Persistence Pays Off

Sometimes, things do work out the way you hope they will!

All of these websites below are now gone from the internet, once again. Just as I was looking up the new IP addresses, they disappeared completely! It was kinda weird but I won’t complain!

When I got up this morning, I noticed they were changing host for their sites once again, back to Orangewebsite. I went into the site to do a screenshot and they were gone. Even my hubby messaged me from work to let me know he couldn’t get into it when he checked!!

I don’t know whether to jump for joy or wait and see if they return. I have been here many times before and I find it hard to trust it. They are still registered for use and as long as they are, they could return as they have many times before. This is where having patience comes in!

The Toxic Tenants who created the sites have shown themselves to be just as determined to keep them online, I think with the hope that one day it would cause me to become so distressed over it all that I commit suicide like so many others have done over similar situations. It is a very nasty experience! Sharing a Sad Story

That is not gonna happen, I am stronger than they are and have recovered my mental strength to handle anything they might try to do against me. Besides, I won’t give them the satisfaction!

Why would anyone believe anything they write when they can’t be honest enough to show their names?

I will just keep finding their Bullying antics online and report them!

I’ll give it some time before I start removing the links to those websites from my own posts. As I am fighting to get the content off the internet completely, that also includes the content I have about them! I don’t mind doing that, I will be glad to get rid of all evidence of this list of websites below from the internet and move on!

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