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I saw this wonderful post this morning by Leigh Anne and I found it fascinating and it got me thinking… She shows such humour with it all it made me realize that we should use a name that aligns with who we feel we are. Here is my story about my names…yes, in the plural…

The story about my name isn’t something I really thought about, I just accepted it was the way it is. I was given the name Stella Lorraine but I never used either one of them growing up. I was Lori for many years, till I changed the spelling of it in elementary school to Lorrie.

You see my Mom wanted to name me after her Mother, Stella, but she liked the name Lori too but she thought they didn’t fit together. So I was given Stella Lorraine but was called Lorrie anyway as a nickname. I spent my whole life in NL up till 2000, as Lorrie.

Once I entered the working world in Ontario in 2000, I wasn’t allowed to use my nickname, I had to go by my given name. I tried in the beginning to ask people I worked with to call me Lorrie but after a while, it got too confusing for people, so professionally, I became Stella.

Only my closest friends and family call me Lorrie…It was funny to see the look on people’s faces when my hubby called me Lorrie sometimes at work… lol I will answer to Stella, but it always startles me to hear people call me by that name, even after all these years.

When I first came back to NL in 2020 I did consider legally changing my name but it wasn’t worth it, as here in NL I am Lorrie to all I meet anyway. My IDs are still in Stella but once I ask people, like Doctor’s offices, to call me Lorrie it usually sticks. There is no confusion here in NL of who I am and the name I align with. I am one person here and no longer need the professional Stella. I left her behind when I Retired in 2018!

There were times in Ontario during my career that I felt split into 2 different people, the professional, Stella and the personal, Lorrie. It helped to separate my job from my personal life, especially where I lived where I worked as well, but it was also confusing for me at times. I wondered sometimes who I really was but living here in NL, there is no more confusion, for me or anyone!

A name is something your parents gave you, but it is up to you to make it yours. I took the spelling, Lorrie, from Lorraine. I wanted it to be unique, to fit who I felt I was. I love the name Stella, and love that I was named after a woman I respected and loved so much, and will do my best to protect it from abuse by cyberbullies, but it doesn’t fit the person I feel I am inside.

I named my children, and a lot of thought went into their names… My oldest child legally changed his when he was in his mid-20’s to one he felt more aligned with, and I had no problem with that. I want my children happy and if the names they have don’t truly represent who they feel they are, they are more than welcome to change it. I want them happy and changing their name is minor… It took me some time to get used to the name change, but over time I did!

So, while my given name is Stella, I do prefer my nickname, Lorrie. So, if it is okay with you all, I will start using the name I feel more aligned with in my responses in the future! It is the name I feel that represents who I am inside.

So I hope you check out this blog post on “What’s in a Name” and I hope you think about the name that you feel represents who you feel you are and that you start using it! It might surprise you how much more comfortable you will feel!

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