Say Hello To My Cat, Hope

This is Hope, our rescue cat we adopted in October 2020 after getting to NL. She is now about 5 yrs old and she is my shadow. She follows me everywhere in the house, always weaving around my legs. She has come close to tripping me up sometimes! I have done my best to get her out of that, with no luck. She has an awesome temperament and is very well-behaved. I have her trained in some things, but not much luck in others…She is currently on a diet, as she has blown up in the past couple of years. I try to get her to play, but she just sits and watches it instead of chasing anything. I call her the Watcher, as she loves to watch everything going on around her and doesn’t engage too much, except with me.

We named her Hope, as she is a beacon of hope for me and helped me in my mental health recovery ever since I brought her home. She has been my daily companion since we adopted her and loves to be at my feet, as in the picture, or on my lap. I talk to her a lot and she looks at me, as in the pic, and listens, even sometimes will meow back at me. She has become my baby…

She is a funny cat! If she sees me going for my outdoor shoes, it doesn’t even matter if she is sound asleep, she will come running and leaning on my legs, meowing at me. Once I have my shoes on, I can’t move without her underfoot, crying at me. I think she is meowing at me not to go out!! It makes me feel guilty about leaving her home alone but what can you do? She is right there at the door to greet me when I get back too!

I don’t know much about her history, other than that she had kittens at one point. She is a Tortoiseshell Cat and I love her moustache… We got her from the Mad Catter Cafe which works with the SPCA here where I used to volunteer. Her colours are gorgeous to me! She is very demanding of attention and has no problem batting at me to give it to her! She is also another cat who doesn’t like being alone, so it is a good thing I am home with her a lot! We are even debating about getting another cat…

I have always had cats… sometimes more than one. While we lived in Ontario, we had 3 of them, till the last year there. I still miss them, even after all this time. I miss all the cats I have ever had. They were family.

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