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Being a target of such a online nasty smear campaign in my name, teaches you, a lot, about human nature but it is up to you in how you allow it to define you and take you out. I have been trying really hard not to let the pain and frustration of this situation to define me, and make me bitter, but it is hard. I have lost a lot of my innocence in my beliefs in other humans, I never thought there were people out there who would do something like this to such an extent.

Over my lifetime, I have met many people who behaved in a similar manner, but I never gave in to anyone, so I it didn’t get this bad. Usually, once you stick to your guns and show you can’t be swayed, they give up. I never had people before who keep going with their lies in face of so much opposition and I never had anyone make websites before either. I think that is what is so different with this, the websites. Kory Read made his Bullying of me and so many others, very public with these domains, and I know in the beginning with, he did get quite a following for a time. He promised his readers, with that site, that he would be vindicated with his Divisional Court Appeal and he also promised the Tenants as well of his validity and ability to win his Appeal.

You can imagine his ego during this time, from Nov 2017 till his Appeal hearing in February 2019. That is 18 months of hyping up his followers and flying monkeys hopes that he will be vindicated with this Appeal and the world will know how I lied and how we all went after him for no reason. Believe me, I heard it all! Residential apartment buildings are ripe in gossip and everything said came right back to me, in the office there and even when I no longer worked there. There were still tenants who told my hubby, and myself, of all the things being said and done, in my name, around the property, even after they moved out!

Kory Read had so much arrogance and ego, I even thought for awhile that he could win this Appeal! But, in the end, logic held out over the lies being told and I stuck to my truth. I sat there at this hearing, listening to him getting more and more frustrated with how it was progressing. He tried so hard to put forward motions to have me added to the proceedings, even though he was denied, he still tried by mentioning my name numerous times, and was shut down for it. He was denied his motion, yet kept bringing up my name and actions, trying to convince these 3 judges that I was in cahoots with this adjudicator, and each time he was interrupted at mentioning my name and reminded it was not to be included, but he kept trying anyway, so often it got to the point they threatened to stop the proceedings. I thought at one point, as Kory Read got so frustrated and rude, interrupting the judges when he spoke, that the judges would put a stop to it all! It did come close….

Kory Read walked out of there knowing he was going to lose. He knew just by how the hearing went, that he could not win and it became really quiet at the property as well. You didn’t find Kory Read out in the building talking to tenants like he did before when he felt so confident in his win. There was only one site still at this point, the one that hyped up his Appeal and how he would win! I know he went home and started planning his other websites.

Divisional Court took from Feb 19 2019 till April 15, 2019, just after my 53rd Birthday, to give me the gift of their decision showing they lost and the hold on the eviction was now lifted. Just 6 days later, April 21, came online filled with his garbage he told tried to get added at the Appeal. Davidstrashin came online April 24, 2019 and sjtomemberkevinlundy came online in December 21. Kory Read didn’t get his opinions heard at the hearing, but was still determined to get them out, and this was it, these domains to the public.

Now, Kory Read did file an appeal on this decision, but didn’t follow up, so it was dismissed. They also had to complete other paperwork for this appeal, but didn’t bother, so the courts decided for them and gave them a fine of $4000 to be paid to the owners in legal fees, which I know now has gone to collections and is noted on their credit ratings. I learned they didn’t bother with the Appeal on that decision, as they didn’t qualify for a free voucher anymore and had to pay for it. You see, they got their Divisional Court Appeal free! They didn’t have to pay a cent for anything for this Appeal, it was all covered. If they had to pay for anything they applied too, it wouldn’t have happened. They couldn’t afford that. Which is why they made the comment on one of the sites about “all the money” being spent on legal fees by the owners. Kory Read was pissed the owners could afford to fight his lies and had the funds to keep fighting him, whereas he did not.

