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I found Cherie White’s Blog in early 2018 before I got to see a Psychiatrist, and it is because of her writings like this that I share below, that gave me the strength to keep going in my own situation. Her writing can be used by anyone, of any age, to help them survive bullying. I even read a couple of her books!

As Cherie writes below, one of the saddest things about bullying is the confusion it brings. I know exactly how this confusion and gaslighting feels that she is writing about, as I experienced it firsthand. When we got the first letter in August 2016, I knew what the contents were all about but I was misled by everyone around me into ignoring it. Everything that came after was just more of the same but by this time, I refused to sit back and accept it.

I knew what I was seeing and feeling, no one was ever able to gaslight my personal experiences away anymore.

Once these toxic tenants started filing legal applications, starting in October 2017 with the Divisional Court, it led to a 3-year nightmare for me of gaslighting and confusion from everyone around me, including some of my own family members. I literally got sick of hearing people tell me to “let it go” and ignore what they do.

If you feel something, you feel it.

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