I wrote this post in April 2021 and it was one of the first posts I wrote for this site where you can see I was showing the education I was getting over toxic traits I was seeing from these Tenants.

I learned enough to know that as long as those Domains remain registered for use, they will return online in some form or another, as it isn’t the first time they disappeared from the internet since they were created.

This list is very exhaustive of what Narcissistic Abuse is all about!

This is the meaning I have come to see in these Tenant’s words and actions. Everything I have read since on toxic people and narcissism, just reinforces my beliefs that the Tenants who meddled in my professional and personal life in Ontario are very Toxic and behaved like Bullies. They are deliberately being mean to others.

These Narcissistic Tenants created a false perception of reality by making up a lie of a “prior meeting” where they made allegations I said racist comments to them. By embellishing this lie, they created fear in me of retribution against me by them, and by strangers coming in off the street, as I had to deal with people looking for an apartment to rent in my job.

They tried every which way to get people to believe this “prior meeting” occurred as they claim, even in the face of all the evidence I had showing it was not possible.

When lorriereddy.com came out last year, I wasn’t surprised, as I knew it was only a matter of time before they found my social media and tried to use it against me, as their antics in the past have shown me this is what they do.

They play Judge, Jury, and Executioner of people, thinking they have the power to do so.

While the content of their many sites is now gone from the Internet Archive, they are still registered for use and I do expect them to return at some point, just as they did last November after they gave up the hosting with the free speech Orangewebsite. They showed up 4 months later on a parked server with Hostinger and were redirected to the Internet Archive.

Thankfully, policies are changing with hosting on the internet and it isn’t as easy to make anonymous posts about other people.

Currently, there is still content on stellareddy.com/go as noted below where they claim to be the “truth speaker” of Stella Reddy and tell you they took their sites down in November as a “test” for me.

These words there highlight everything I have said about their Toxicity.

They claim to be the “truth speaker” of me, while our only interaction was that of Tenants and Building Staff. In reality, everything they write is a projection of themselves, as that is the only person they are familiar with!

They claim they took down their sites from the free speech hosting they had as a “test” for me to see what I would do with this site, which was online for 7 months at the time. They wanted me to remove my site that’s all so they could continue unchallenged with their websites. When did they become the authority to “test” anyone?

So after being offline for 4 months. It is time to bring back the truth speaker.. StellaReddy.com

Now the site was offline as a test to Stella Reddy. Which of coarse she failed as always.

You see Stella Reddy has always complained about the sites being up and how inaccurate they are in their depiction of her racist behavior and beliefs. There are countless times that Stella Reddy has said if the sites “were gone” she would move on with her life.

Well the sites were gone for 4 months and what did Stella Reddy do?


April 26, 2021

All narcissists share, to varying degrees, these specific traits:

  1. An arrogant, condescending, haughty manner
  2. Complete self-absorption
  3. A total lack of empathy for others
  4. Epic entitlement and insatiable greed
  5. Disrespect for others’ boundaries
  6. Troubled relationships with friends and family due to their toxicity
  7. No accountability/responsibility for their loathsome behavior
  8. Suffer ‘narcissistic injury’ and fly into a ‘narcissistic rage’ at being reproached for their actions and behavior or if they perceive even the slightest criticism towards their character – can even become violent
  9. Bullying, manipulative and controlling behavior
  10. Irrational and illogical – can not be reasoned with, must ALWAYS have their own way no matter what
  11. Blatant and persistent lying about everything; deceptive behavior
  12. Love of money which means power and control to them
  13. Gaslighting – very destructive behavior towards others in order to control them by distorting reality and making others question their own sanity and perception of reality
  14. Projection – narcissists always accuse others of doing and being what they do and are
  15. Playing victim – narcissists always create drama and chaos around them, blame others for it and then play ‘victim’ to it all
  16. Have certain people in their lives to play certain roles – enablers, flying monkeys, narcissitic parents have scapegoats and golden children, narcissistic mothers tend to have ‘son-husbands’
  17. A total and complete lack of self-awareness for all of the above; narcissists live by a completely idealized façade of themselves though deep down they are very damaged people that are best to avoid when possible

When you have dirt on a narcissist that could tarnish their fake show of flawless bliss, they will

(1) smear your reputation to high heaven in attempt to discredit you,

(2) recruit everyone they can to bully you, especially “friends,”

(3) attempt to destroy you by removing your support system,

(4) “get out ahead” of the truth about themselves by telling people an alternative narrative, paving the way to make the truth into lies.

