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Below, is one such article that speaks to me about the 7 Signs of Positive Life Change. As it says, these indications show you are on the right path to changing your life in real meaningful ways that can help you on your journey of self-improvement.

Once I sat down and really thought about it, I experienced all of these 7 signs listed below. My life has gotten better as a result of changing my thinking about the Smear Campaign instigated by Toxic Tenants I had 7 years ago. I no longer fear what they do as I know it will do nothing, as they are nothing to my life but Adult Bullies. Their time is done and no one will believe them anymore over allegations of racism and discrimination they make against anyone. even me.

I had a conversation with someone the other day who is close to me who said they could see how I have changed, for the better, in the past couple of years. I am calmer, less reactive and defensive, and more pleasant to have around. I don’t show fear anymore of people and places. I am more open about my feelings, more direct with my boundaries, and even show emotions more. They told me they could tell I wanted to change and went about doing that and they were happy for me.

I greatly appreciated their valuable feedback and expressed my gratitude for taking the time to share their thoughts. It is truly gratifying to receive an acknowledgment that the efforts I have been diligently putting into my life are being noticed and recognized by others. I know I am on the right path!

Their feedback serves as a powerful motivation to continue striving for excellence, knowing that the changes I am implementing are making a positive impact. With their kind words, I am inspired to push the boundaries further and explore new ways to enhance my life experiences for the better.

Recovering from the Trauma of being severely Bullied by Adults on websites they created about me is achievable, I do all I can every day to move past that experience and enjoy living again. It is nice to know my actions are noticed by the people in my life, it means a lot to me.


  • Personal growth can frequently feel like an ethereal experience that is difficult to identify and embrace.
  • There are often no clear or tangible metrics of whether one is changing one’s life in real, meaningful ways.
  • Having clear signs of positive life change can have essential value in someone’s journey of self-improvement.
  • Signs of positive life change can include thinking, emotions, physiology, body language, and more.

7 Signs of Positive Life Change

These indications can help you take the sometimes-nebulous concept of positive life change and turn it into something more tangible.

1. Thinking

Perhaps the first thing you notice is a difference in the quality and quantity of your thinking. Your thoughts are more positive, encouraging, and supportive. You see a shift from a glass half empty to a glass half full and from a dark place to a lighter place.

Additionally, you may find that your mind is more clear than cluttered. You also tend to obsess and ruminate less. With this change, you feel less doubt and worry and more hope and optimism.

2. Emotions

Another powerful change you will notice is the valence of your emotions. Positive life change brings with it a shift from mostly negative emotions (e.g., hurt, sadness, fear, frustration, guilt, shame) coloring your life to mostly positive emotions (e.g., happiness, joy, excitement, contentment).

3. Physiology

Positive life change is also felt very viscerally in your body. Whereas before, you may have been in a constant state of sympathetic nervous system activation (i.e., anxiety, stress), you now feel a greater sense of physiological relaxation and calm. These physical signs include a lower heart rate, deeper and more even breathing, relaxed muscles, and the absence of adrenaline surges.

4. Body Language

When you are in a bad place in your life, your body speaks a language of protection against the threats you perceive in your life. This closed body language is expressed with averted eyes, frowning, body turned away, torso hunched, and arms and legs crossed. With positive life change, those perceived threats are diminished or alleviated, thus allowing your body to speak the language of openness and receptivity. You can look people in the eye, smile, face people, open your body, and express your vitality.

5. Messages to Others

When you’re not in a happy place, you might close yourself off to others because they are often seen as part of the threat you feel in your life. Basically, you’re sending out messages of coldness and to stay away. When you open yourself up to the world that comes from a positive life change, you send very different messages, ones of warmth, reaching out, and welcoming. In other words, instead of backing away from people, you lean in to them.

6. How Others Respond to You

In turn, when people sense your defensiveness, they aren’t likely to approach you for fear of being ignored or rebuked. As such, they will keep their distance from you. But when you send messages of openness that come from positive life changes, they want to connect with you.

7. Quality of Your Relationships

Much of what makes people unhappy when they aren’t in a good place in their lives is the sense of disconnection and loneliness they feel. They often lack friends and close relationships. Additionally, the relationships they do have are unsatisfying because there is little emotional connection.

When you make positive life changes, all of the above signs free you to be emotionally vulnerable, welcome people into your lives, and feel deeply toward them. They, in turn, feel safe and comfortable to reciprocate those feelings, allowing you to establish relationships of the highest quality that are affirming, nurturing, and nourishing.


As your journey toward becoming the best version of yourself progresses, you can use these seven signs to affirm your efforts and reinforce your determination to continue forward. By attuning yourself to these signs, you can say to yourself, “My journey has been challenging, but I am moving closer and closer to the person I want to be and living the life I want to live.”