Stella Reddy Chooses What To Believe!

Don't ever allow anyone to bully you

As the poster above says, don’t allow anyone to Bully you into believing their interpretations of your intentions. Some people are determined to misunderstand you, no matter what you do or say. It is their problem, not yours. You are not responsible to make others comfortable.

I am not responsible to make Kory & Allison Read comfortable. I have no accountability to them whatsoever!

I never did accept Adult Tenant Bullies implications of my motives, I never did believe that Kory Read knew what I meant by anything I do or say, as I knew they were not a part of my life to know. My issue was that for a long time, I was the only one willing to speak up against them and what they do in my name. I read their implications on my life and I wondered, Who are they, to even think they have a right to try and question my actions? It use to piss me off, to see his improbable implications on my life, when he don’t even know me.

Just because Kory Read claims Stella Reddy is a racist and a liar, it don’t mean a thing, as Kory Read is not the adjudicator of Stella Reddy’s. He don’t even know Stella Reddy well enough to be able to make any informed opinions on her behaviour, and he is not trained to determine such things.

His opinion is based on his personal judgements he made of Stella Reddy, it shows his own skewed views, and he shows he will never be willing to accept any evidence showing differently, no matter what it is or where it comes from.  

I know the Divisional Court decision clearly states there was no racism, yet Kory Read wrote on his sites contents, they said there was. It is so easy to actually look at the decision online and see for yourself, but he will still say it does, as he has convinced himself of it. Just as he has convinced himself that I am racist and a liar, he will never see evidence showing I am not, no matter where it comes from. Rather than accept even judicial systems decisions, he prefers to walk away and accuse them of collusion with me instead. The evidence of it is online in his domains contents.

Kory & Allison Read did apply to Human Rights of Ontario to try and have me determined as a racist, but he never did provide any evidence of such behaviour, not in word or action, as there is nothing there! Just because he says it, don’t make it so. After 19 months of the process, a hearing was finally set up in January 2020 to determine what evidence they had to prove their case, but they ignored it ,and didn’t show, so it was all dismissed. I know Kory & Allison Read ignored the hearing as they knew I had enough evidence to disprove their accusations against me, each and every one of them, I was able to show did not occur as they say. Of course, they walked away, they didn’t want another loss! They knew they could never win that case.

I hated the process of HRTO, it was very invasive, but I got thru it and did what I needed to do. Even with all the mental health issues I was having, I was there on the phone for the teleconference hearing that day and waited over a hour for them to show up, but they never did. I was not afraid of the outcome, I knew there was nothing they could do. I had no concerns about the outcome of this process, not like the others. I knew that HRTO was a waste of time and even if they had showed for the hearing by phone that day, they never had any evidence of racism being shown to them. I was very confident of the outcome of this process.

I may have avoided them and their apartment after the hearing where they got evicted, but I did that for my own personal safety, and cause I could. To me, once they were evicted, Appeal or not, they were no longer tenants I had to concern myself with anymore. Even the City Inspectors left us alone over the maintenance in there, as they accepted there was no need to stress myself out with still trying to get the work done and face more possible aggression from them. I refused to deal with them, and so did the owners, so they were ignored. As for their requests that came for a copy of their tenant file? I wasn’t obligated to give it to them, at the time I no longer worked there, nor was the Property Management they hired after I quit, as they had nothing to do with that process.

You see, they were legally evicted. They applied for an Appeal on that eviction, but that appeal just put it on hold, it didn’t cancel it and make them tenants still. All while the Appeal was ongoing with Divisional Court, their tenancy was on “hold”, which meant I didn’t have to deal with them nor respond to any requests, as they were not technically tenants anymore. I had to deal with emergency issues for the property, but that was it, nothing for them as they were no longer considered tenants.

What got to me the most, was the fact that other people were willing to give in to the Bullying. So many others were afraid of saying anything, as they didn’t want Kory & Allison Read to turn on them too. It is nuts how much terrible behaviour can control the actions of someone else. To know that if you speak up and go against Kory Read and what he says, will cause him to turn on you, as he did with so many others in the past, even online in Facebook. You question him and you get his wrath. That’s all his sites are about, showing his wrath for not giving him what he wanted!

You know what other people’s main issue was?” Not to give them more ammunition to use against me“. I heard that phrase so often over this situation, but I had seen and accepted what no one else would back then, that it didn’t matter what I said or did, these Tenant Bullies would take it and twist it with their nasty implications anyway! I could have said the nicest things, yet they will take it and twist it to sound ugly, as it is the lens of hate and resentment with which they see me through.

This created a poisoned working environment for me and over time, it got to me too, but I still refused to give in. The internet is littered with my anger in the past and the times I tried to stand up for myself! Each and every time, I was shot down by others, told to even shut up by some. I did go quiet for a time, many times, but I always came back and shared my story. It was only this time, I was able to fight the dissonance and keep it online, as I know it is important to my mental health.

Now, I ignore anyone who tells me to “stay quiet” and let time make all this disappear. Anyone who complains over my site, and its contents, I ignore these days, as they didn’t live this situation, I did. They were not the one being mentally affected, I was. It isn’t their story to tell, nor it is their right to tell me NOT to tell it.

My response now to anyone who complains about anything I do? Don’t look and you won’t be bothered. You don’t like what I write, don’t read it. It is the same mentality I have gained over, I don’t like it, so I won’t read it. I don’t like any of their actions online, personal to them and personal to me, so I just decided to just ignore it. What I don’t know about, won’t bother me!

All I see now is that Kory Read became so ashamed that his actions of refusal of entry caused his family to be evicted, he couldn’t handle it so is projecting the fault of their eviction onto me instead.

Kory Read has convinced himself, his wife, his kids, his flying monkeys, that I made up their actions of refusal of access, that I targeted them out of racism. I lied and cheated and was in cahoots with so many other people in different agencies to help me evict them, all illegally. They convinced themselves that I misled the tribunal over their many consistent refusals of access and that they had a legitimate reason to deny entry when it was asked for, that they were within their rights to deny entry, all the time.

I will never give in to the bullying ways of these Adult Tenant Bullies, as they don’t deserve any consideration from me. I will continue to share all the ways they Bullied me, online and off, as it is my right.

No one will ever shut me up again.


Dear Narcissist




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