Re-Blogging Cherie White!

This post, by fellow blogger Cherie White, just shared is spot on to the Bullying I have been a target of since 2016 by previous Tenant Bullies. I had to keep repeating these things to myself for the past 6 years, that these people are bullies who will tell you what your truth is- or should be, as they see it, and are force-feeding it down everyone’s throat, with their contents on their many domains on the internet.

They don’t see me as a human being, with rights, feelings, and thoughts of my own, just their supply to play victim to! They use me and a fantasy they made up, to play victim to circumstances they created.

I have had to take the past couple of years to muster the strength to withstand their attacks on the domain in my name,, and face it, head-on, with my site where I lay out my opinions and my truth of this mess. I know myself, and according to their speculations on my personal life, they do not.

They have no idea of who I am, how I think, or what I feel and the contents on that site in my name, prove it.

It was hard to maintain my sense of self in the beginning, but since I gained an education and seen for myself all the traits of Narcissism, I have become more confident in knowing that everyone else will too! I refuse to accept their interpretation of my actions and words and refuse to allow their speculations to define me.

I came close to losing myself and my sanity over the many traits of Narcissism I was exposed to over the past 6 years and came close to becoming a bitter old woman, afraid of my own shadow and jumping at every sound.

It is for people like Cherie White, and her posts, that I did not, with the counselling I got, as their written words gave me hope. They taught me I didn’t need to give in to what others wanted of me and gave me the courage to fight back.

I am a person who also deserves to have a voice and use it. I too have feelings, thoughts, and opinions and I have a right to speak for myself, not allow others to speak for me like KR tries to do in his site’s contents. 

I have found that counselling is great, but it also helps to see how other people got through similar situations and WordPress is a great resource for that. I have found way more info online than I ever did before, and I thank all those people who dared to share their personal stories that I have learned.

Narcissism is very prevalent, more than I thought! It is terrible that so many people are exposed to these things, yet there is nothing I can do about it. One day!! Times are changing and people are less tolerant of it these days.

Bullies don’t see you as an independent and separate being. They see you as a subject who’s only here for their purpose, pleasure, and entertainment. In their minds, your sole purpose on earth is to make them feel powerful. Nothing more. So, instead of allowing you to own your truth, bullies will tell you what your truth is- or should be. And they’ll force-feed it to you and cram it down your throat.

Understand that you must muster the strength to withstand your bullies’ attacks, do all you can to maintain your sense of self, and refuse to accept your bullies’ opinions and definitions of you. Never allow others to trick you into believing that they know you better than you know yourself. The truth is that you know yourself better than anyone else in the entire world because you’re the only one other than God who lives inside you.

 No one has a right to tell you how to feel. Ever!

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