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Victims Of Narcissistic Abuse & Anger

What a great post on Narcissistic Abuse and Anger written by a fellow blogger I share here. I heard these phrases for myself over the years from other people and it is totally invalidating for me as another human being. I was shamed for being angry over being abused by Adult Tenants.

I do know that if it was someone else going through this situation, they would be singing a different tune! No one will ever know how this feels unless you are a target too. Platitudes do not help anyone!

You know something?  Victims of narcissistic abuse ARE angry, & rightfully so!  No one should treat anyone as we have been treated.  No one should push another person so deep into depression that they lose all hope.  No one should destroy another person’s identity, self esteem & sometimes even faith in God.  Yet, we have experienced all of these things & much more at the hands of narcissists.  We also have experienced betrayal & abandonment by people who should have been there for us, seen people we thought loved us support our abuser & more.  So yes, we are angry!

Do you know what doesn’t help this anger?  Being shamed for feeling what any normal human being would feel under the circumstances. 

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