Signs That Show Me I Was Healing!

I have been seeing these signs in my own life for the past few months, and it shows me I am healing from the trauma of being Bullied by Adults I had as Tenants in the workplace. These days my positive feelings far outweigh any negative ones! I have so much to look forward to!

I have this poster below printed out and stuck to the poster board on my desk where I can see it every day!

The main one for me was releasing the shame I felt and learning to manage the strong emotions that I felt due to the PTSD I have. I forgave myself for not knowing then, what I know now. I accept what they did, I see the traits now on display that I didn’t recognize back then. I had to get an education on the traits I was seeing and once I did, that is all I see now. I no longer see them, I see traits they show me.

As they say, once I recognized their intentions with their actions, I can’t unsee it. This knowledge I have gained has allowed me to step back from this situation and not get so emotionally involved anymore. I feel safe now and have regained trust in myself.

I spent the past year facing my fears of socializing in order to get past them. I went out in my Community and showed myself I had nothing to fear anymore. I found a lot of support in my recovery and I feel loved and appreciated these days.

I have such gratitude to have made it through this situation as well as I did and for being where I am now. I have found peace and it is glorious to me!

I even feel much anticipation for this summer!! I haven’t looked forward to much over the past few years, but with the return of regulating my emotions, this feeling is coming back. I hide away no more and feel very comfortable these days expressing my needs, feelings, and opinions and know I will find support for doing so, not gaslighting and invalidation. I feel very safe in my relationships!

I am determined to have as much fun as I can this summer and have many events planned to help me do that! My oldest is getting married later this summer and I am so excited for him! So many wonderful events coming that celebrate life and I am ready, willing, and able once again to enjoy them fully! I am a happy person again!

I spent most of the last summer doing exposure therapy and this year, I get to enjoy the freedom I got from doing that. I don’t need to set myself up anymore for social interactions with others, it comes naturally to me once again. I have become the confident person I used to be and have gained freedom from toxic tenants who bullied me. Time to release that situation to the past where it belongs and focus on the here and how and my coming summer!

As they say, positive thinking eventually leads to positive living!

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