Psychological projection involves projecting undesirable feelings or emotions onto someone else, rather than admitting to or dealing with the unwanted feelings.

Have you ever disliked someone only to become convinced that the person had a vendetta against you? This is a common example of psychological projection.,common%20example%20of%20psychological%20projection.

Learning to recognize projection by Toxic Tenants wasn’t easy but I had help. This very first letter I got, is full of projections of their thoughts and feelings onto me and this sentence I copied below, is the main one. This Tenant had just met me, yet, she then knew me well enough to know what I was thinking.

These Tenants clearly became convinced that I had a personal vendetta against them, that everyone has a personal vendetta against them, just for enforcing the landlord’s rights of entry to the rental apartment they lived in, in the face of their constant refusals to allow anyone in when the timing was not convenient for them. It isn’t my fault if any of my actions in doing the duties of my job, “antagonized and inconvenienced” these Tenants, as I am not responsible for that.

Antagonizing and inconveniencing Tenants has nothing to do with violations of Human Rights either!!

No, this statement below I also came to see as a Projection. They were the ones who filed the Appeal, not us and I see no evidence against me, all I see are the Tenant’s personal speculations and assumptions, based on their own personal feelings. They don’t know my feelings, not even when I share them, as they are not me!

The fact that Property owner allowed Stella Reddy to file the original N5 to have the Applicant and her family removed from the building. Knowing all this evidence is against them and their staff and they still continuing to participate in the Appeal process, clearly shows that this is far more than just a landlord and tenant issue.

This is evidence that this has become something very personal for Alto Properties Inc. owner and Alto Properties Inc. Employee Stella Reddy

How could this Tenant think to know me so intimately, after one meeting? That was very confusing to me. My Doctor told me this was a projection and all the research I have done since, has shown me this was a projection, just like the statements made above in their Statement of Facts I got.

This Tenant didn’t like me but wasn’t honest enough to admit that, preferred instead to state I didn’t like her, after meeting me once…

I have to say that from the moment I met you, I had the strange feeling that you had some kind of issue with me.

Very First Letter Written by Toxic Adult Bullies To Bully Stella Reddy

Toxic Tenant’s many emails and documents all contain Projection of their actions onto others, especially me. The first letter we got, with the famous line above, was my first sign that they refused to admit their actions of refusing entry caused their eviction, not anything I did.

They were attempting to shift the blame of their eviction, on me for doing my job, not on the actions they admit to doing. They made up some elaborate lie about a prior meeting before I moved in to work there where they allege I said and did inappropriate things that made them think I was racist, and they tried to say this was why they were evicted.

This lie of a “prior meeting” allegedly happened “some time” in June 2016, yet it took them 2 1/2 months to say anything about it, even in the general terms noted in that letter. All throughout that 2 1/2 months NOT ONE of these Tenants ever said a word about this alleged prior meeting, not even when KR had me at his door on August 24, 2017, when he once again called me racist and a bigot, all because I didn’t have the contractor with me to do the work needed in there right away.

These facts above are clearly noted on all documentation I have and it is this 2 1/2 month Gap that showed HRTO and all involved that this allegation was a complete lie, there was no prior meeting between us. If this meeting really occurred as they claim, they would have brought it up at the beginning of our interactions when they came to pay rent in cash and got upset with me for not accepting it, not after they got mad over getting a Form N5 for refusing pest control after okaying the change in date in writing.

They hoped that the allegations themselves, that of racism, would shock people so much that they wouldn’t question that 2 1/2 month Gap.

The email below is also full of projections, this time for the HRTO!! I wasn’t surprised to see the Tenant’s statements here, as they have to blame someone for why their applications are not proceeding as expected.

My research over the years on the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario Rules of Procedures, it isn’t their job to act as a mediator between applicants and respondents but to take all the info received from both and determine whether there was racism and discrimination shown toward them.

It is the Applicant’s responsibility to submit all documentation they could produce to show that their allegations could be factual in their applications, not get the HRTO to get this documentation for them after they already applied. These tenants had nothing to prove their allegations, least of all anything to show I was racist and retaliating against them.

The email below shows these Toxic Tenant’s mentality and how they tend to project their victimhood of not being getting anywhere, on other people!

They even state if the HRTO doesn’t do as they request, then they would be “extremely limited in what we can respond to in regards to everyone’s responses” and “allow the above named to get in cahoots and work in collaboration in an attempt to possibly create more fake documentation to cover up their actions and claims by us”.

I don’t know about you, but they should already have everything they needed to prove their allegations before they even applied!

