Stella Reddy Fighting Back Causes Bullies to Disappear!

Every day, it is easier…

I am happy to see Kory Read & Allison Read disappear for awhile! I know that while my site,, remains online, Kory Read will stay quiet and not make new posts! Its one way to get him to shut up writing about me!

I spent some time recently at the cabin, hence no posts as there is no reception there, and every day it is easier to forget. I had such a fantastic time out there! Nothing like being around great people having FUN!

My anger, resentment of Kory Read & Allison Read for posting is dissipating, as I am coming to terms with it all. I am more content than ever these days!

What else can ya do? You would be amazed over what you can learn to live with!

My Peace

When I did all the other sites I had, they were defensive and angry, wanting to inflict the same shame and embarrassment onto them that they pushed on me and I found that it didn’t help, left me feeling more off kilter. I don’t have it in me to be mean like they are and I can’t be as nasty as they have been.

I want for Kory Read & Allison Read to become known as the writers of this content online within these domains. They write this personally driven garbage in this domain in my name, as a deliberate act of aggression against me, out of revenge. Read my site to see what it can do to your mental health! 

I want people to be aware that as Kory Read & Allison Read were capable and more than willing to degrade total strangers online in domains they made in personal names like this against me, David Strashin, Kevin Lundy, they will do it to anyone. They cannot be trusted. 

Since I exposed Kory Read & Allison Read this time around, they disappeared.

Its not the first time they went all quiet with no posts on The last time Kory Read went quiet on postings was when I had online but when I took it offline, he started up again. As I won’t be taking this one down, I am hoping it will cause Kory Read to stop writing completely, even if he don’t remove them. While my site remains, he is quiet so time will tell.

Kory Read won’t post these days as he is too afraid. Kory Read is okay with his nasty content online as long as I don’t have my own sites to debunk his words, but once I have a working domain to write in, he disappears out of fear of retribution.

I have no fear of taking Kory Read’s written words and show them for what they are, lies, manipulations, and gaslighting. Kory Read takes words others say and twists them with his own nasty opinions, implying bad actions when there are none. It can’t be missed within the content of and the other domains….

Either way, I fight back and Kory Read & Allison Read stop posting… They are running away.

If Kory Read is really ready to “move on” forgetting about Stella Reddy and focusing on their children, they would remove all these domains so they wouldn’t be associated with them. Having domains with content like on,, is not exactly helpful to their future. Smear Campaigns don’t only hurt the targets of them, but also the writers of them.

Kory Read has no intention of “moving on” as he is obsessed. If he wanted to truly move on, these domains would be gone.

If Kory Read really wanted to get their businesses off the ground and gardener trust in clients they want to have, he would remove these domains that show they can’t be trusted with other people’s personal info.

If Kory Read was fully focused on his children, he wouldn’t have posted these domains in the first place, as he would know that his actions of doing these domains will only end up harming his children’s’ futures. His children currently still live with them, and every action Kory Read & Allison Read do against others reflect back on them, including their children.

As long they maintain all these domains their children’s futures will be at risk.

Content within, written by Kory Read, shows how he truly feels about other people. He is arrogant and boastful while degrading others. His actions reflect on everyone around him and cause embarrassment and shame for his children and his wife. So much so he had to put a password on all pages in

By writing an email to me to gloat over his daughter getting into medical school Kory Read is making his children a part of his actions online. He is harming his own children’s futures and he don’t care!

We all know what domains online filled with personal names will do to your psyche. As I use to wonder when I meet someone if they saw the domain of online, Kory Read, Allison Read and both children will also now wonder the same thing about people they meet, not only over but their own domains including! I make sure people know they own them, as they should!

I can imagine how the children will feel if someone asks them about even! Kory Read is doing to his own family what he wants seen done to me!

Kory Read is the one in the end who is continuing to cause their family to be in the spotlight, just like they caused their own eviction. Why trying to put the blame on others, they are highlighting their own terrible actions!

With that said, our family has moved on with our lives. Forgetting about Stella Reddy and her ignorant family. Our lives are solely about our children becoming doctors and being more productive in society, more than Stella Reddy and her family have nor ever will be able to.

Racism, unfortunately, will always exist because Caucasians like Stella reddy and her enabler husband Russell Reddy can not stand the idea that a Black female is more successful than they are, or ever will be. It is such as shame that they live their lives competing with others.


Until these domains are removed, Kory Read, Allison Read & their children Kniighetti Read & Eexii Read will also remain in the spotlight in all their actions online. No one in their family will ever get away from these list of domains and their ownership of them!

Kory Read & Allison Read are making sure their children continue to suffer because they refuse to accept accountability for owning and posting in,,,, and about me, Stella Reddy. While trying to go after other people, they show themselves.

The other people may be willing to ignore their action in their names online, I am not. I have every right to my anger over their abuse of me and my name online. Kory Read & Allison Read don’t have the right to abuse me and my name in this way, I don’t care what excuse they have.

All they do in my name now is showing spite and childish behavior for not getting their way with the tribunals who didn’t believe their many lies…. If what they claim was even close to the truth, they would have proven it by now.

5 years is a long time to try and force people to believe a lie. Sooner or later, people do catch on to it, especially when they have never shown any evidence of their claims!