No one is bashing the narcissist. Everyone is telling their truth, their experience, what they have endured and survived in dealing with a narcissist.

I find it really funny that after 7 years, to see that everything has flipped around. I still search for my name these days, but I only find what I put online. It is nice to see, after all this time!

The Toxic Tenants finally seem to have given up on their personal attacks on others, including me! The garbage took itself out!

Yes, they disappeared before, for 4 months, but I do believe it is getting harder for them now, but it wouldn’t shock me anymore to see something online again, it is still registered for use! If it does, I will email the proper places again. It is my right!

Nothing has been updated, not even on their personal sites, in many months!! Do I hope they finally left Canada as they claimed they were? I would be delighted to find that they are no longer living in this Country and finally moved to Dominica. I live in Hope!

Not only have they left their domains redirected to the Internet Archive, which has blocked all their content, but they also left all the other sites stagnant for many months. This makes me very happy, as it shows the tide has turned!

I will speculate here by saying it seems no one cares about what they have to say, not even on! Their opinions are not important enough to pay attention to! Do you think they are finally getting the message?

I happen to totally agree Toxic Bully’s opinions are not important!

As time passed, the truth of this situation started coming clear: These Tenants were the ones who were the liars and they were projecting their own bad actions onto me! Funny how it works, isn’t it?

They were terrorizing me online with impunity for almost 6 years but now that I made my own site sharing my Story that exposes their lies, which I manage to keep online for 2 years, they disappear! Yes, this is the longest I had a website online, as usually, shame makes me delete them. Not this time, as the shame is all gone for me!

They said too much in their narratives that other people know it wasn’t possible for them to know… They were Tenants and everyone reading their narratives would understand it wasn’t possible for them to know my personal life as they claim they did!

Commenting over my marriage as they did, was really over the top, as it was obvious they were making assumptions they tried to pass off as facts. Unless it was a projection on his own marriage?

The shame of this mess is all on Toxic Tenants now where it belongs and they are hiding away now instead of me! Yes, I like that…

I worked in properties all across Ontario from Brampton, Mississauga, and Hamilton to Toronto for 18 years and not one Tenant claimed I was racist, except for these ones. That has shown me that no one is taking their stories seriously!

It says a lot about me to have a domain online containing my name, especially my pictures, for almost 6 years and nothing bad came out of it for me. I take it as a BIG compliment, not only for the work I did in that time but also as a person!! I take great comfort in that.

Not even got them noticed! They went after me, trying to expose me and all they ended up doing was exposing themselves and their own bad acts!

They were pulling allegations out of thin air, all without providing any evidence of it. They did it with all their Targets and it is easy to see once you know what to look for!

I got my education and in all honesty, everyone needs to learn about narcissists and toxic people, as it will help you stay safe from them!

I sit here today very relieved I survived this mess by staying true to myself and even though I made mistakes in defending myself, I still did. I won’t ever regret what I had to do to survive.

Once all the shame left me last year, I shared this stuff with even more people! I have hundreds of emails that I sent to so many internet services, spreading the word that is NOT by me and anyone trying to sign up with my name and that domain, it is a fraud!

I spread their sites to thousands of people and different agencies, even the Department of Justice of Canada as it needs to be addressed. I even torment their domain providers with how easy it was for them to steal my personal name, and the names of others, for the titles, as it shouldn’t be.

If I was a Website Designer, I would need a letter of Authorization to create a domain in someone else personal name or their business, yet these people did it so easily…

I read so many articles that tell you not to respond to their missives but I don’t have the personality to do that. I don’t care if I come across as crazy and unstable, as I was. I don’t hide from the truth…I couldn’t just sit back and let them spew their caustic garbage all over the internet in their domains and with Human Rights, especially knowing they were lying.

I will spread the word to anyone that,,,, and, are fraudulent websites created by Smear Campaigners looking to Cyberbully the people named in the titles! I even added and as well as their private sites in their own names and that of business they tried to start. I want people to see all their online content.

Yes, I have survived the Toxic Tenants abuse and have found the courage to share my Story, a Story that proves that Toxic Tenants are NOT, in fact, champions, winning at life, but is instead nothing but frauds, their personas thinly veiled facades concealing chaos, misery, jealousy, criminality, and a very sick, pathological mind.

They exaggerate their personal lives, pretending to be such upstanding citizens who do no wrong, living such glamourous lives, when their narratives of their cyberbullying sites show the truth. They did these things, I just pointed them out!

They think they are special… They are special alright, but not in the way they think they are!!

In the end, Toxic Adult Bullies are full of it!!