Poster: Remember That You Are Still Better Off Than The Narcissist

While I’m not too fond of comparisons, I like this one. I have fought really hard not to become a bitter woman, distrustful of everyone and everything because of my experiences with toxic tenants these past few years, as I don’t think they are worth me giving up living over.

Yes, I can still give and receive love, be kind, appreciate good people, be charitable, be fair, be honest, be nurturing, be reliable and dependable. I make a point to be all these things to all the people in my life that I care about, as I want to nurture our relationships, not bring them down.

So many writings by toxic tenants over the years on their websites show how unhappy they are and how paranoid they have become, believing so many people are out to get them because of their family dynamics. They have become so very negative and as such, they will never see any positivity. I refuse to live that way.

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