Stella Reddy: A Year Later

My life has changed. There is no going back and to be honest, I don’t want too even if I could. I am happy where I am in my life and very content.

I have been home on the Rock for a year now, as of September 19th. In that year I have changed even more, especially the past few months. Once I wrote out my story on this site, I have been released from its power and it bothers me no more. Amazing what telling your story can do for you, isn’t it? Once the words are written, their power is gone.

I have my circle of friends, my family,  have joined different things so I can get out around people, like walking groups, doing volunteer work, and even joined a dart league!

I don’t have much time to dwell on any of this anymore, my life is becoming very full and fulfilling. I have other things to do than worry about what actions Kory Read is doing in my name online.

I have become very social since I moved here and I am better for it. Every day, I am out and it is heaven for me! I love the scenery here, the peace it gives me to be surrounded by it is very powerful.

Living in Newfoundland this past year has healed my soul. 

I am well on my way to recovery from this very severe smear campaign against me online my Bullies, Kory Read & Allison Read, started on November 2, 2017 within various domains. Some things, like the anxiety, will always be with me but I can control it and I am very good at dealing with it these days. I have learned how to control my reactions and my emotions and am stronger for it.

I can get through anything. All it takes is determination and WANTING it.

I survived so much in my 55 years, I am sure I will continue to keep going for a long time to come. I get to live the rest of my life here in Newfoundland in peace, with no more fear of anyone anymore.

You have no idea how beautiful that is!