as we can. Because remember, racist people like you need to be “called out.”

He follows up with 3 more pages, all more gaslighting of my actions and words, trying to convince you that he got my sites removed due to what he considers racism, not because of the PII I had there.

As he says, I taught him how to email about Personal Identifying Information some hosts don’t allow. He loves to gloat over what he was able to do about my free sites and even a paid one. He even shares a email he sent them about it, showing off that he did that. Kory Read being boastful as usual, talking like he is better than anyone!

These pages show his feelings of arrogance and superiority over me, that’s all. It also shows his frustration over this site. He don’t like me picking up for myself, he has to try and trigger me with his words into stopping. 

The last post, he tries to Gaslights this improbable story that I was trying to get access to the site, making it sound like I am stupid in not knowing that won’t work, as the info goes to them. All he thinks he needs to do is imply for people to believe him. 

This last page has more Gaslighting and Projection of his own actions than any other I saw on this site. It contains so many thing he did himself the past few years.

Kory Read loves to give me traits and motives, he is just so blatant with it! These claims below on this site, shows just how desperate Kory Read has become.

He wants you to believe that it was me posting on those 6 domains since November 2, 2017, not him. He is the one who owns the sites, he is the one who wrote the content on them, yet it was me who was obsessed and did all the stalking? ? Hmm… I guess all the stuff he did with these domains, with LinkedIn, with Facebook, was all legit for him to do? I get so sick of the gaslighting Kory Read does! 

He wanted to get to my psyche, as his words below show so clearly. Kory Read feel impotent, so had to strike back at me, and this page is it.

This page shows Kory Read & Allison Read pure hatred towards me. 

Kory Read wants me dead. 

He promotes my suicide once again, trying to gaslight his actions onto me. These words below, show what Kory Read has done to me.

It is pure projection here, as it wasn’t me who owns and posted on the list of domains of,,,,, and since November 2, 2017! More deflection done by Kory Read, trying so hard to get you to focus on me, not him. Deflection! 

Stella Reddy was email people, joining Facebook, Instagram, Twitter groups, etc., passing around the photos she got from our social media of us and our children until she found someone who knew and was will tell her where we lived.

Being stalked is not a good thing, but I guess it is a form of a compliment?

In a small way, it is comforting to know that Stella Reddy and her enabler Russell Reddy have become so pissed off over the site that they have jointly now devoted their lives to trying to follow our family and our daily activities via the internet.

But you see, we don’t hand them information as we do not promote illegal behavior like stalking. We keep our lives private. If Stella Reddy and her enabler husband Russell Reddy want to be our unhealthy fans/stalkers, they need to work for their own information.

You see, it is clear that Russell Reddy is just as obsessed with our interracial family as his obsessed wife Stella Reddy because he allows her to devoted endless amounts of time in front of their computer, typing away her long-winded rants, search for our family through social media, posting endless lies and false claims, and maybe encouraging her to deliberately commit illegal acts like trying to hack this site administrator account.

Realistically, would any loving spouse sit back, passively, and watch their ( so-called love/wife ) spend every day in and every day out, day after day, devoting their entire existence to an unhealthy obsession/stalking against a group of individuals thousands of miles away? 

Either Russell Reddy is 100% behind her in her quest to seek as much information as they can out about our family, or he wants her to have another “episode” where she tries to kill herself, maybe not “stopping” her this time.

Or maybe her loving husband Russell Reddy is just waiting for nature to take its course and end it for him. 

Not sure what Russell Reddy’s motives are, but it is clear that he has to see and know she is in front of the computer every day, hours upon end, obsessing about our family. 

And that unnatural behavior alone would draw concern from any loving spouse who in turn should seek some help for them. 

One has to wonder, has Russell Reddy ever gotten or even suggested help for his wife, Stella Reddy?

Really, why would any spouse who allegedly loves their partner allow them to behave in such an unhealthy manner for years upon end? 

Again, either Russell Reddy is enabling her, or he wants it to end permanently. And if he can’t stop her, maybe nature will stop it for him.