Be prepared for an all-out war the likes of which you’ve never seen. The better your dirt on the narc, the deadlier their attack will be.

This is proven by this sentence I copied below!

“we have many, many more years together in this journey to expose your racist behavior to as many individuals as we can. Because remember, racist people like you need to be “called out.”


Toxic Adult Bullies has been accusing me of racism and bigotry for 4 years and 8 months now and I have yet to see any actual evidence of it. Where is it? Where are all the “forged” & “altered” documents they say were used, as well?

The incident at the Landlord and Tenant Board on September 26, 2017, at the hearing, is not actual evidence of his claims. They had no idea I would say any of that at the hearing, but it has become their main point that they say shows their claims. Where is all the evidence of this prior meeting and that I was “targeting’ them in my job after this alleged meeting?

Yes, I reacted badly at the hearing with LTB on Sept 26, 2017. I have never denied this. 

It is human nature to become defensive over hearing allegations against you, but Toxic Adult Bullies is taking that reaction and making a mountain out of a molehill, as they say. I don’t know how many times I have written this out and I am sure it won’t be the last either…

Yes, I appreciate and understand that what I said and did out of this defensiveness was inappropriate and I was willing to accept any consequences that could have been made by Human Rights for that action. I have stated as many times to them, to the Police, and even the Ombudsman Office when I spoke to them, to everyone. He even has this on the quote pages! I was desperate just to have it OVER and DONE!

As human beings, we all make mistakes and these mistakes should not have to follow that person for the rest of their lives because someone is taking it to use to terrorize them!


” HOW ABOUT I CALL THE CHILDREN’S AID DOWN THE STREET  and make a claim that you abuse your children?

I AM EVEN WILLING TO GO TO JAIL, IF IT COMES TO THAT, if it also ensures that you and your family are held accountable for what you have done,

I will accept any form of punishment for myself gladly as long as you and your wife and YOUR CHILDREN are also punished.”

I admit my actions that day were not the best and it came about from the very strong emotions I experienced upon hearing details of some alleged prior meeting they claim we had at some restaurant. This is why Kevin Lundy said I was “oblivious” to what I said, as it was emotion-based. It is easy to see and hear in the recording, so please listen to it for yourself and make your own judgment.

I even told the Police at one point to come and arrest me as I was desperate to get out from under their constant barrage of documents and emails filled with degradation and accusation as I figured if I was in jail, I wouldn’t have to see any of it and could get some peace!

This recording will always remain in its entirety on this page I share below and I have a copy as well. It is over an hour long but very interesting to listen to. You can clearly hear my reaction to hearing details of this alleged meeting and know I am hearing all this for the very first time. Sue me for being human and having a strong emotional reaction to it, especially if you add this to the other stuff I had to listen to from them up till this point!



While Toxic Adult Bullies needs to take 14 pages to show what I did was wrong and not acceptable when I spoke of my Nephew, (not great-nephews & great-nieces eyes he shares online and talks about, but their father) I only need the audio he shared on the first 859kennedyroad.com website to show the truth. I am human and had a human reaction.

Toxic Adult Bullies proves himself that people are human and they get defensive when accused of something within these 14 pages…Why should I be any different? Should I be terrorized for it for the rest of my life within the content of these pages, all because Toxic Adult Bullies DEEMED that I should be?

I am a human being who had strong emotional reactions to hearing lies being told about her in a room full of strangers!  If I am not allowed to react, badly or otherwise, then I wouldn’t be human.  I am allowed to react to hearing such detailed lies about some prior meeting they were claiming we had, with the ability to quote what was said, but can’t remember the date of this meeting.

Toxic Adult Bullies had the opportunity to hold me to account for that reaction with their Human Rights applications, but when they walked away and ignored the Hearing on January 17, 2020, they lost all rights to get at me for anything I did. He walked from proving it, yet still continues online that he has.

Toxic Adult Bullies is also defensive within his content and has to take pages and pages filled with content to try and get you to see things his way, such as https://stellareddy.com/property-manager-page-1of5/ & https://stellareddy.com/show-me-your-friends-and-i-will-show-you-what-your-about-pt-1/

My Bullies First Letter!