Share: Don’t Lose Hope

It is uncanny how posts show up on topics I need! I am sharing this post from another Blog I follow regularly “Why does Betrayal affect us so Badly?” as it is such an important topic. It played a big part in my story of abuse by toxic tenants in the workplace. These words written in this post really hit home, don’t they?

No matter how it comes about, feeling betrayed by those you would never think would do such a thing is hard to recover from. It’s been 7 1/2 years and I still have trouble with these feelings and sometimes, I wonder if I will ever get past this part.

While some of those 2 years are a blur, I recall very clearly that day I looked at my phone and saw nothing from anyone for just over 3 months. I was ignored and avoided by everyone in my life when I needed them the most, and it hurt. Dare I trust them again? What if my mental health gets bad once again, will they go back to ignoring me cause they don’t know what to say to me? Trust is a major issue when you have been hurt by betrayal from those you love the most but they are worth it for me to try.

Humans can heal from almost anything. But it’s those deepest wounds, inflicted by those who should have loved and supported us, that have the greatest impact on us. They carve themselves into our bones.” – Dawn Michelle

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