At the beginning of the mess with Toxic Tenants in 2017, the false allegations of racism and discrimination against me were really scary, especially seeing the news of people being attacked and toppling various statues, even here in Canada, over the same type of allegations.

I had every right to feel afraid not only of these Toxic people but also anyone else they were trying to sic on me! Why else put the sites online if not looking for help from others to achieve their goals?

How did this Tenant become so cocky and arrogant in thinking that he could do this letter and actually get away with it? 

That is why Toxic Tenants added pages with Donald Trump and Mark Meadows, to attract more readers because of the American Names who were in the news a lot at the time for racism allegations.

I have nothing to do with the Americans, they are being used as a prop by Toxic Tenants to news jack new readers to their content, hoping people will get up in arms on their behalf. All the traits noted in every article about Bullying, fit the contents of all their websites, especially comparing people…

That intention is all I saw with each website and its contents being online, hoping to sic other people after me and everyone else they name. 

If the intent wasn’t to attract readers, back in 2017 and even now in 2023, by creating their websites, why have them there online in the first place? If they weren’t hoping to attract people to their cause, why do what they do?

If they were not looking for other people to help them Bully the Targets named within the content, why have the websites online at all? They have even gone so far this time to create Petitions on to have these Teachers and Administrators, FIRED from their jobs.

Do they really think that they can get other people on their bandwagon by ONLY telling SOME of their sides of the Story?  

It is a Smear Campaign, hoping to get people upset over what they claim they experienced and hoping others will turn on these individuals as well.

Their intentions are to try and ruin these people they name, out of revenge. Otherwise, these websites wouldn’t be there at all.

These Toxic adults should know from experience that writing as they do in this manner, does not help their HRTO applications, as no one has a right to invalidate others like this

I am sharing with you below a letter I got from KR & AR on February 1, 2019, in which they once again are invalidating my personal thoughts and feelings in such a nasty way. It is this type of behaviour that will always cause them to lose every judicial application they could ever file, as it is not tolerated. I have a right to feel my own emotions and I have every right to express them too!

I was very fearful of these Tenants and I had every right to be, even the Police told me that. 

They see nothing wrong with telling anyone willing to listen that I have no right to feel any fear of their actions, and this act alone shows why I should feel afraid! 

Who are these people to do this letter in the first place?

They see no problem with their words of degradation in this letter to HRTO where they claim to know my motives once again and what I am thinking in such detail. Total invalidation of me as an individual with my own thoughts, feelings, and emotions is something they always did to me. Pure Gaslighting.

I am a human being with my own personal rights and having Tenants trying to speak for me in this way all the time, is disgusting to me. It is this act more than any others, that affected my mental health so badly and you can understand why. No one has a right to do what they did in this letter. 

KR & AR don’t know me personally to make any of the claims they do in this letter, in any of their letters where they imply to know my motives with any accuracy. This is the invalidation I talk about all the time, these Toxic Tenants implying to know me and what I do with such authority. 

It is very harmful to a person’s psyche, which is why they do it so much and in such detail. They take my expressions of emotions and claim it isn’t what I say it is. How do they know that?

Who gave these Tenants the power to invalidate me in this manner? 

I said in great detail in a letter that “he basically bumped into me and if I had not stepped back, he would have.” one day when he came flying out of the stairwell and here this person is, claiming I have no right to feel that way.

Where does he get off doing that to me?

All of these Toxic Adult Bullies domains fit this scenario as laid out below, as it is actions conducted purposefully with the intent to manipulate or control an individual, which is me and others named. It is a form of emotional abuse and signs of severe toxicity shown by anonymous administrators toward me, no two ways about it anymore.

I have every right to my own feelings, nothing Toxic Tenants can ever say to take that away.

They can imply so many nasty things online within the contents of their many websites, that is all it is, implications that will never stick. Eventually, the truth comes out and people see their actions with their many sites, for what they truly are.

The over-the-top arrogance and general cockiness of KR & AR do tend to come out after a while in their writing and their new sites are no different. they make the deliberate point of stating they will do whatever it takes to make sure that people know it is them who did it!!

We will do whatever it takes to not only to expose and destroy their lies and racist behavior by making these individuals accountable. But to make sure they understand and they know it was our family that did it!

Sometimes, emotional invalidation can be conducted purposefully with the intent to somehow manipulate or control an individual. In these instances, invalidation can be considered a form of abuse and toxicity. Continuous emotional invalidation can cause the individual to question their own perceptions, thoughts, and feelings. Over time, this can negatively impact self-esteem and result in the individual remaining in the toxic relationship. This dynamic can occur in any relationship, be it between parent and child, platonic friends, coworkers, or romantic relationships.
A well-known form of toxic emotional invalidation is called gaslighting, which involves invalidating another person’s experiences to such a degree that they begin to question their own reality. 