We will never know, as Russell Reddy sits by passively in the shadows, saying nothing, allowing his wife Stella Reddy to continue to burden and overwhelm herself with emotions and guilt, the whole time trying to justify in her head her inexcusable racist behavior since 2017. Wow, what a mind reader Kory Read is, hey?

So this game will start over once again as my daughter and spouse will be moving here with my son and I, so our daughter can attend medical school at 17. We will all once again be together after a couple of months apart.

Will Stella Reddy finds us this time? NOPE!!! 

Stella Reddy claims that she is currently mentally sick, but she was not mentally sick when getting our family evicted. Nope, Stella Reddy was of sound mind and strong will.

Only after filing with the Human Rights and creating this website did Stella Reddy start playing the pity boo-hoo card of I was not mentally in the right place. Very convenient it was.

Stella Reddy is a performer who puts on whatever face/mask is needed for the time. It is that plan, and it is that simple. This website drives her crazy because it exposes just that, her act.

With that said, our family has moved on with our lives. Forgetting about Stella Reddy and her ignorant family. Our lives are solely about our children becoming doctors and being more productive in society, more than Stella Reddy and her family have nor ever will be able to.

Racism, unfortunately, will always exist because Caucasians like Stella reddy and her enabler husband Russell Reddy can not stand the idea that a Black female is more successful than they are, or ever will be. It is such as shame that they live their lives competing with others.

Now, we have many many more years together in this journey to expose your Adult Bullying and Narcissistic traits, to as many individuals as we can!

As the sites are all gone, I don’t have to worry about looking for more content against me! It’s a BIG WIN! 

I think it is really funny that Kory Read took the last few pages of to boast about getting my free sites removed, about renewing for another 2 years yet, he allowed his sites to be suspended by a free speech host.

Kory Read gave up his journey to expose me to as many individuals as he can! We have many more years together in this journey to expose your Adult Bullying and Narcissistic traits, to as many individuals as we can instead!

It’s about time too! My guess is that he finally realized I am done with his gaslighting and manipulation and he will never get to my emotions like he did. I will never back down, never again. I have the means to expose their nasty actions against me online and I am determined to do so. Why not? Kory Read has no control over the internet, as he was so clearly shown and can’t control what I do. He can try all he wants by using his many narcissistic traits, it won’t work anymore. 

I do, because I can. I am emotionally free from Kory Read & Allison Read’s manipulations now and they can bother me no more with their gaslighting. Say your worst about me in any domains or on any content, all you will end up doing is showing the world just what a Adult Bully you are for tearing down another. I am very strong in my beliefs these days.

It has been established who owns those domains and its nasty content, no matter what privacy service you use to try and hide away. No one else is going to use domains with those personal names like he did, they have no reason too! Continuing your onslaught against me will show just who you are, not me. I have become too confident in myself and my own truth and so have the people important to me. Anyone believing their lies online, don’t need to be in my life anyway! I pick and choose who I have in my life as I have no obligations to anyone anymore. 

In the end, it don’t matter to me or anyone WHY Kory Read came after me online, it matters HOW he came after me online. He did it through severe smearing and degradation of my very existence as another human being within MANY domains, on Facebook and other places, one domain in my own personal name! 

He dehumanized me, tried to push me into suicide by promoting it with his words, “go use some rope” and stating that my own husband wants me dead. He pushed my narratives aside like they were garbage to be overwritten by his. I was degraded, gaslighted, and bullied into non-existence!

I don’t care about the reason he got mad, what he did to me online, in all his forms he used,  is NOT RIGHT!

His actions towards me is totally outrageous! Its is morally corrupt behaviour and shows total lack of empathy and consideration towards another person. 

I wouldn’t have believed such viciousness existed if I didn’t see it myself. 

There are better ways of dealing with accusations of racism and discrimination and I can tell you that the way Kory Read & Allison Read managed their accusations is NOT the way to do it! They tried the legal route and kept losing so decided to try and gaslight and triangulate me with the internet instead. 

