Today is the 3rd anniversary that we moved to St. John’s NL!

This picture was taken in North Sidney, NS on September 18, 2020, as we were waiting to board to go to Port Aux Basques, NL. We got on the Rock around 6 pm and I had to pull over as I couldn’t see, I was crying that hard in relief!

Being in Newfoundland has been the best thing I could have done and I am glad we made the decision to relocate home sooner than we had planned.

Living here for the past 3 years has been a journey, but I am finally settled into my new life. I am still finding my way socially, but it has gotten way better this past year. I have my home, my family here, and a few friends and I have become very content. I don’t need anything else… I am very comfortable, finally, after so long! I FEEL safe!

I have managed to get all the services I need in place this past year with my physical health and I have the mental health to manage it all once again.

I am waiting on laser surgery to remove a lesion that didn’t get clear margins back in March, and I know it will come. It is a minor surgery, and easier to recover from than excision!

I am waiting on an appt with a spine surgeon about my back and it will come in time. I know there isn’t much they can do about it, but it doesn’t hurt to check.

I am waiting on some test results now for the Cushings Disease, as I need some tests done before I can see an Endocrinologist about it and get treatment to lower the cortisol in my system that causes havoc. It will come in time too.

I am in no rush and take it day by day. For the past few weeks, since the Wedding of my oldest son, I have been fighting fatigue and pain in my right knee. I threw it out walking the Trails of Cape Spear and it has hurt ever since, so I have had to rest it a lot.

As a result, I haven’t been going too far from home and spending a lot of time in the Neighbourhood talking to my neighbours and in my garden, checking out the flowers that are still here.

My mobility is getting worse, I feel it this year, as each year passes I can do less and less. I am dealing with it. Slowly getting things in place to make my life easier…

I am patiently waiting for the hosting company’s investigation of the domains in my name for Copyright. I was informed that the “registrants sent in a lot of information” that they need to investigate. I did ask them to send this “information” they sent so we will see. I can imagine the assumptions being made and outright lies being told once again. Oh Well, it will come out easily enough.

In the end, I do expect that they will honour their Policies and remove the domains from their servers, as there is no justification to abuse my name in this manner. These Toxic Tenants have no authority to share my name, my picture and the Province I live in so publicly on the internet.

If by some chance I am wrong, I know I will be okay, as their antics with their websites, do nothing to me or my life, not since I learned to “read” the many traits they show. I don’t believe them anymore with anything they say. I have become so grounded in my own reality these days, that nothing they say gets through anymore!

They have been shown to be the liars they have spent all these years projecting onto me! I truly believe these days that no matter what content these people post online about me in any of their Domains, I am safe. I will always be safe from them and their websites.

They try so hard to show they know me so intimately that in the process, they prove they don’t. The personal comments they make about me prove to all that they don’t know what they are talking about. Anyone who knew me back then knew I didn’t drink alcohol and hadn’t for many years too, yet here were these Tenants claiming I smelled of it when I went to their door in 2017. This is easily proven as a lie they told, just as this fictional “prior meeting at some restaurant sometime in June 2016“, was a lie I proved as such.

These are simple things but so easily proven to be lies told by them with valid evidence I have in my possession. In the end, that is all I need is for me to know they are lying. What others think isn’t my concern anymore, it is my own reality that matters these days.

I live this life of mine, and no one else does, so what they believe has nothing to do with me anymore.

I know who I am and what I did during that situation but now, it is over. It is done, there is nothing else they can do. I made mistakes that I atoned for, not my problem they don’t accept it. I never claimed to be perfect and I forgive myself for those mistakes I made.

The contents of their many domains are a figment of their imagination, stories they made up to try and validate the psychological abuse they did to me and others. Nothing they ever could say will ever excuse the actions they did and still continue to do, with their many domains to try and negatively affect the lives of their Targets.

It is a Smear Campaign and Cyberbullying, intent on incitement of hate, trying to turn others against the people named within.

Smear Campaigns and Cyberbullying do run their course, nothing lasts forever and eventually, you are able to let it go. I have found peace!