How do you know if someone is invalidating you?
The most common forms of invalidation include blaming, judging, denying, and minimizing your feelings or experiences. Invalidation isn’t just disagreeing, it says: I don’t care about your feelings. Your feelings don’t matter.

February 1, 2019

Email to City Employee Nicole Sweetapple March 01, 201

They act like I am not even there when I try and speak with them and just walk past me.

Response emailed to HRTO – August 27, 2018

walking past me in the lobby pretending I am not there and basically bumping into me in the

Email to HRTO – January 30, 2019

With their eviction coming I am really getting afraid that Mr. R may become physically violent once he don’t get the responses he wants from here and Divisional Court. Right now the judicial system is in play but once all that is done and they lose everything, I am afraid that he will go the illegal route as he will have nothing to lose by then. I really do fear for my physical safety from Mr. R as his vindictiveness is very apparent against me in his writings and it only seems to be getting worse the closer the eviction comes and by sending this email, and any future ones now for this application, is only more proof that the applicants are up to no good. I do not trust them.

Email to HRTO – January 30, 2019

The only time this will change is when they are notified they have lost, as then I am afraid all gloves will be off and the applicant will attempt the illegal route to vent his vindictiveness towards me. As they live only one floor below me, and are friends with my neighbours next door so are back and forth, there is a camera just outside my apartment door, I have a personal camera I wear when I leave my apartment, and I have a camera to put on my car, as he knows where it is parked. If they attempt anything it will be caught on cameras
I am also letting you know that I have put some things in place for my personal protection come the next few weeks as I do not trust you and you will never find me alone at any time where you may hope to get at me and twist everything once again nor will you have any opportunity to physically attack me and try to twist it back on me that I attacked you. I know how you operate now: Twist everything around onto the other person as you have constantly tried to do to me.

It is pretty obvious that Stella Reddy is the one twisting the situation and deliberately exaggerating her fears.

I have NEVER threatened her or her husband or family.

I have NEVER in any of our meetings raised my hand or implied that I would place any harm to Stella Reddy, her husband or her family.

It is pretty obvious that Stella Reddy has been increasing her deliberate lies about the Applicant and her family to again gain some form of sympathy from the HRTO and in the past from Nicole Sweetapple a city of Toronto inspector.

I am calling out Stella Reddy and her lies about the Appellant and myself assaulting her in her claims to the HRTO back on August 27, 2018 in her response on page # 1, where she claims that the Appellant and I and basically bumped into her in the process of doing something.

Why did Stella Reddy not call the Police, as ANY PHYSICAL CONTACT from us would be considered assault, and we would be charged.

As Stella Reddy could easily request the video from her buddy Louie or Anthony Liscio of this bogus assault(s).

And even in her June 14, 2018 HRTO application she states no such incident(s) happened

I would invite Stella Reddy to PLEASE provide the video(s) that will support her slanderous lies of this deliberate hoax of assault(s), as the cameras here cover EVERY square inch of this building.

But we all know, including Stella Reddy that NO SUCH VIDEO(S) exist, why?

Because STELLA REDDY is a pathological liar , who will do anything to retaliate against someone for calling her out to be the racist she is.

She will even threaten to call the Childrens Aid Society in an attempt to have our children removed from their home and their parents in an attempt to even the score.
How about I call children’s aid down the street and make a claim that you abuse your children?

How would that make you feel having claims against you that you will have to disprove?

You realized how pissed I am yet? Keep it up.

She even threatened to go to PRISON for me, because she was pissed off at me.

And yet, I am the one with anger issues and Stella Reddy needs to be afraid of me retaliating?

Stella Reddy does not have any metal health issues; she has ANGER issues and needs anger management in her life, period!

There is NO misconstruing these statements made by Stella Reddy.

Stella Reddy always means what she says, and says what she means!

I am not one to get into these tit-for-tat conversations and I wanted to bit my tongue of this issue, but Stella Reddy has been escalating this situation since as far as we can tell March of 2018 to levels that I am positive is unheard of by the HRTO.

There needs to be no more addressing Stella Reddy on this issue, as she clearly has once again been caught in behaviour that is beyond words and still Louie Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio do nothing to fix the situation. They stand arm in arm with their Stella Reddy in their fight to have the Applicant evicted from the building despite never having a bad relationship with them and could have gotten fixed


February 1, 2019