This man was so arrogance and confident of his win on his Appeal and he had 18 months to hype this up, it must have been so deflating to lose. I know he was upset the decision was posted in the Notice Board in the Lobby for all to see, posting Notices, even LTB hearings, was required by RentSafeTO. The staff even have to post all pet control treatments too in this board, for the tenants to know they are in the property and being treated. It was one of the new policies I didn’t like, but as required, this notice was posted. I didn’t need to go down and do that, I wasn’t working there then anyway, but my hubby could and did. It was his job….

In a way, I was happy they had to post this decision in the property, as Kory Read made his allegations so public there with tenants, their visitors, even prospective tenants looking for a place to live, that it was fitting his loss would be posted publicly there too. At least, I wasn’t standing in the Lobby with this document in my hands showing it to anyone who came in, as I was going to do that. I was determined for everyone to see the words in this decision! 

I was ecstatic that they lost, I even thought that they would give up. I underestimated Kory & Allison Read, they refused to give up as they still had HRTO going on at the time this was released and their Bullying just got worse once they vacated. in face of this big loss, they doubledown on their sites.

So many other false allegations came out from them, even one claiming that I contacted Canada Post, trying to get a copy of the key for their post office box they had. Now this is how convoluted they are, okay? They had a Canada Post office box for their mail and they claim I contacted Canada Post online and requested a copy of the key to be mailed out. Now, the address they have on file is THEIRS, NOT MINE! Do I strike you as a stupid person that I would do that, knowing I couldn’t get it anyway, it would go to them? This is the stupid shit they tried to accuse me of… But, I was glad to see none of that was ever added to their applications, as they are unfounded and so improbable to have occurred. I am not a immature childish person like them! Some of this stuff was very immature!

You can imagine their humiliation when that decision came out and they had to now tell all his followers that they lost but of course, it was the judges fault, not theirs. I am also sure they tried to claim I got to these judges too and corrupted them to work in cahoots with me! lol  Now he has to come up with some story of why Divisional Court is against him! Of course, he claims that if only they would have allowed him to have me added to the proceedings, they would have seen the truth. Always about me… I was some powerful woman, hey? to be able to influence so many people against just these tenants?

So, yes, it is hard to not become bitter and as cold, uncaring, and malicious like they have been. I could sit here all day and make up stories about them and the decisions they made. I could take their words and embellish them with my own to make it worse than it is, anyone could. It don’t make it right. Taking the actions and words of another person and speculating on what it means, is just that, as no one knows if anything they say is true or not.

No one else can take their words from their sites and show it is not true, other than myself. The only person who knows what Stella Reddy’s means by anything she does, is me, Stella Reddy. Anyone else trying to tell you what I am doing and thinking, has no clue really, and people know this. Which is why Kory Read tries so hard to gaslight me into taking down my sites so often in the past. All the comments he made on over the contents I had on my site, did cause me to take them down and you can clearly see why in his words. He played on my fears, especially of being attacked. He still tried with this new content last month, trying to show he has a right to question what I have been doing the past 4 months since he lost his hosting. He never will influence anything I do anymore, no amount of words will ever do that again.

As the poster says, I will Always Rise up against anyone and stand my ground. I refuse to allow the pain caused by the actions of another against me to make me bitter, as I am a much bigger person than these Adult Tenant Bullies will ever be. I live in truth and I believe in justice and I know in time, the actions done against me will backfire on them, like it has started already. I know that lies cannot be maintained over the long-haul, the truth does come out in time. Especially in face of all their legal losses!

I am forever grateful that they have never been able to find any forum, legal nor online, where their lies are accepted as they are and that people are seeing through them, that I saw thru their lies! The legal system in Ontario may be slow, and some of the processes suck, but in the end they got it right!

Every day, I fight my bitterness and residual anger and stay true to myself and focus on showing their lies for what they are and show what they do in my name against me, not pick on them as individuals. I won’t lower myself to their level, I came close a few times, but in the end, it isn’t worth it to me, as the truth is more powerful!

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