Positive Growth Mindset Tips for the Aging Brain

I found this article very informative as it shows that keeping your mind active by reading and learning new things helps with cognitive decline. So, please, keep learning new things!!

I always believed that a person’s abilities can improve over time with effort, learning, and hard work, as I have done this in my own life. I’m not afraid of hard work, it is the only way to achieve something that you know will improve your life and I love learning new things!!

5 years ago I set out to learn all I could about Toxic Traits and Narcissism. I wasn’t all that familiar with narcissism until my specialist explained it to me after he read the 107-page “Statement of Facts” given with the applications to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario in November 2018. He explained the sense of grandiosity and entitlement he found within the words written by this person and the blatant statements being made about my personal life that he claimed to know so intimately.

Everything I have learned since has shown me I am a target of Toxic Tenants with narcissistic traits from the workplace. They claimed to know so many intimate things about my personal life with my family, and even my marriage, to make comments on when you know without a doubt, they don’t know.

It is easy for anyone to take the words of another and speculate on what it means, it doesn’t automatically make their statements true and factual, it is just their opinions.

I wouldn’t know that today if I didn’t learn all I could about the traits I was being exposed to with their words!

I will never stop learning and I hope you don’t either.



5 Positive Growth Mindset Tips to Help the Aging Brain

New research shows a growth mindset helps cognitive performance in older adults.

Posted September 24, 2023 |  Reviewed by Jessica Schrader


  • A recent study showed that a positive growth mindset could buffer against cognitive decline in older adults.
  • Continued mental engagement in new activities has been shown to help slow the effects of aging on the mind.
  • Knowing you can improve your memory and cognitive capacity can help you feel confident, grow, and learn.

A growth mindset is the belief that a person’s abilities are not simply innate but can be developed and improved through effort, learning, and hard work. 

A growth mindset is the belief that one can improve and learn and is a perspective that motivates people to grow and engage in new and mentally stimulating activities. This mindset is supported by scientific evidence that the brain has the potential for neuroplasticity at all stages of life. Keeping an active and positive growth mindset is instrumental in protecting against the cognitive decline of aging and is important to nurture throughout one’s lifetime.

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