Arbitrarily creating such a severe smear campaign online, like they did with and the other sites, is not a good way for a ADULT to manage their issues!

It made them BULLIES who gaslight to try and change the truth! I believe they finally realized that for themselves and I am grateful! Either way, they are gone offline and hopefully will remain that way. 

I live in HOPE, Always!

Their actions have been exposed. Kory Read & Allison Read are Adult Bullies who degrade and smear anyone who goes against them and what they want., and the other domains with their nasty content, are evidence of that! No denying that anymore… the evidence is there within their own content!

“Narcissists can only get you through your fear …. your fear feeds them power”. Kory Read was trying to play on my fear again of what he says and does against me. So this game will start over once again, he writes. I do expect Kory Read to show up once again with these domains and contents online, as he has disappeared before. I just do not trust him. 

When I was triggered by the fear of what he may do, I use to react and try to expose the narcissist on free sites and frantically appeal to others to help me. I came to understand that most people don’t want to get involved. I was shocked to see how the narcissist twists it all by making me out to be the wrong and crazy one. He took my words and used them as fodder to terrorize me with online more, twisting everything to make me look bad. I caught onto that tactic.

This is why, in every area of our life, love, workplace, any situation at all, the inner work on ourselves is everything so that we can show up in our power, the inner solidness and truth, and we just walk this line: ‘Really? NO that was not the truth. This actually is.’ I am confident in my beliefs.

Who chooses to believe the truth is really not the issue. The issue is that we know it and we can hold our head high going forward feeling released, resolved and clear that who and what the Kory Read & Allison Read do and say, is NOT our reality. 

This past year, I have come back to my own personal power and it will never be subjected to anyone else’s negativity ever again. Stella got her groove back! 

Then we will be astounded by how the rest of life follows. This belief system in myself has created peace in my soul. I know my TRUTH and that is all that matter to me now. I know what Kory Read & Allison Read has done to me and my name and I am content with that. I no longer need validation from anyone else, I gave it to myself. Other people are welcome to believe whatever they wish, it won’t bother me anymore as I don’t need to concern myself with people not in my life.

If anyone is negative towards me these days, I will kick you to the curb and move on. It has become very simple for me these days. I have choices and I use them.

The deal is always this: I am good people and will always have good people in my life. I will always have people around who believe in me and love me for who I am. I will always have support, not just from others now but from myself. Once we leave pathological people behind and purge their toxicity from within us, we stop feeling sick. We get well, and so does our life.

I am living proof that this happens, as here I am! I am living proof that Kory Read did his worst to my mental health, yet here I am still exposing these actions for what they truly are. 

Whereas, Kory Read & Allison Read life is always going to be fraught with disruption, pain and stop/starts. That doesn’t change. He has been shamed into shutting down all his own personal sites like, even shut down his email for that, and has lost hosting for his smear campaign sites. He has had to transfer these domains numerous times over complaints of PII there and had to start over a few times, just like I just did a couple of months ago with this site. 

People start to see the truth. Many people don’t trust Kory Read anyway, they get a bad vibe off him even from the beginning. How many people in your life have told you that upon meeting them? How many people told you that what they say will never be accepted? 

Life is really not that great for them, and the more you build and create your life from an authentic space, the more their lies and punishment regarding you falls apart. Know this to be true. I am living proof!

But to do this, we do need to turn inwards and confront and heal all that is being triggered off within us, that is causing us to obsess, panic, overreact, and hand our power away. I had to work on my own issues and work through them through counselling and online research and reading to get rid of my own toxicity I got from this severe smearing. I had to start looking at this from a non-emotional viewpoint and see the many tactics at play. It was hard, but I did it. 

Heal yourself and the rest will fall into place. I still get angry, but it is easier to let it go and go back to a calm state once I remind myself that he is trying to trigger me. That is what Narcissist do, try to trigger you with their words into a reactions they could then take and use against you.

It is a deliberate choice Kory Read & Allison Read have made and they own the consequences of that, not anyone else. 

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