Some Of My Joyful Moments…Share: Gord Follett Photography

Today, I thought to do something different and share a Professional Photographer, Gord Follett, whom I follow who takes such awesome photos of Newfoundland and Labrador scenery. No, I do not know this person personally, I just love the photos he takes!

I am so very grateful to these people for allowing me to see these places in ways I know I never could, as I just do not have the physical ability. Being able to look at these photos and see the awesome scenery we have here, is wonderful for me! I can picture myself in these places and it brings me a lot of joy and happiness.

If you have Facebook, you are welcome to check out, and like, his page. I recently read that they have joined up with Fototripper, offering a photography workshop this year, following the Icebergs around, if that is something you are interested in. I expect we will have quite a few icebergs for people to see this year!

Yes, he sells prints of his photos and even calendars!

This is his website:

This is his Facebook page:

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these photos they shared that I enjoy looking at. (click on the photos to expand them to full size)

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