Sharing Don’t Lose Hope

I read this wonderful post on one of the Blogger’s I follow that talks about Self-Love, and the analogy used here is beautiful, by using a tree and its branches represent different qualities. 

I have been following this Blog, from fellow Canadians’,  for some time now and have read most of their posts, and found some very helpful articles that have helped me this past year. 

Check it out!

The author Christine Arylo says self-love is a tree. Self-worth is the trunk, and the life-giving branches are associated with the following qualities.

– Self-awareness and self-honesty

– Self-acceptance

– Self-care

– Self-compassion and self-forgiveness

– Self-trust

– Self-esteem

– Self-empowerment

– Self-expression

– Self-respect and self-honour

– Self-pleasure, or self-joy.

Let’s unpack this metaphor a little.


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