Signs Of A Narcissist: They Fear You!

I was in the middle of writing this post and decided to take a break and catch up on the posts I missed from others yesterday and today. In the process, I was inspired by Cherie White’s post to change it a bit.

I realized a while back that the Smear Campaign and Cyberbullying of me was still going on 7 years later because the toxic tenants still feel threatened by me. I know what they are, which are toxic narcissistic individuals trying to control situations and people, looking for validation for the lies they tell.

When I saw the post in December 2023, the screenshot I took is shared below, for the new content they were doing for, I knew my instincts were correct. I left Ontario, no longer working, and all legal applications they filed are long over, so why else would these toxic tenants keep renewing and posting new content for this domain when nothing will come from it? They are afraid of me and feel threatened by my posts on my website. The tables have turned! (No worries, this content is no more either!!)

From my perspective, it seems they are disappointed over the fact that I made a conscious decision to eliminate their names from my content. By doing so, I intentionally shifted the focus of my story to be centred around the underlying behaviours, the valuable lessons I acquired from those experiences, and the methods to overcome such challenging situations. This deliberate omission essentially deprives them of the attention they previously received from me.

By removing their names, I aimed to transform my narrative into a powerful account that serves as a significant source of enlightenment and inspiration for others rather than revolving around specific individuals. This empowers readers to contemplate, reflect, and draw lessons from my story without fixating on the identities of the people involved, except for me as the writer of course. Consequently, it enhances the relevance and applicability of my content in a broader sense.

Moreover, by placing emphasis on the behaviours themselves, I shed light on the detrimental actions rather than allocating energy towards placing blame on these specific individuals. This shift promotes understanding, personal growth, and the development of effective strategies to overcome similar challenges in one’s own life.

In essence, my intention behind removing their names was to prioritize the impact and significance of my experiences over the individuals who perpetuated those negative behaviours. By doing so, I have successfully created a narrative that is both empowering and relatable, ensuring that the focus remains on personal growth and resilience, rather than giving undue attention to those who do not deserve it.

It has been a long and exhausting journey dealing with these toxic individuals who have relentlessly pursued me and have made my life a living hell for so long but once I changed my focus, I started feeling better. Every day that passes that I focus on myself and my own healing, the better I feel!

The smear campaign and cyberbullying I have experienced have left deep emotional scars that I continue to carry with me, and probably will for life. However, with time and self-reflection, I have realized that the reason behind their persistent actions is their deep-seated insecurity and fear of losing control over me. They don’t “own me”, and never did, but they have to do all they can to try to do so.

These toxic tenants thrive on power and control, and my departure from Ontario seems to have rattled their sense of superiority. By renewing and posting new content for the domain, they believe they can still assert some control over me, even though I am no longer actively involved in any industry and all legal matters are done. They threatened me in July 2022 with another Human Rights complaint against me if I didn’t stop, but they can’t do that now, I don’t work for any company in Ontario. It is their desperate attempt to maintain relevance and demonstrate their dominance in my life when they have none.

Understandably, these individuals would feel threatened by me. I refused to give in to their demands and treat them differently than I did other tenants. I have always been a strong, independent person who refuses to be manipulated or controlled. My refusal to conform to their expectations and their desire for validation has clearly unsettled them, even still. They cannot fathom someone who refuses to submit to their toxic tactics and sees through their web of lies. I keep fighting back and they don’t like that. Too bad, I say!

The fact that they are resorting to cyberbullying and smear campaigns even still after all this time is a testament to their own insecurities and their need to feed their egos. These toxic individuals want to feel important and powerful, and they do so by belittling and demeaning me and others. They thrive on the misery they cause and the pain they inflict. It gives them a false sense of superiority, which they desperately cling to.

While it may be frustrating and disheartening to still see their actions unfold after all this time, I have come to a point where I can separate myself from their toxicity. I recognize that their behaviour says more about them than it does about me. Their persistence only reveals their own fear and insecurities, rather than any real threat to me.

Leaving Ontario and distancing myself from any possible involvement was an important step towards reclaiming my power and autonomy. It was a necessary decision to protect myself from further harm and regain control over my own life. I refuse to let their toxic presence dictate my choices and my happiness, now or in the future, ever again.

As I reflect on their continuous renewal and posting of content for the domain, I am reminded of the power they hold over themselves. They are the ones investing time, money, and energy into maintaining a façade that no longer holds any significance. They are desperately grasping at straws to assert dominance where none exists.

In a way, their actions have become somewhat predictable. Every once in a while, they repost this domain and its nasty contents, only for it to disappear again for breaking the rules, but I do expect it to show up again. Their need for validation and control is insatiable, and as long as they are consumed by their toxic desires, they will continue to engage in these negative behaviours. It is a sad reality that they are unable to find fulfillment within themselves and must resort to tearing others down in order to feel a sense of achievement.

They refuse to accept I don’t care anymore what they write, as I know now it is all manipulation and outright lies and as such, it won’t do anything to me or my life.

While enduring their smear campaign and cyberbullying has undoubtedly been challenging, it has also allowed me to develop a newfound resilience and strength. I have become more aware of the importance of prioritizing my own well-being and mental health. I have learned to practice self-care and to surround myself with positive and supportive individuals.

Their toxic behaviour has highlighted the need for awareness and advocacy against cyberbullying. No one should have to endure the pain and suffering inflicted by such individuals. We must stand up against online harassment and support those who are victims of cyberbullying. Rules need to change and I hope I am still around to see that happen!

In conclusion, the smear campaign and cyberbullying I have experienced have persisted for 7 years because the toxic tenants still feel threatened by me. They are toxic narcissistic individuals who seek control and validation for the lies they tell. Their continuous renewal and posting of content for the domain are nothing more than desperate attempts to maintain relevance and assert dominance.

However, I refuse to let their toxic presence define me. I have chosen to prioritize my own well-being and surround myself with positivity. Their actions reveal their own insecurities and fear rather than any real threat I pose to them. Just as they post no threat to me these days… Moving forward, I will continue to advocate against cyberbullying and stand up for those who have been victimized.

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