This is an article I found recently from CTV News online on December 9, 2022, about Canada’s Harassment cases and how changes are needed.

As a target of such actions, I agree! I was told that unless I was physically hurt there was nothing they could do to help me. I called the Toronto Police Service a few times from 2017-2019 and the Niagara Regional Police last summer from July-Nov 2022, including my Local Police of the RNC, Royal Newfoundland Constabulary during the same period.

Out of all the Police services above, the most helpful was the RNC, and then the NRSD, once I pestered them. But, in the end, all told me that unless these Toxic Tenants did physical harm to me, or someone else did because of their words online about me, there was nothing they could do.

It was frustrating but for me in the end, I made these Police Services aware of the issue and that in itself was very helpful. If anything happens to me, or any of my family, even their new Targets they have new domains online about, they know the source and can respond more quickly.

For me, I take comfort in knowing that all of these Police Services, even the Ministry of Justice, are aware of the list of domains owned and managed by these Tenants in their target’s personal names or that of their business.

As it was for me, knowledge is key to seeing the truth of situations and once you are aware of something you can’t unknow it.

If something happens to me, any of my family members, or even their new targets in their new sites, everyone will know where to go, as they are at the root of it all.

In Canada, about 12 per cent of victims of criminal harassment are harassed by a stranger, according to government data. The majority of stalkers, approximately 88 per cent, know their victims and are trying to exert control over them.

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Published Dec. 9, 2022 8:30 a.m. NST

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