Partial Solar Eclipse in St, John’s NL Canada

Partial Solar Eclipse April 8 2024 in St. John's NL

I was a little disappointed we had so much cloud cover for the Partial Solar Eclipse yesterday but I did go outside for a few when the sky started getting dark and I took some pictures and video.

I have to admit, it felt a little eerie! It felt like the World had lost its colours and everything went bland for a few minutes.

Hubby and I watched it on the News, as Gander and other places on the totality line, really got to see it. It was a great experience, even if I didn’t get to see much of it for myself!

Yes, that is more snow and it was a surprise, even to our weatherman… lol It was enough to shovel! We have cold temperatures and more possible snow for today as well but it should start warming up on Thursday.

How was your experience yesterday? Did you watch it on the news or see it for yourself?

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2 Replies to “Partial Solar Eclipse in St, John’s NL Canada”

    1. It was a eerie feeling, being outside watching the sky go dark. The birds, seagulls, were going mad overhead too. It was a different feeling…

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