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I wanted to share with you today a post by this Blogger I have been following for a while on her take on CBT therapy and how useful it is in changing behaviour.

My first experience with this therapy was after the house fire I had in 1991 when I was diagnosed with PTSD and the depression that came with it. In the 5 years I was in therapy back then, it taught me how to control my symptoms, especially anxiety. This time around, starting in 2018, some things have changed in the process but it still has helped me switch my thinking over being Bullied online so badly.

Therapy is a wonderful tool that helps you get over these terrible experiences and I for one, am very happy they exist!

Check out Linda’s Blog and see if her posts will resonate with you too!

“Breaking the Cycle: CBT’s Approach to Behavioral Change” ‹ LindaCJTurner – Counselling and Therapy ‹ Reader —

Opinion: CBT is a highly effective therapeutic approach, and its structured and goal-oriented nature makes it suitable for a wide range of psychological conditions, including anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD, and more. It empowers individuals to take an active role in their own recovery and provides practical tools for managing distressing thoughts and behaviors.

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