Share: Mel Robbins “Let Them Theory”

I saw this ad on FaceBook the other day and thought to check it out. I find it awesome! I even got the free Workbook and listened to the Podcast this morning.

“Let Them Theory” is all about letting others do what they want, as it frees you up to do as you want! Never again will you get frustrated when others don’t meet your expectations, you learn to leave them to it and do your own thing.

In all honesty, I’ve been doing this for a while now, as there have been many times I wanted to go somewhere and no one else wanted to join me, so I went on my own and had fun all by myself! Forcing someone to go where they don’t want to be, will only cause you to not have fun anyway, so why bother?

I have loosened up so much about going out on my own, especially this past year, that I have no problems with it anymore. I go to many places on my own, as everyone I know works during the day, and have gotten used to it. I can stop and talk to people, check out something, or go as slow as I want! I’ve even gone to City events on my own!

I have no fear when I am outside, I absorb my surroundings, and the people within it, and live in the moment and what it is showing me. I am looking forward to learning more about this “let them theory” and seeing how it will help me in my own life!

Have a look and see if this could help you too!!

I shared the “Let Them Theory” on social media, and it went CRAZY VIRAL. 15 million views, 11,000 comments. Today, it’s your turn to learn this mindset trick.

I’ve been using this technique for awhile, so I know firsthand how powerful it is.

The “Let Them Theory” is so simple, you’re going to get it immediately.

And I have some great stories and examples to share with you, because there are three very different ways you can use it.

I can bottom line this in one sentence: 

When you “Let Them” do whatever it is that they want to do, it creates more control and emotional peace for you and a better relationship with the people in your life.

Xo Mel 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 2:30: My overfunctioning anxiety kicked in; until this happened.
  • 6:30: Dr. Amy Johnson gives the best metaphor that explains our need to control.
  • 9:20: Why do we get so upset about what we can’t do a damn thing about?
  • 10:30: These three reasons explain why we try to control. 
  • 11:20: Two reasons why your parents and partners are so controlling.
  • 17:00: There are times like these when the “Let Them” rule does NOT apply.
  • 19:00: How are you supposed to let go when you’re a parent?
  • 24:30: Can you relate to this listener who’s worn down from her expectations?
  • 28:00: Stop making up stories about why people do what they do, and just ask.
  • 32:10: When you’re constantly rescuing people, here’s what you teach them.
  • 35:00: Are you actually in a relationship with a real person, or a vision?
  • 37:15: One way we try to control someone is through jealousy.
  • 40:00: Growing apart from a good friend? Here’s how to handle it.
  • 43:30: It’s not your responsibility to make sure everyone else is never hurt.

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