Such an important post! I enjoy reading these posts by Cynthia Bailey Rug and this is the type that you need to print out and display where you can see it daily, to remind yourself of every single one of them!

The last one, you owe no one an explanation of how you choose to live your life, was hard for me at first, but I have since taken this belief on, full steam ahead! It isn’t anyone’s business what I do. I write about myself and the situation I found myself in with Adult Tenants who Bully, as it is my story to tell.

I have a right to my feelings and a right to share them and talk about the Trauma I experienced and how I got here.

As for the Narcissistic Adult Tenants who Bully me? I have come to the belief that if they didn’t want me exposing them, and what they have done in my personal name on the internet, they shouldn’t have done it.

I have every right to “stalk” the use of my personal name and information being shared by other people, on the internet. Implying that by doing so, I am “stalking” them, is just evidence of their emotional manipulations!

What you do is up to you.  So long as you aren’t deliberately hurting others, what business is it of anyone’s how you live your life?