I always knew that these Toxic Tenants were up to no good with their lies of racism and discrimination and seeing these Tenants now Smearing other people, in the same way using websites, using the same reason, that of racism, reinforces it. I am very happy I got away from them and their toxicity!

KR & AR are deliberately being malicious and very vindictive while pretending to be upstanding citizens!

As noted in the poster above, they are using lies, exaggerations, suspicions, and false accusations to try and destroy everyone else’s credibility. They hide behind a cloak of upstanding heroism and feigned innocence in an attempt to make as many people as possible think their efforts are based not on their vindictiveness, but on upstanding concern for informing the public about such racist people living in the community.

The passage of time has shown me a few things about this situation I couldn’t see when I was so emotionally affected and the main one is that people are smart. The general public that these Bullies are imploring with their websites, can see that their domains are in response to something, or someone, these anonymous writers didn’t like. Once you start reading the content, it is easy enough to see the vindictiveness within. Once my emotions got under control, I could see them more clearly too. No one is “forced” to do anything, they made the conscious choice to become Adult Bullies.

I didn’t need to deal with their bullshit, the passing of time has done that for me!

The main thing though was the very fact that from June 29 – August 31, 2016, these Tenants did not mention anything about racism during no interactions with me nor the property owners. That was 2 1/2 months of no complaints from them. It is clear, to take their words, that their claims were outright lies… During the 19 months of the HRTO process, they never produced one single piece of evidence to prove their claims of racism, discrimination, nor retaliation for them “picking up for their rights“.

What rights were they picking up for I wonder? The ability to deny access all the time because it was “inconvenient” for them? They were famous for writing they were picking up for their rights, but they don’t state what rights.

The words in lorriereddy.com are excellent examples of this action!

KR & AR are very clearly telling you that they made this site to show the people of Newfoundland who I “really” am, at least according to them, hoping that the people of Newfoundland will accept that this anonymous writer is only concerned about my “assumed” identity and that I am trying to hide from being associated with my “racist behaviour, actions, words while living in Ontario.” He also linked in stellareddy.com and 859kennedyroad.com of course. To me, that act was very petty… 

Lorrie Reedy the self proclaimed racist slur “NEWFIE” from Newfoundland is really Stella Reddy.

Stella Reddy has assumed this new identity in her attempt to hide her racist past and behavior while living in Ontario at 859 Kennedy Road from the local people in her own community in Newfoundland.

It is clear that she knows what she did was wrong as she goes under the new name of Lorrie Reddy and not Stella Reddy. Trying to hide in plain site, trying to avoid being associated with her racist behavior, actions, and words.

Actions speak louder then words!

With the passage of time, and learning all I could about Adult Bullies, Toxic Traits, and Narcissism, I have come to see the funny side to it all. It’s like they are looking to see how many people they can bamboozle into believing they know another person’s motives so blatantly. I know for a fact that all they do is speculate!

In the past, if I saw this website, it would have sent me into a panic and I would have given into my fear and stayed home, afraid that the people of my Community would see these sites, read their lies, and ostracize me as a result, as this is what they wanted me to think! It is due to my education and the work I have been doing on myself, I did not react that way upon seeing this site. Instead, I laughed at their ridiculousness! As truly, it is ridiculous for these Bullies to think that any of their readers will believe they know me so intimately, that they know any of their Targets intimately as they claim!

As really, it is ridiculous for anyone to think that an anonymous writer will have any influence on any people living in any community with he way they write!

False Allegations of Racism and Discrimination are easy enough to distinguish these days I have learned. People are catching on to the fact that it is impossible for KR & AR to really know the people they are bashing online. Once you see how strongly they claim to know me and my motives, you will see the truth just as I did!

Toxic Tenant Bullies do not see that their words of degradation give the plot away. They minimize their own terrible immoral actions, not realizing that they are showing themselves. As I said before, people are entitled to their own personal opinions, but you don’t have the right to try and force other people to accept them. All their domains, posting on social media and even their petitions, are only showing that they are resentful and angry against their Targets. It is revenge for them and their words give it away.

I know they won’t get anywhere with any applications to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, as they burned that bridge when they walked away from applications they filed against me and the owners. HRTO does not take kindly to people wasting their time, as these Tenants did, and they are now Vextacious Litigants and will be required to prove their allegations before a Judge before HRTO will even look at any paperwork from them. The evidence of their vexatious fillings of applications is on Canlii.org and doesn’t go away. The history of their frivolous actions will always remain there! 

We are currently putting together our documentation to submit to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO), and we will be releasing all of it on this website to let the school’s parents and the general public know what is happening.

This statement I copied just now from https://connaughtpublicschool.com/ and it tells you the sole purpose of their sites is to get recognition for “exposing and destroying their lies and racist behaviour” of others. Once again, Toxic Adult Bullies have made themselves to be Judge, Jury, and Executioners of other people!!

We will do whatever it takes to not only to expose and destory their lies and racist behaviour by making these indivduals accountable. But to make sure they undersand and they know it was our family that did it!

Once I was able to release most of my emotional reactions to their taunts, the better I am able to see with more clarity all the manipulations and gaslighting they do, and I have learned how to control it, at least to the point where I can stop before I react and think about a response instead.

Over the past couple of years, I have spread the word and shared those sites with anyone I could find, so they can see just how terrible a person can be towards another and in the process, I released the shame that wasn’t mine to feel. I was able to see that all they were doing was in retaliation for their eviction. Just as the new sites they have online, are all about retribution!

I learned that in the telling of my Story, I am healing and releasing all the angst I have felt over it all. I now know what they do!

To my knowledge, any applicant of Human Rights of Ontario who publicly posts or writes about their applications will automatically lose their case! HRTO will not tolerate unsubstantiated allegations that are made public before they get a chance to adjudicate, as it is creating Bias.  By posting their allegations to the public, they are shooting themselves before it even starts. They should know all about Bias, as they claimed the LTB adjudicator was… Yet, here they are creating it themselves against their Targets with their many allegations.

I do find it a little hilarious that they are claiming they are being Bullied when their sites show such Bullying being done by them toward others. This is who they are and in my view, they should be avoided as a result. They have attacked so many individuals over the past 7 years, all with the same allegations of racism. The words remain the same, but the names change… 

I am not concerned anymore as time has shown me that these Anonymous Administrators have no influence on anyone, no matter what they claim or how nice they try to act, as their written words of degradation of so many individuals show their true nature. The passing of time has a way of showing the truth of any situation! All it takes is to read their content to know that they are deliberately being mean.

The Bullies tried to ostracize me and my hubby from our community in Newfoundland but he hasn’t gotten anywhere, as people are too smart for them and can see right through their false altruism. Now, they are beginning with a Public School and its Teachers and Administrators. 

Just as the people of St. Catherine’s can see right through their actions with Connaughtpublicshcool.com and stcatherinesanimalhospital.com. KR is the boy who cried “wolf” once too often…