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I greatly enjoyed reading this Blog from But Now I Know Your Name about 3 ways to deal with a Narcissist on the Energetic Level. I have been reading this Blog for some time now and I greatly enjoy her take on narcissism and toxic people. Thank you, Ann Betz!

I spent the past couple of days thinking about this post and how I can incorporate it into my situation, especially the one noted below. I already did the other 2 at different points but this one I found hilarious!

TWO: I visualized him as small and impotent.

I used to think the Toxic Tenants had all kinds of power to turn people against me with their many domains and their nasty contents but I came to see they do not. Thinking of them as small and impotent is very funny and such a stress reliever for me! It makes me giggle to think about them that way!

The visuals of them being small like little Trolls and threatening more legal actions against me are very funny for me to think about!! I can picture them standing there shaking their fingers at me and jumping up and down in frustration, is hilarious to think about!

Now, I associate my thoughts of these Bullies with them looking like little Trolls and I couldn’t be happier!

So please, check out this Blogger and see if her posts can help you as it helps me!

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