I submit to you, that if they were truly 100% sure that I was acting in a racist and discriminatory way, none of the below would have mattered. They applied to the Tribunal, yet seemed to not trust the process!

With the above said, we are more than willing to present our case in full, but to do it without having a complete and secure copy of our tenant file in the hands of the HRTO. It would certainly put us at a disadvantage, and would again like the Landlord Tenant Board; offer the above named an opportunity to once again manufacture after the facts documents that would cast doubt on our application and claims.

We would like to request, that you request a copy of our file on our behalf, or on the behalf of the HRTO, as to make sure that everything from this point will be on the up and up, and we can respond in full without any fear of there suddenly being, after the fact documents appearing after hearing our response.

If the HRTO does not or cannot request a copy of our tenant file. Then we are extremely limited on what we can respond to in regards to everyone’s responses, and by forcing us to presenting our case in full under this bias, it would allow the above name to get in cahoots and work in collaboration in an attempt to possibly create more fake documentation to cover up their actions and claims by us.

How can you tell if someone is projecting? Common signs of psychological projection include unprovoked or exaggerated statements about other people.

People who project may claim to know what someone else is thinking or feeling, or they may accuse them of poor behavior

Why Do People Project?

The biggest reason, conscious or unconscious, that a person project is that they can’t admit they were wrong about something. For some, the idea of admitting you were wrong is an honest one. It’s a sign you are willing to grow and learn from your past mistakes. If someone doubles down and shifts the blame, it makes them seem like they are stubborn.

Humans tend to have a hard time admitting fault. No matter who you are, it takes some courage to shatter your ego and admit your mistakes. With that said, why do some people have a harder time admitting fault? 

Projection Techniques

A person who projects may use other techniques not to admit fault. Here is a list of projection techniques that you may find people using against you.

  • Someone may bully you into projecting their feelings. If a person is bullying you, they want to make you feel weak. However, the bully is usually the one with insecurities.
  • They may victim blame. This is when someone is the victim of a crime, and someone blames their actions for the crime happening. If someone was sexually assaulted, the projector might blame the person assaulted for dressing provocatively.

The projector may use other tactics to seem honest. This is just a small sample of what they may do.

From: k
Sent: September 6, 2018 5:38 PM
Cc: Stella Reddy ca
Subject: HRTO FILES: 2018-32808-I, 2018-32809-I, 2018-32810-I,

We have repeated asked the respondents via email both and Stella Reddy for a complete copy of our tenant file from here at the building. We have also made the same request via an email to, the new property manager who took over for Stella Reddy.

The purpose of us requesting our file is for only one reason. We wish to put a complete copy of our tenant file in the hands of the HRTO to prevent any further altering or creating of after the fact documents.

As there was no previous doubt before, and now with the responses of Stella Reddy. It only continues to show that 1 or all of them specifically altered documents to cover up their own errors in this case.

The HRTO has to view the above named with skepticism as to why none of these above named individuals are willing to supply us, and the HRTO with a complete copy of our tenant file.

The HRTO can only consider that the above named individuals actions in refusing to give us copy of our tenant file to the HRTO, as an attempt not to pigeon-hole themselves into a situation where they can no longer create documentation to support their lies.

Reading Stella Reddy, response to our application, it is very clear and obvious that there are throwing around a lot of accusations that can easily be discredited by us.

All of their accusations are purely based on he said/she said evidence, which means they could later, after being confronted with the truth.

Altered and/or create some form of new paperwork forcing the HRTO to then determine who is telling the truth, based on these after the facts documents.

With a copy of our tenant file in the HTRO hands. It creates a situation where Stella Reddy, CAN’T NOT alter or create any new documentation when confronted with their unexplainable behaviour in our response.

It will also help the HRTO in determining who is telling the truth, if suddenly new allegations are made of fake documents arises, when these new documents are not in the HRTO possession.

With the HRTO having a copy of our tenant file in hand, it would most certainly prevent any form of bias being placed against us, with their deliberate and false statements and no supporting documentation to be made after the fact.

It will remove their ability to create any new documentation after hearing our response in an attempt to muddy the waters and discredit our claims against the above named. Hoping that a he said/she said situation would go in their favour.

With the above said, we are more than willing to present our case in full, but to do it without having a complete and secure copy of our tenant file in the hands of the HRTO. It would certainly put us at a disadvantage, and would again like the Landlord Tenant Board; offer the above named an opportunity to once again manufacture after the facts documents that would cast doubt on our application and claims.