Spread Positivity In Your World

Spread positivity

Spreading positivity out in my world has been my new thing these past few months. No matter where I go, I smile at everyone and compliment at least one person on something, no matter how small. It makes the other person feel good, and I feel wonderful too!

It is hard to be miserable when you are nice and think nice things.

After experiencing so much negativity over the past few years, I try to bring joy, hope, and positivity into my life in any way possible these days, and what better than to help someone else feel good too?

As the poster above says, the world is hard and people can be mean, and I don’t want to be one of those mean people. I know how it feels to be on the receiving end of that meanness, which isn’t nice. I would rather be seen as nice and goofy, rather than as mean and nasty.

Being nice to others is way better than being mean!

When I was out one day last week running errands I ran into a young girl who had these awesome eyeglasses, I mean the frames were like rainbows, and I told her they were beautiful and looked awesome on her. I got such a big smile in return with a thank you. She told me they were new and she was nervous over the colours, as they do draw the attention, but I helped her feel better over her decision to get them. Seeing that big smile she gave me, made my day as well.

I have spread compliments, many thank you’s and big smiles, over the past few months than I have in the past year and as you can tell, my happiness levels have increased as a result.

Bringing attention to myself by doing these things was hard when I first started, but the benefits far outweigh that by knowing I help make someone feel good. I know when I was at my lowest, getting a nice word from anyone made my day.

For the longest time, I was afraid that someone might recognize me from the contents of stellaredddy.com, as my distorted thinking had me believing that the whole world population had seen it and was judging me for it. In reality, more people have seen this site than they have theirs in my name.

One afternoon in 2022 I was downtown and I had a stranger come up to me, they recognized me from my Facebook profile I opened up to the public after lorriereddy.com showed up online. We had a chat about the many pictures of NL that others share online, including some of the ones I took and shared. I was nervous at first but it was a friendly chat!

Being recognized for my actions on social media is so much better than being recognized for what someone else has done in my name! Since that day, I have been recognized many times when I am out roaming this City by people who have seen my stuff online, including this Blog.

Over time, it has helped me get over my fear of being recognized, no matter what it is for. It also helped me see that no one cares what some random stranger writes online about me, they prefer what I share about myself instead.

Believe me, giving random compliments to others will change your life, it has changed mine, and maybe, someone else’s too!

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